The single worst game you ever played?

I’m coming up blank. I’ll leave it to you.

I’m going to go with Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Battles were excruciating and the plot was mostly recycled from the original KH.

KH:CoM was the first thing that popped up in my mind as well.

Tie between Mad Dog McCree and Mad Dog McCree 2.

Final Fantasy.

Er, I mean. Uh. Any of the Pokemon games after and including Gold and Silver.

Hmm … the first thing that always comes to mind is the NES Empire Strikes Back game. For non-movie-adaptations … well, there’s Castlevania: Dracula X, I believe it is. The jump physics were, like … “you jump, whilst at a certain velocity, and then you completely lose control over where he goes until he lands” (i.e. relatively realistic). The levels, on the other hand, seemed to be designed for someone who you could control as he jumped. I mean, you could win, but it was pointlessly difficult.

Oh, wait, I forgot about one. Namco put out a game way way way back when for the SNES, called “The Quest of Ki” or something like that. Game goes like this: Walk around. Get killed by slimes. Commit seppuku out of frustration. It was referenced in the Tales of Destiny bonus dungeon.

SCUD: disposable assassin.

And you shut your mouth about the Empire Strikes Back game. That was awesome. >:(

Any MMBN game after the first one.

X-Men: The Official Game. I tried it since the legends games were pretty good (so I thought the series was doing well), it was made by Activision (which does good games and surprisingly good movie games like Spiderman), movie games in general have been getting better, and the screenshots looked neat. I was so wrong. Even worse, it said that it had extra story to the movie which seemed cool. Too bad the story scenes were just crappy pictures. Fuck, the Ninja Gaiden games on the NES had better story pictures and sequences.

World of Warcraft.

Legend of Dragoon- most painful combat ever. Plus the prince who says arf whenever he gets hit. Throw in some really crappy plot, and you’ve got a winner.

You forgot the horrid dialogue.

Gist of what EVIL Guard Captain is saying: “Your kingdom will be invaded even though you gave up yourself as a hostage to save it, and I’m going to cut off your head at sunrise.”
Exact quote, prisoner: “Argh! I am vexed.”

Every single PS2 I played…I was on a tight budget and could only the get the horrid used games :frowning: The best game I played was Champion of Norrath which was still a horrible a game…

Vagrant Story. There I said it.

I second the Legend of Dragoon. Nothing pissed me off more than the horrible way the experience points were distributed. You got next to nothing for anything.

The graphics were cool and I liked the dragon armor type things but god, you couldn’t level up in that game to save your life. Plus the world map was pretty stupid.

Finding a singular worst is pretty tough, especially when there’s shit like Cho Aniki (curiosity is a BAD thing at times) out there. Legend of Dragoon and KH: COM both rate pretty high on the god awful spectrum, but I’ll have to go with the Garfield game on the Genesis: abysmal controls, horrible audio, graphics that would have been at home on the sms and no real point what so ever.

Vagrant Story had absolutely amazing cinematics… even if the gameplay wasn’t the best (and it did take some getting used to) I’d hardly classify it as the worst game ever.

You have to admit though, for as incredibly beautifully displayed as it is, the story in full is very vague and incomplete, and the gameplay is absolutely atrocious. No game should force you to reach New Game+ just in order to have a reasonably comfortable play-through, and this is coming from a Nippon Ichi fan. Absolutely not the worst I’ve played, but the impression I got from it was “Great idea that turned out like shit”.

But yeah, I totally forgot about Legend of Dragoon. Or perhaps I suppressed that memory. Holy crap, didn’t ANYBODY in the development team thought of saying “You know, I think this thing we are releasing looks translated by a dyslexic three-year-old analphabet”?

I’ve played a few dire ones, mostly for the Sega Mega Sega CD- Rebel Assault and the cliched-but-still-shit Night Trap are pretty much automatic qualifiers. A bit more recently, Ico bored the tits off me although I do see why some people (with too much time on their hands, frankly) might find it enjoyable. I also got the original Kingdom Hearts at the same time I got Wind Waker so I won’t include it on here on the grounds that sour milk, when placed next to cream, is still sour milk and not excrement (someone will understand that, maybe). All Super Monkey Ball games after the first one have their own fair share of pain attached as well.

Beyond all them, I don’t buy bad games, unless of course they have the word ‘Sonic’ or ‘Hedgehog’ in the title. :slight_smile: