The Naar Saga

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The Naar Saga part 43: Many Adventures to go…
By d_Galloway

Graham, Wil, and the hero struggled frantically against the incredibly strong mer-woman’s grip, but they were in vain. Soon, they were all pulled into the ocean.

However, when they finally stopped flailing around like an impaled chipmunk long enough to realize what was going on, they found that they were breathing perfectly! Somehow, the mermaid’s kiss had allowed them to breath water!

The mermaid swam off, then came right back with three large seahorses. Realizing that things could only get wierder from here, they mounted their “steads”, which immediately took them to some kind of underwater city.

Two guards, each armed with a long, pointy spear, took them into a long throne room. At the end of the room was a tall, strong, old merman. The fact that he radiated a noble presence, had the respect of everyone in this room, and that he was SITTING ON THE FREAKING THRONE indicated that this could be no other than King Neptune, the leader of the mer-people.

Neptune bowed to the three, and they followed in suit. “Welcome to our land, travellers,” said Neptune. “Tell me, what is your purpose here?” They began to talk, but only a single bubble came out of their mouths. Neptune immediately popped the three strange spherical thingies into two halves, and amazingly, they maintained their shape! Instinctively, they put one half onto an ear and the other half onto their mouth.

NEEDLESSLY LONG SCENE SUMMARRY: Graham wants the Water Gem. Neptune will give him the gem if he can get back the Trident that was stolen by the Merpeople’s neighbors, the Sharkees. So Graham went and got back the Trident from the Sharkee King. He got the Water Gem, and a big feast was held. Neptune told them where to find the Gems of Air (in “as high a place as this is low”) and Earth (in the dark castle of the former lord of Kolyma, Count Calduar). They then returned to the dryland.

The three returned to town to get an idea about what to do. Then they saw that the Antiques shop was now open. Realizing that if this happens, then there must be something important inside, they entered.

The shop was in a complete state of dissaray, with wares strewn here and there haphazardly. The shopkeeper herself wasn’t exactly that good-looking herself, either; she had obviously made it several decades beyond her life expectancy.

“How can I help you?” she asked.

“Do you sell anything that can help me ascend a mountain?” asked Graham.

The shopkeeper sighed. “I don’t sell mountain climbing equipment, but I do have something that might help.” She motioned to an old arabain oil lamp that happened to be right next to her. “This old thing is said to contain a genie! Haven’t tried it myself, though. I don’t believe in using magic to solve my problems.”

“Well, then,” said Wil, “can we have it?”

“Why, of course,” said the shopkeeper. “However…there is a small favor I must ask of you first.”

Somehow, they knew she was going to say that.

“That old witch, Hagatha, stole my pet nightengale. If you can get it back, I’ll give this lamp to you.”

Graham let out a heavy sigh. “All right. I’ll get your nightengale back.”


Graham handed the caged nightengale to the shopkeeper, who immediately began to fuss over it endlessly.

“Take the lamp!” she said. “It’s yours!” With that, she dashed with the nightengale into the back of the shop. It looked like a happy ending…Then they heard the shopkeeper talking.

“At last! The final ingredient for the youth potion is mine! I’ll beat you to the punch this time, Hagatha!”

With that sickening thought, they grabbed the lamp and left.

Once a safe distance from the town, Graham finally pulled out the lamp. “Let’s see how badly we were screwed over.” He then began to rub the lamp fiercely.

However, soon blue smoke began to rise from the lamp. It then began to take shape…into a note!

Shocked, everyone read the paper. It said that the genie that had resided in the lamp before was freed by his last master, and told that a secret room in the antique shop contained a useful item. It was signed, “Ni’Bor Si’Ma’Will”.

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The Naar Saga part 44: A Night with…um…Myself…
By d_Galloway


After about twenty minutes of arguing, which included about ten minutes of energy blasts, everyone finally decided on sleeping arrangements. Lone Wolf would return to the Kai Monastery, where he would squeeze in some last-minute training before bed. Dr. Loco would go read some porn and fall asleep in a hidden lab somewhere. The rest of his staff would go to their small shanties for some shut-eye.

And finally, both Galloways and Pooh got stuck with a small living room-esque simulation with a fold-out couch, a sleeping bag, and a large-screen TV.

Things couldn’t get worse…

After everyone was finally ready (well, the female Galloway was already dressed for the occassion), it came time to decide who slept where. It quickly degenerated into a rock-paper-scissors match. Pooh was beaten in the first round, leaving him with the sleeping bag. Unfortunately, both of the Galloways apparantly had the same random strategy, as they kept going back and forth for about fourty minutes.

Finally, when Pooh decided that he would have to go through some drastic measures to get any sleep, he gave them each a small teaspoon of honey. Amazingly, the sticky substance calmed them all down, and Galloway fell into a drug-like trance and fell off the couch-bed, thus netting him the floor.

