The single worst game you ever played?

Hey show CC some love. Sure, it wasn’t as great as CT, but it was still a damn fine game.

The worst game I’ve ever played…I’m a tightwad so I don’t really buy games I know are bad :slight_smile:

But Counter-Strike is a piece of shit, as was X-Men Legends and Black and White 2.

No it wasn’t. (To the CC comment)

No it wasn’t (ditto).

Counter-Strike? Bad? You may just not be very good at it. Strategy FPS games like Counter Strike require time to adjust to common player movements and strategies, as well as maps and their hiding places, weapons and their recoils, and how to aim properly. Counter-Strike takes practice, and if you don’t sit down and play all day for a couple days you probably won’t get very good.

I almost play PC FPS games exclusively, so I do know what I’m talking about :slight_smile:

CS is an over-rated p.o.s.

The public community is the most immature and idiotic of any game I’ve ever played. Then there are the cheaters (but I don’t think they’re as prolific as many claim).

Plus I’m the kind of person who values some degree of realism in my shooters (Red Orchestra is a favorite of mine). These asshats firing a sniper rifle like the AWP while crouch-jumping and switching between the pistol just piss me off.

And I hate the one life per round rule. I don’t care if it supposedly “makes you play smarter,” it’s just a waste of my time to sit around and wait. Dozens of other FPS games do quite well with the 5-second respawn system…

And the too many maps always revolve around the same f’ing chokepoints…

I could go on, but I’ll stop. The only time I ever enjoyed CS was when I played on a private server with my FPS clan. In other words, I’ll only play that game with clans.

Ok, not to get into a pissing contest but I played professional level competetive Half Life mods such as Counter-Strike and Team Fortress Classic for the better part of five years and was in several clans that put teams together to go to the CPL. I also served as an STA-TFC admin for a little time, and a TFL (lesser known league outside the TFC community) dispute admin. To give you an idea, I started playing Counter-Strike around the Beta .6 patch, when the weapons were still on the ground after the rounds, and started with TFC pre HL1.5, back before the new models.

You make valid points, and I haven’t played it in years so I’m a little dated, but the maps that are played in CAL are usually of repute, and thus despite the same choke points the maps are still designed so that there are still multiple ways around everything. Claiming that you can’t get through a choke point is kind of silly, when you can just go around. Or sit and wait for some hapless soul to turn the corner thinking they already cleaned up.

Realism in an FPS is difficult to convey as there’s always gonna be bugs or hacks or something that eliminates any effort to maintain a realistic environment. But you’re right about the community being 12 year olds, and I do guarantee that cheating was (at least at the time I played) quite prolific around the public servers and even still in the lower levels of CAL play. But CAL was always really good and seeding them out and banning them from play.

Since we’re chit chatting, what didn’t you like about X-Men Legends? I lost the xbox before I could finish it, but I was enjoying it thoroughly. That flashback level with all the sentinels was a nightmare though.

Now TFC is a man’s man game :slight_smile: I’ve played Dustbowl at least 2 times a week for almost 6 years now. Hell, the main reason I play TFC is for that Dustbowl map - it’s just that well made. I only hope the sequel holds my interest for just as long. Right now I’m obsessed with Natural Selection because it’s such a departure from the other shooters I’ve played.

I’ve always wondered why CS receives so much praise when it’s really not that great. I’m the same way when it comes to Halo - it’s just a mediocre FPS game that might’ve been cool back in 1999; must be a console/PC gamer thing…

I agree that achieving realism is a challenge because of the inherent nature of online gaming. But the AWP is just too ridiculous for my taste.

Now as for X-Men Legends II (never played the first one). I’m a fan of beat-'em up games as much as the next guy, but Legends was a joke. The levels were painfully boring and repetitious (enough temples?), the generic bad guys were lame and too easy, and the bosses were scraped from the bottom of the Marvel universe. It would’ve been fun as a weekend rental, not as an actual purchase.

