... why me? (FF9 spoilers)

and if you have Bandit, use it! I got a Holy Lance on my first try when I stole from Ark. (ha ha Kag :P)

Yeah, Bandit is definitely worth using. Ha… ha… ha… Flint =P

Wait, you mean that some people don’t bother stealing from bosses until they got everything of use? That’s crazy!

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[b]Why do you reset when it mirrors Zidane?:moogle: Can’t you just kill it then revive Zidane, or something?:moogle:

And here is some advice for fighting Ark, equip any piece of armour that protects against the wind element, and if you have it learnt have your characters equip the ‘Clear Headed’ skill. Doing those two things should help you loads during the fight!! [/b]

Let me just start off by saying that you are an evil, evil human being for taunting me with moogles. Secondly, I don’t want to waste Phoenix Downs, despite the fact that I have 99. Looking at it that way, I suppose I will start not resetting on Zidane.

And I have the Clear Headed skill, I’m not quite sure if I have wind elemental equipment. I’ll check next time I play.

Just leave Zidane be and revive him later. Like i said before, I dont think Epitaphs will spawn more than 3 clones per battle. Ater they do that, just Soft their asses. :slight_smile:

You’re right, they only spawn three…

EDIT: I’ve done it, I’ve gotten up to level 45, and I’m ready to face the dungeon. I’ve got over 200,000 gil, 99 Phoenix Downs, 99 Hi Potions, and about 50 Peridots and Opals, so I think I should do fine. Tomorrow I’ll beat the dungeon.

Whee, good luck, man! I know you’re gonna kick Ark’s sorry little ass!

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Let me just start off by saying that you are an evil, evil human being for taunting me with moogles.

I know I am, but what the hell are you going to do about it!! :moogle: :moogle: :moogle: :moogle: :moogle: :moogle:

PS: Good luck with Ark, although you should kick his ass easily, with the info you now have!!

How can you be HEAVEN’S Soldier, even after admitting to being evil, hm?

Obviously, you don’t know me that well!! Just because I’m an Angel, does not mean that I’m all nice and a Goody-Two-Shoes.

I’m the sort of angel that likes to have fun, and if that means being a little evil, the SO BE IT!!!:moogle: :moogle: :moogle: :moogle: :moogle: :moogle:

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I beat Ark and everything, and now I’m gonna have to go through Desert Palace with even shittier characters.

Eiko- 26
Quina- 24
Steiner- 20
Freya- 17

I died in the first battle I faced. I’m royally screwed, I don’t see any way out of this, but if you do, help me out.

You can’t win any battles? Make sure you equip everyone with their best weapons and armor. If you have done a lot of frog catching (like more than 50) with Quina use her Frog Drop spell. Have Freya jump so she can’t get hit. Have Eiko cast heal or summon every turn. Steiner should be able to do some decent damage with his best sword. He’s going to find some better armor (Sheild Armor and Venetian Shield) here as well so it might help. How much HP do your people have, in my strategy guide it shows people with HP like this:

Eiko: 1300
Steiner: 1600
Vivi: 650 (He probably got hit)
Dagger: 1500

Hope this helps man.

If you want to make battles a bit…more interesting, give the lesser characters weaker weapons, so that they can learn skills.learning skills + leveling up =lots of opporitunities. And plus, if you’re ever in a situation (I can’t remember, I haven’t played that game for 2 years) where you need to use those shitty characters, you’ll be prepared.
So, equip with weaker weapons, learn all skils to be learn, equip a bit better weapon.Repeat the process until you have lots of skills and your levels are a bit higher.I don’t know if anyone else is that anal like me, but it does work.

Also…how can you say freya is a shiity character?!:eek: She was like, my second best fighter.Eiko, too is very good, with her spells…better than Garnet.

You don’t understand, Evangelion. Freya is one of MY shitty characters, 'cuz she’s so underleveled. She’s okay, since I stole a Holy Lance from Ark. But it looks like I won’t have trouble now. Some of the battles are difficult, but I’m just leveling up. I think I might go through at 30.

And BX, Eiko has just a tiny bit under 1000 HP, Freya just a bit over it, and Steiner and Quina are at about 1100 or 1200 about. Guess I have some work to do…

If the battles are difficult, then there’s an easier and quicker chance of gaining levels.Freya is quite useful when she’s strong.

And with a Holy Lance. Sometimes she does over 2000 damage. It’s just she’s not one of my favorite characters. You see, the 4 person party gives one the luxury of picking the people they like rather than the most powerful, so I use Zidane, Dagger, Vivi, and Amarant.

You’ll have a killer party with Zidane, Freya, Eiko and Amarant in the end battles.Freya and Amarant were tied with best attack (in my game) each hitting at 5000 a piece.Mind you I wasn’t quite levelled up, but it was enough to beat the game.

Grr… refuse to use Eiko unless necessary. I don’t like her, 'cuz she’s too mean to Vivi. For a while, I was planning on using Steiner until I saw what an unrelenting jerk he was to Zidane, so I’m using Amarant instead, 'cuz he’s cooler. Maybe later if I see more of Freya I’ll use her instead. I use Dagger mainly for story purposes, and Vivi 'cuz he’s awesome characterwise.

Yeah i’m like that too, I only use what I define as the cool characters. I hate Eiko, but I was forced to use her.She’s much better than Garnet, actually. I tried to stay away from Quina, Steiner and Vivi cringe as much as possible.

VIVI IS AWESOME!!! How can you not like him?! He’s a black mage who’s really just a little kid. He’s so funny. Yeah, and I think you’re right about Eiko being better than Garnet, but I’m gonna use Garnet anyway because she isn’t a jerk to my favorite character and isn’t a total whore.