The Naar Saga

drags mox in front of an electric fence
Punch him again!
Steals and drinks fruit punch

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The Naar Saga part 40: The Most Twisted Plan in Existance
By d_Galloway


Chris, RAX, and the Eternal Champion went to the past, where they picked up the valiant heroes that slayed the dark angel Samael. They then picked up the drunk Dawson and the sober Kari. And finally, they went off to the tower of the Eternal Champion, where they began their training.

Weiila and co. went with Colin back to Canada, where they met with Colin’s army of balding men. They then boarded a train to Cleveland, where they met with Drew Carey and his count, Ryan Stiles. As they were the biggest allies of Colin, they would indeed be helpful.

“Okay,” said Lone Wolf as they were cleaning up the courtyard, “you were good, but you still need training. Also, I sensed that a great dissaster will befall your friends, and they’ll need help.”

“Um, why is this coming up now?” asked Galloway. “Are you just adding a sense of urgency here?”

Lone Wolf sighed. “I think I know of a way to help them now. It’s a long shot, but it just might work.”

They grabbed Pooh, who was still mending to his broken stuffed leg, and headed into Heaven Labs, inc. There every single scientist, chemist, and psychologist worked on various thing that are really cool.

“Galloway,” said Lone Wolf, motioning to a tall, dark-haired scientist, “this is Dr. Loco. I think he can help us.”

Dr. Loco showed them into a huge room in the back of the lab. Inside was a small army of scientists huddled around hoards of computers that were linked to a large, square-shaped device on the back wall.

“This is our Dimensional Portal that Links to Alternate Worlds, patent pending,” said Dr. Loco. “We can input your name into the computer, use a search to find an alternate you with the same alignment, power level, and stats as you, and bring them here to help.”

“Sounds crazy,” said Galloway, “but I guess it’s worth a shot.”

The sound of typing and computers reached a deafening level. Soon, only one name of Galloway’s alternate forms was on the listo-screen.

“Okay,” said Dr. Loco, “let’s get this baby going!”

The square-shaped device began to hum loudly. Soon electric bolts began to pass between the two ends, followed by the entire inside of the device glowing blue. Soon, a shape began to form inside the blue; a human shape.

Then it passed through.

The person looked a lot like Galloway; same hair color, same height, same muscle mass (almost none). However, there was one noticible difference:


Weiila: That was pathetic! And twisted!
Galloway: SHUT IT!

lies on the floor laughing until she realizes that Gallo might call upon a male Weiila as revenge Ehm… almond and chocolate pie anyone? << >>

OOOOH, PIE! eats the pie

Man, is this thing taking forever! Well, at least we’re getting ever closer to the grand conclusion…which will probably be a little while.

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The Naar Saga part 41: The Alternate Galloway
By d_Galloway

The female version of Galloway walked through the portal into the lab. She simply looked around in complete confusion, especially since she was still wearing some nightclothes and black slippers (which were the real Galloway’s sleeping attire).

“Where…where am I?” she said, more than a bit of anger in her voice. When nobody answered, she simply rose her hand and, to everyone’s further surprise, fired an energy blast! The attack collided with one of the computers, blowing it to bits.

“NOW TELL ME!” she commanded. “WHERE THE HELL AM I?!”

Now everyone was too eager to answer. After listining to them babble on for a few minutes, another blast was fired, blowing up another computer.

“I can’t believe I’m being this freaking nice!” she continued, her rage growing. “ANSWER NOW, OR I WILL RIP YOUR HEADS OFF, KICK THEM AROUND LIKE SOCCER BALLS, AND SPIT INTO YOUR NECKS!”

Just when it seemed hopeless, the female Galloway’s eyes lowered. She saw Pooh, who was too busy eating his honey to notice anything else. Her eyes suddenly lit up.

“POOH!” she screamed, pouncing onto the little yellow stuffed bear while squeezing the very life out of it in a loving hug. The bear was still too absorbed in eating the sweet sticky substance known as honey to notice what was going on.

Everyone just fainted at that point.