Finally, everyone began to get some sleep…

Galloway’s nightmares began again. Only this time, they were much greater in verocity. They were getting worse every time he slept. He also began to imagine about who that mysterious shadow was. Was it Naar? Mox? Some random minion they hadn’t met yet?

Then he heard a small moaning coming from the couch-bed. He recognized the sound as being similar to the ones he had when waking up from the nightmare. Obviously, the girl was having the same problems. However, instead of inquiring about it, and risking another barrage of energy beams, Galloway wisely chose to keep his mouth shut.

Pooh was muttering something, too. It sounded like “Piglet…oh, Piglet…”, but Galloway didn’t care.

A spear suddenly flew through the window and into Drew Carey’s throne room. It embedded itself just inches away from where Colin was currently sitting while sharing a nice glass of water with Drew and Ryan. Upon closer examination, it was revealed to contain a note:

“I am Yakuza, the leader of the Yang Order. I have heard of you, Sensei of the Light Order. I wish to end this rivalry tonight. Try to eliminate me by infiltrating my castle. Refuse to do so, and I will kill every single one of you tommorrow morning. Fail, and you’ll all die anyway. Succeed…and die at the hands of Naar.”

With no other option, Sensei picked up the crudely-drawn map leading to Yakuza’s castle. Grabbing Gemini by the arm, he left.

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The Naar Saga part 45: Witches, etc.
By d_Galloway

Graham, Wil, and the hero returned to the Antique Shop, only to find that the shopkeeper was still busy in the back on whatever evil concotion she was thinking of. Graham accidently hit a small switch by a suit of armor, which caused a trap door to rise up. Naturally, they went down the dark, dusty stairs, closing the door behind them.

The basement was filled with gold, jewelry, and various other valuable thingies that would make your average person scream in greed. However, everyone’s eyes turned toward a note that was lying in plain site on an old desk; after all, everything worth mentioning is written on a note.

The note said something about the shopkeeper, who was apparantly named “Angelina”, being accepted into the society of witches, warlocks, and general no-good-doers. It also mentioned something about a nightengale and a “youth potion”. After realizing that nothing else was important here, they continued to search the room.

The treasure was tempting, but strangely, the thing that REALLY caught their attention was an old, red, rolled-up carpet in the corner, gathering dust. When they checked out a small tag on the side, it said:

Magic Carpet: Guaranteed to fly without problems for 150 miles or your money back! Property of Al’ Din.

Graham grabbed the carpet and prepared to take everyone out of the shop, but stopped when a voice was heard upstairs.

“At last!” It was definately Angelina. “The finished Youth Potion is mine! All I have to do now is drink it…”

Then, as if on que, a door slammed, followed by heavy footsteps. “Angelina!” shouted a shrill, croaking voice. “Show yourself, you scurvy wretch!”

“Hagatha, dear! What a pleasant surp-”

“Don’t play dumb with me! I know you stole it!”

“Stole? Really, Hagatha I have no idea-”

“For your lies and deciet, there can be only one conciquence.”

“No! Please! I can explain-”

“Silence! Oh, and one more thing…”

The entire building shaked with the force of a massive explosion.

“…your invintation to join us is revoked! What’s this? HA! The Youth Potion!”

Then the sound of slipping fingers came down as Hagatha said, “Oh no!” A small vial filled with a strange blue liquid fell through a tiny hole and into a pile of straw!

“Drat!” said Hagatha. “Now what was that spell for removing floorboards…I’ll have to go and look it up!” With that, she walked back out the door.

Graham grabbed the Youth Potion, pushed the trap door opened, led everyone out, closed the trap door, and ran as far away from the town as possible.

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The Naar Saga part 46: Super Ninja Action!
By d_Galloway

After travelling by train, plane, and automobile for about an hour, Sensei and Gemini reached the hidden castle of the Yang Order. Naturally, some ninjas were working as guards, but since they were evil ninjas, they were easily snuck by and knocked out through a few kicks.

After hiding the bodies in the bushes, they took a better look at the castle. It was really more of a mansion, only with six floors. Japanese sliding doors were at the front and back, Ying-Yangs were painted onto the walls, and lights were on all over the place. A few ninja sentries were on the roof, armed with what appeared to be Night Vision Binoculars.

Sensei pulled out a small flash bomb, took aim at the roof, and threw it straight at the guards. The flash itself was actually small enough and quiet enough to not attract the guard’s attention inside, but the light it emitted caused the Night Vision Binocs to overload, blinding the guards for a brief amount of time. The two good ninjas dashed to the back door while the guards were flailing around.

A few more ninjas were here and there, each one armed with a ninja sword, a long stick, a ball-and-chain, or nunchukas. The inside was also well-lit, save for a handful of corners that were too few and far between to be of any use. Realizing that the first floor was too well-guarded to be of any possible entrance, they attached some climbing-thingies and scaled up to the second floor.

The first thing they saw was, strangely enough, an empty room. After jumping through the window, they realized why it was empty; a very big dog was inside. After a brief struggle, they knocked the dog out using either their advanced ninja techs or a broom.

