The single worst game you ever played?

Okay guys. Wait for it…
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Straight from Gamespot. Sorry dude, but you’re wrong :frowning: More people than not agree that it wasn’t 10/10.

They still gave it a high score though, which blows the mind. I think most of it’s scores were biased or exaggerated. If a 10 is supposed to represent the best game someone has ever played, CC absolutely should not score more than a 1 or 2 on the curve. Personally I’d give it a big fat goose egg.

Actually, I did like ONE thing about Chrono Cross. The Music. BUT, it still fails in game because the one song you hear more than anything else, the battle theme, was the single song on the soundtrack that they fucked up beyond redemption. It was un-fucking-bearable.

The single worst game you ever played?

I never play bad games.

Crono Cross wasn’t that bad of a game nor was it a really good game. The story line could have been thined out a little bit, and the cast thined out alot. The tacking on of radical dreamers should not have happened, but the combat system was good and the character system was great for what it’s worth(they gave you 44 characters and a manageable if alittle bit convoluted and timecosuming system). But an otherwise fine game.

Now then, getting back on track. The worst RPGs I’ve ever played came down to 2 choices. Second place goes to Secret of Evermore for it’s deceptions, it’s lies, and it’s broken promises(i.e. there wen’t really any great parts about it, it’s systems were worse than FF2’s, and it was not Secret of Mana 2) the only redeaming thing about the game was that it didn’t suffer from terrible localization. But First Place just had to go to Star Ocean 3. The story makes less sense than FF tSW, the combat system makes it next to impossible to really succed, and this was the Thrid Star Ocean thus fucking the other two thanks to is absurd story. and at this point it was tied until I remebered that in SoE major fights there was no Rap, HipHop, or whatever the hell it was blasting in the backround making me to never want to play thru that battle ever again.(if they truly base the SO games off of Star Trek then they based Star Ocean 3 on Star Trek III: The Search for Spock)

It should also be noted that critics for anything, whether it be literature, film, or even video games, are terribly unreliable. When you’re dealing with things as subjective as whether a video game is good, the video game magazines and online critics tend to base what is good based on their favorite brands, whether it meets their expectations for genre, and oftentimes how much money they are given.

My girlfriend says that the Barbie video game for the NES. “There was one level that was in a jukebox and you had to jump from music note to music note. Underneath the notes was a river… for some reason there’s a river in a fucking jukebox. If you fell in the river, you’d go all the way back to the beginning of the level. The character didn’t control that well and there were a lot of notes you had to jump on while dodging enemies that you couldn’t kill. So you fell a lot. Especially at the end of the level. That’s just one level, the others were similarly frustrating. And that was supposed to be a game for little girls.” I think that maybe they were trying to get little girls to hate video games so that the subliminal messages making us stronger would make us the dominant gender. I’m joking, Setz.

Of course, my girlfriend is wrong. The worst game of all time was the Captain America game for the SNES. The fighting mechanics are terrible, the levels are either too damned easy or ridiculously hard, and every single character looked like they were getting ready to do a male stripper routine. Yeah. :frowning:

Come on, it had a dog named Dog. And its sprite was funny. That’s more than other games can boast of.

Oh fuck, I think I more or less banished Unlimited Saga from memory. A friend of mine bought it and couldn’t stand it for more than a couple hours. I borrowed it and after a week of giving it a chance, WITH GUIDES, I still hadn’t the slightest idea what the fuck I was supposed to be doing. We didn’t have the heart to trade it in and have some poor bastard come along and buy this horror off the used rack, so we microwaved it.

Eve of Extinction. The whole “lol, my girlfriend was turned into a powerful weapon” thing was a little… just… just no.


Y’know, that wouldn’t be nearly as bad if it wasn’t during a battle that happened while two of the main characters were dying.

Funny, I thought that the battle system was the best part of Star Ocean 3 and just loved it. I thought that the leveling and experince system was messed up but I found the battle system very enjoyable, despite the other problems with the game.

The Star Ocean battle system in general is wacky. I loved SO2 but even then still found the battle system a little difficult to control - but at least it was in 2D.

I don’t see how it was uneasy to control. I thought it was simplistic, and even a 5 year old could understand. Although it is repetitive, it is far from difficult to manage.

Because you only control one character at a time. Very difficult to fight enemies that are already largely overpowered with one character while the rest of your team gets bent over and assfucked because they are literally just standing there.

There was too much to control at once. And apparently 5 year olds aren’t very adept at the game because, apparently, the masses agree that the battle system sucked and the game blew overall.

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The Star Trek RTS games. They’re based on The Next Generation, DS9, Voyager and the recent movies.

They’re just like any other RTS game - same elements are there, same specialized units, but Activision managed to make RTS unbelievably boring.

In the first game the perspective when placing buildings would change. Understandable since it’s in space and an entire 3D plane needs to be considered, but the perspective would change without warning.

Some levels are buggy; for example, an escort level will have the escorted ship warp back all the way to the beginning after an excrutiatingly long time was spent getting it to the end point.

YES, I had forgotten about this game completely. It’s so bad I couldn’t go past the first 15-20 minutes without the danger of my brain melting. I think the protagonist is called something like “Bread” and the female lead’s name is what?.. Mouse or Rat? His weapon is a fancy lute with an eye on it.

Also, let me propose Dreamcast RPG Time Stalkers for this dubious honour. Probably the most vanilla experience you can have… There is absolutely no kind of… texture, shall we say. You go about doing the same things against the same boring enemies throughout dungeons which consist entirely of randomly generated hallways of 1x1 square blocks and occasionally widen out into 4x4 rooms, at which point the hallway will or will not turn at a 90 degree angle.

Remember Castellian, and how they assigned jump and that crappy attack to the same button, and which action you took depended on whether or not you were moving at the time? Yeah, I vote for that game. Especially since those were the only two actions in the game and the NES had an A and B button. Why can’t you let me be able to jump from a standing start, assholes!?

the worst games of all time would have to be any game that is a TV show on Disney channel or cartoon network. I cant stand those games, I never played any of them but you can just tell the fucking suck and the only people who would buy them are 3 year olds.
And i cant bielive they are making a Zack and cody the suite life game. thats just sad

and most of them are on GBA OR DS

It just occured to me, the Legend of Alon’Dar is shitty shitty shitty.

NES-Where’s Waldo…not even close…not even download the rom and play it for 30 seconds

SNES-Hylide…you lost HP by walking through the forest…you have to kill 92 enemies to get TO LEVEL TWO

SEGA- SHAQ FU…show me a worse fighting game…