... why me? (FF9 spoilers)

Last Wednesday, I got a PS2, along with FF9. Since then, I’ve been playing it nonstop. I was done with disc 1 on Thursday, and yesterday I started disc 3. Everything was going well.

Until today.

Today, I went into Kuja’s desert prison, and was sent on the quest to Oleivert. When I was taken to the Forgotten Continent, I realized that these enemies were way too hard. I was fighting 4 Cactuars at a time and I was still at a point where 1 was a challenge. Luckily, with the help of Zidane’s Flee move, I got to Oleivert. But by this point I was distressed enough to go do something that I hadn’t done all game; I looked online for help. I saw that I should be at around level 45 right now. Upon entering Oleivert, I was at 29. I saw that I shouldn’t bring characters that rely on magic. I brought Vivi. Come to think of it, Kuja even mentioned a magical seal, so now I feel even stupider. My items are down to nil, and there’s no way for me to level up without exhausting the rest of my supply. I’ve had the realization that I’ve wasted 27 hours of my life, the first week of my summer, and now I’ll have to do it all over again. I supposed next time I should take it more slow and stop to train more often, but I just don’t know if I have the heart to do it all over again.

I need a hug… :frowning:

There’s supposed to be a Moogle in Front of Oleivert that sells items, but yeah. that sucks. I don’t know what lvl my guys were at when I fought, though.

Aww major bummer :frowning: I did that with ogre Battle 3 weeks ago…but you know what?it’s worth it to start over, chances aqre you missed a lot of stuff the first time you play a game, and you’re in the process of understanding and discovering the game’s feel and progress.The second time around is much more relaxed, to me and I enjoy the game play more, because usually the first time you’re in a rush to see what’s happening and you have no first hand experience of what you’re in for.The second time is always easier and faster, so you should make up lost progress in no time.By all means, start over!Just pick one point in the game, to level up continiously where you’re strong enough to dodge a lot of battles here and there without becoming weak.
Hope it all goes well…:smiley:

And the smart person uses every save slot and only over-rides when he’s out of memory cards.

Lotsa people do that, just keep going,I’m sure you’ll manage.The enemies in there always tend to be the same, those dumb mirror things so keep pheonix downs, stay alive Ark isn’t that tough.

The first time I ever played the game I made a very similar mistake, and ended up having to restart, since there was no way for me to beat the boss!

But if you take your time, and just give it a little patience you could do it. Yeah well like Val said there is a moogle outside who will sell you items, so go stock up, and get back in there, and kick there little arses!! You got that?

I ran into that same problem, however, I got lost and couldn’t find Olievert for a few days, so my problem was easily solved through forced fighting.

Olievert is a backwards place - you should use the earliest weapons, which you can buy from the moogle, to do damage.

You’re thinking of Ipsen’s Castle, Sorc.

No…the smart person levels up at the beginning of the game, as to never run into this kinda stuff.

And the smart person uses every save slot and only over-rides when he’s out of memory cards.

I only used one…talk about living on the edge (end sarcasm):smiley:

There is a Q’s marsh near, just go there and fight the easy things there.

The first time I went to Oilvert, my party had Vivi and Quina.

Yeah, I was an idiot. Good thing my 3rd guywas Steiner.

BTW, little tip: You know those statue monsters that clone you? Kill the clones for LOTS of experiance. If you attack the thing, it spwans a clone. DOnt hurt it again until you kill the clone! As you probobly know, the Clones do instant-death attacks to their counterparts. If someone dies, dont revive them until AFTER you kill the clone. The things will spawn up to three clones per battle, I think. After you kill three clones, just toss a Soft at the monster for an easy kill.

Originally posted by GG Crono 4
[b]The first time I went to Oilvert, my party had Vivi and Quina.

Yeah, I was an idiot. Good thing my 3rd guywas Steiner.[/b]

So? I had DAGGER with me when i first went, too! And I STILL kicked ass! Go, me! does the Superior Dance

THAT sucks. Well, when you do it over again, just make sure you DON’T use the flee ability. I ran into that problem on Quest 64, and I had to start over again when I faced Nepty, because she was too hard.

Usually now, I rarely run into that problem, because I save often.

Zorn and Thorn (those fuckin’ jokers) run a shop in the airship. Fight around there and refill when needed. I got most of my levels by making sure all my characters have all the abilities they can. I don’t think I had a hard time in Olivert and I had Vivi with me. I think my party was Zidane, Steiner, Vivi, and Eiko.

I had Steiner, Freya and Quina.

The hardest bit was After Oelivert when you have to escape with the guys not in your party, two white mages a black mage and Amarant.

That part isn’t hard. You just…

Summon Carbunkle to reflect everyone and have Vivi cast Water on everyone, it’ll reflect back and combine for increased damage. Leviathan also helps. But really, it’s a pretty frikkin easy fight.

as long as you have vivi and steiner before going into that place, it should be very easy to lvl there. Your best spell + best Sword Magic = lots of wins. I remember when I first went to that place, I was using my regular party of Zidane (duh), Steiner, Vivi, and Dagger :frowning: . Though I lvled alot on the Iifa Tree. The part where you have to run down the trunk, and you have those monsters running down after you once in a awhile (turbo controller is godly there :slight_smile: .

Can you use sword magic in Oelivert?

It IS magic, Gilgamesh, so I don’t think so.