Knocking a FPS for realism is sort of a cheap shot. No matter how much a developer studies weapons and how much time they spend programming. The weapons in FPSes will never come close to the real thing. Hell, only in a FPS are you able to shoot any weapon rapidly with the greatest accuracy. Also, in any sort of military one, the thing is never gonna match the teamwork required or the confusion of a battle. However, that is okay because it is just a game and games are meant to be fun. Realism often needs to be put on the back burner for the case of making a game fun. Besides, most FPSes don’t strive for realism, so that makes knocking them even more of a cheap shot. Such as the rounds in some FPSes is a move for realism since you are sometimes more hesitant to do things when you’ve only got one shot. It still has a video game element in that you come back, but the game wouldn’t be very good if you didn’t. As for weapons, wepaons are very off in most games. They all seem to have a ridiculous rate of fire and are all extremely accurate and have no recoil at all. Hell, most FPSes are very sniper friendly in that sniper rifles are easy as hell to shoot and have a very fast rate of fire. Not only that, but you don’t have to worry about zeroing the rifle or any of that, which is ok, it removes some realism for the sake of fun. Nobody would play a sniper if they had to set the wind and elevation and it toke several seconds just to get off one shot. All weapons ahve the same perfect accuracy and and range, but that is ok since it is a game and it is suppose to be fun, but stressful. Basically I’m saying that realism is sacrificed for fun and that knocking a FPS for its lack of realism isn’t quite fair.

I said that I understand realism’s limitations in videogames. It’s just that the way people use the AWP (crouch + jumping, firing it in an instant, pistol switching) combined with the lack of gun sway and its incredible killing power make it a stupid weapon. In other games, the sniper rifle is more realistic in that there are some limitations on its effectiveness.

But I love TFC and that’s the most unrealistic shooter ever :stuck_out_tongue: But at least it’s consistently unrealistic.

Have you tried Golden Eye Rouge Agent yet? I would say this is the single worst game hands down that I have EVER played if I had played it.

Rouge Agent? Bond, Jaime Bond? :stuck_out_tongue:

TFC is a mans game. So often knocked for being unrealistic when it’s obviously not supposed to be.

Unfortunatly the community is almost the opposite of the CS community. It’s a bunch of old guys who’ve been playing for years, and most pubs obide by a specific set of rules that if you aren’t familiar with you’re most likely going to get kick+banned. It’s pretty crappy.

But yes, I also cannot wait for the second one. Especially now that’s actually been announced as coming out with Half Life 2: Episode 2!. :smiley:

GAP for the kill! :stuck_out_tongue:

Infonick makes a good point that realism doesn’'t always lend well to the success of a game. I still remember Warmaster, which was a miniature game by Games Workshop (famous for its Warhammer/40K game lines and among Bolt Thrower fans). The catch was that the all powerful heroes would get knocked down a peg or two, armies would become larger and there were confusion rules (i.e. not total control). My friend bought the book only to discover a couple months later it was discontinued. Too bad, it seemed promising.

On FPS, it is a genre that in general doesn’t catch my attention for long. I’d make an exception for Goldeneye 64 (that game’s aged, man) and Unreal Tournament, for being addictive. UT was duly mutilated in the later versions. Too bad. [STRIKE]Wolfenstein 3D[/STRIKE] I’ll quit now.

Burgertime for the NES. I think it was an arcade at one point. You were a chef with a salt shaker. You ran across this donkey-kong-like grid stepping on the hamburger pieces to try to make the hamburger pieces drop. All the while you were being chased by sausages. It was the first and the last time we let our sister pick out a game to buy.

I’m gonna say ‘The Bouncer’. There were things i liked about it, but i just thought it was such a shame and waste, there was so much more they could have done with it. First, it was way too short, its easily completable in less than 2 hours. They do have the different endings depending on which character you chose, but it still didn’t make it that much more enjoyable to play through it again, which reminds me of another thing when you are playing through it. You basically have no freedom or choice to do anything in the game, you are pulled along the entire way through it. All the entire game seemed to be was cutscene, fight, cutscene, fight, maybe run about a little bit, and thats it.

Any metroid games.
Sorry if anyone (read::everyone) else likes them, I just really really really don’t see what’s so damn fun about them.
Maybe I was raped by a metroid as a child or something stupid.

Hey now, be nice to Counter-strike. It shows us where not to go. (Ironic, cause I’m one of the admins of the main goon CS server.)

Eh, CS isn’t that bad. I mean … I’ve heard about being able to shoot someone in the foot through a corner and get a headshot in Counter Strike: Source, but if you populate a server with bots and then lock it with a password that only you know, it’s just fine!

Yeah, I’m not really a fan of metroid either. I didn’t even really like Metroid Prime all that much.

Don’t worry people, we of the Church of Metroid are benevolent.

Red Dead Revolver