After their brief encounter with the canine world, the two ninjas continued their quest. The next hallway was only lightly guarded, so they did what came naturally; they took out the guards using shurikens and knives. They then continued up to the third floor.

And this happened for several more floors, with ninjas dying and stairs being climbed. Finally, they reached the sixth floor, which consisted primarily of a small waiting room and a door leading into another room. There were, naturally, ninjas guarding the door. However, there was also a non-ninja in here. It was a kid, no more than 17, with a long black trenchcoat, black clothing, and two shiny steel blades attached to his arms. He spoke slightly with the guards, but Sensei and Gemini couldn’t hear it right.

Finally, the guy left, leaving the ninja guards unprotected. They were soon all dead at the hands of the two good guy ninjas. They then broke down the door, as it was the last place to look.

Inside was none other than Yakuza himself. He was rather tall, around 6’3". His whole body was a finely tuned ninjitsu machine, perfect for any kind of mission. His hair was completely black, and came down in a ponytail in the back. If it wasn’t for the wrinkles, he could pass off as being in his thirties. He wore a black shirt with a Ying-Yang on it, a pair of black pants, and some black sneakers…for sneaking!

Now the battle for ninja supremecy would begin.

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The Naar Saga part 47: The Fall of a Master
By d_Galloway

Sensei immediately jumped into a B-movie-esque ninja stance, while Gemini struggled to unfasten his Nunchukas. Yakuza just stood there, his back towards the two. In fact, they all stood there, not daring to make the first move.

Finally, Yakuza twirled around and threw about eight shurikens at his targets. They jumped out of the way, but the evil ninja had already made his way to where Gemini was about to land and roundhoused him straight in the side of the face. The young ninja fell to the ground, nearly unconcious.

Sensei, however, was still in perfect shape. He pulled out a knife he had tucked away for just such an occasion and threw it. Yakuza didn’t even have to dodge it; he wasn’t aiming at him.

The knife ricochet off the wall and towards Yakuza. He dodged, but was nonetheless scratched by the attack. Sensei immediately jumped forward with a powerful jump kick, knocking Yakuza onto the ninja balcony.

Gemini, meanwhile, regained his senses enough to stand. He barely dodged a shuriken that was meant for Sensei, but was scratched by another. Realizing that his nunchukas weren’t going to cut it, he searched for another weapon. Finally, he found the perfect one for him.

Just as the ninja battle began to reach the roof in true ninja fashion, Gemini pulled a massive spear off the wall. It looked familiar, but that didn’t matter at the moment. He ran out to the balcony to join his master.

Sensei had followed Yakuza onto the roof, but in his rush he had forgotten about the small army of guards that were also up there. Soon Yakuza was standing back as his loyal minions began their attack on the old ninja master.

Finally, Gemini reached the roof, spear in hand. Once again, a ninja battle began. Finally, after nearly ten minutes of grooling combat, the two good ninjas were victorious over Yakuza’s Yang Order Ninjas.

This did not sit well with Yakuza. Pulling a knife out of his sleeve, he prepared to make his final stand. Of course, Sensei had his shurikens, and Gemini had a freaking huge spear, so he was obviously outmatched.

Then he gave it a throw. Sensei tried to dodge, but the deadly blade imbedded itself in his leg, making it impossible for him to even continue to fight. Gemini yearned to help his master, but he had to deal with Yakuza first.

The evil ninja had already pulled out another knife, but was caught off-guard by Gemini’s amazingly fast attack, which knocked the knife out of his hand and onto the ground. Frustrated, Yakuza immediately delivered a strong punch to Gemini’s chest, sending him doubling over. This was followed by a kick to the chin, knocking the young ninja back. However, despite his pain, he flipped back onto his feet.

Yakuza leaped into the air, prepared to finish Gemini off. However, Gemini then recalled something his brother had used on him once…it was a wierd attack, very DBZ-ish, and usually not worthy of the ninja, but he had no choice. He couldn’t survive any other way. He just hoped he had it right.

Yakuza rapidly descended, slamming his foot straight into the roof, but Gemini had already twisted aside. Cursing, Yakuza prepared to throw some kind of knife at him, but Gemini was ready.


An explosion of light filled the area, completely blinding Yakuza. The evil ninja struggled to see what was happening, but Gemini quickly gave him a kick straight into the air. Grabbing the spear, he took aim and threw it.

It went straight through Yakuza’s chest, carrying him to the top of a tree, where it imbedded him. The evil ninja struggled for a bit, then died.

Gemini went to his master, only to find him near death. The smell of the wound soon revealed everything; the knife was laced with Black Lotus poison. Sensei would be dead in a matter of minutes.

“My student,” said the old man with his last few breaths, “you have finally surpassed me. I am so proud of you. Now, go. Destroy Naar.”

With that, the world lost the great ninja master Sensei.

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