The single worst game you ever played?

Most horrible game that comes to mind is Ephemeral Phantasia.I hated the game beyond belief,everything about it sucked:story,characters,gameplay I just hated it.

I can thankfully say that none of the RPGs I’ve bought (so far) have been a waste of time. They all had at least something to like. But some were VERY annoying in spots…

-Final Fantasy Tactics had a great Job/Character Creation System, but the story was vague and I HATED the ending.

-Persona 2 was a great game but the ending (the two lovers must forget each other for the World to exist) was very sad. But it gets points for originality.

-The gameplay in Wild Arms 4 was annoying, and the jumping system DROVE ME NUTS!! The story wasn’t so hot, either- good ideas and characters marred by too much melodrama and terrible dialogue.

  • The graphics in the original Wild Arms were terrible, specially the CGI combat scenes.

-The minigames in Final Fantasy X2 were TERRIBLE, and the fact you couldn’t progress until you beat some of them is an insult to roleplayers. HMMPH! >:(

Hmmmm…Im Gonna Have To Go With…Zombies Ate My Neighbors.

Probably Metal Gear Solid 2. Never have I wanted to stop playing a game so soon after turning it on. It was rock bottom shit. I think I was reaching for the power button before the opening cinematics were even done. It was that bad.

DW7 was pretty bad in light of the fact that your first play through will log over a hundred hours of doing absolutely (and I mean absolutely) nothing. It had great music and atmosphere though. I think it’s length was supposed to make it epic, but it was like they just stretched a typical RPG out to three times it’s length and that made it really uneventful at times. It wasn’t the worst game ever though.

I actually liked LoD. It was very scenic, even though the dialog was horrible. The battles were interactive and once I got the hang of the combos they didn’t even seem very long.

This question’s hard to answer. There’s a lot of shit out there I want to mention, like Chrono Cross.

What? I admit that the transfer to Raiden in MGS2 was shitty (since, well, Raiden is sure as hell no Solid Snake) but on the whole I thought MGS2 was enjoyable, interesting and fun to play (as all the MGS games have been). I’d give you the whole “the cinematics were way too long” or the “they talked way too damn much on codec” but you didn’t even mention those.

You gonna elaborate, or are we just gonna have to suffice with another “this game sucks but I’m not gonna tell you why” by Hades Shingami?

There Is A Game Called Mutant Ninja Turtles Or WhatEver It Is Was Fun…But It Was Too Hard At Times So Theres One You Can Hate.

The worst game I’ve played (albeit for a short time) was Brandish and nothing else comes close. Stupid moving system, masochistic, hard.

Honourable mentions:Games based on movies. Quite a few Sonic games (SMS excepted).

I CAN’T tell you why. I don’t even know the answer to that question. I just turned it on, started playing, and got that feeling. I just sighed, thought “this… No.” and shut it off. I can’t explain it. It just didn’t have any of the hook that most games have. I’m sure if I forced myself to play through it it’d be pretty decent, but there were just so many better things I could’ve been doing at the time. Like FFX.

If only you could change additions while IN a battle, I woulda ranked the SLOW AS HELL battles slightly higher, since some foes could be easily dropped with a Double Slash, while others needed INSANE damage to be inflicted, while they dealt single digit damage.

I didn’t find that to be a problem. You don’t have to finish your additions every time. If you wanted a double slash, just stop pressing buttons after 2 hits.

It still would’ve made the game better though, because some additions give high SP but deal low damage. They’re good for filling your SP bar but I rarely used them because they don’t kill anything. By the end of the game your normal attacks are stronger than your dragoon attacks anyway, though.

Chrono Cross definetly rates with some of the worst games ever. Beyond the Beyond tops it off though. It was an RPG released in the early days of the PS1 with bad dialogue, infuriatingly irritating situations (annoyingly set up puzzles WITH constant battles), a frustratingly uneven battle system that gave you no experience, some of the worst music I have ever heard and the graphics for the PS1 were barely any better than that of a SNES game. I rarely return a game incompleted in that kind of disgust. I mean, I FINISHED 7th Saga and I thought that game was intolerable. That says something.

Chrono Cross is probably my most favorite game of all time. :frowning:

Chrono Cross is one of the only games to get a perfect 10/10 on GameSPOT, ranking up there with OoT.

Hey, I like OoT!

Well… Ok.

And Chrono Trigger is my most favoritest game evor so I found Chrono Cross to be tolerable.

And in LoD I thought you had to set what addition you could perform in a menu somewhere. So you were only ever performing one attack at all times? Maybe I’m wrong.

That doesn’t make CC good. It just makes Gamespot unreliable.

LOTR for the GBA, that game is so bad!

Although Gamespot is not one of the most reliable gaming sources for reviews, it also has "user feedback’’ on reviews the staff at GS write, and from the looks of it, <b>a lot</b> of people agree with the 10/10. More people than not.

I can think of only two games I ever REALLY regretted playing: Unlimited SaGa and Wild ARMs 4. Unlimited SaGa looked like it would be fun, if the gameplay made any bit of sense. And I shouldn’t have to say anything about WA4, I’ve voiced my opinion enough about that game.