After the alternate Galloway had mellowed out enough, they began to discuss what had happened. Apparantly the alternate version of Galloway’s school was having the traditional “pajama day” when they beamed the female Galloway into the lab. Also, she liked Pooh. A lot. Galloway was just glad that Weiila wasn’t here at the moment.

Finally, after many hours of talking, it was time to get some sleep. Because tommorrow, the REAL training would begin.

Wil, the hero, and Graham reached the beach, where a beautiful mermaid was sitting on the rocks. Graham, being the nice guy that he is, offered her a comb he had gotten from a swindler in the town. The mermaid took the comb with great joy, then handed the king a small pendant.

She then dived into the sea and kissed all three of the heroes, right before pulling them into the water…

Weiila: Must…kill…alternate…Galloway…
Galloway: Sheesh, Weiila, calm down.

Ahh yes… it still here. I just got through reading what all I missed and I’m happy your key board is working. very good Galloway.:smiley: :cool:

is too far into berserk trance to comment

watches as Weiila goes beserk on Pooh, only to get her ass kicked by the female Galloway

<img src=“”>RAAAGH!

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The Naar Saga part 42: Fall of the Tyrant
By d_Galloway

Val and the Lost Vikings continued their nearly endless battle against the Tyrabt at every turn, with Tomator appearing once any couple minutes. Finally, they reached Tomator’s ship.

“Thank Odin!” shouted Val. “This living hell is almost over!”

“Let’s just get out of here now, okay?” said Erik. “I can’t stand those people looking at us.”

“What people?” asked Olaf.

“THOSE PEOPLE!” shouted Erik, pointing in the distance.

“AAAAAAAAAHHH!” everyone shouted, as they ran far, far away.

Many levels later, they finally reached the end of Tomator’s ship. And, like always, they met the big green guy, along with the lump of rotting flesh known as Tyrant.

“At last!” shouted Tomator, triumph in his voice. “I can rid myself of you pesky vikings once and for all!” The Tyrant let out a usual roar and a growl, before slowly stalking forward.

“Uh, how the hell are we supposed to win this thing?” asked Val, her voice full of hesitation and panic.

Just then, Galloway teleported into the spaceship. In his hands was a very big box labeled “Build your own Rail Cannon with things found around an Evil Space Emperor’s Mothership! Point away from the face.”

“JUST SET THIS DAMN THING UP!” shouted Galloway. “I HAVE TO GET BACK TO TRAINING!” With that, he dissapeared.

Since the Tyrant moves about six feet an hour, and Tomator was still too busy laughing his big green ass off, Val and the Vikings were able to set the Rail Cannon up easily. Soon their big gun of destruction was all ready.

“Rail Cannon entering auto-charge mode,” said a computer voice, in the usual “campy B-movie-style” of the Resident Evil games. After about five minutes, the damn cannon was ready, and not a moment too soon; Tyrant was now right in front of it.

The computer began its final countdown. “5…4…3…2…1…”

The blast ripped straight into Tyrant, ripping the monstrosity apart. Black blood soaked the ground around it. Soon, only the upper torso and one arm was left. Unfortunately, those parts of the creature began to crawl forward.

Tomator was laughing too hard to notice anything that was going on. Val finally pulled out Gungnir and drove it straight into the evil Tyrant’s brain. The creature squirmed and lashed out in death throes, then layed still.

Finally, Tomator stopped laughing. He looked at what had happened. “NO! YOU WILL PAY, YOU LOUSY VIKINGS!”

However, Baleog launched a fire arrow into Tomator, lowering his shield. Erik dashed forward and stunned Tomator, then jumped up and hit the switch for the hatch, which opened.

Both Tomator and the remains of the Tyrant were launched into space, never to be seen again (until the next game, that is).

A portal suddenly opened. Val said her good-byes to the Vikings, and stepped through.

Naar was now REALLY pissed. However, Mox was still around…he could still win…

Galloway: Did you hear about the new pirate movie? It’s rated “AAAARRGH!”
Weiila: Enough with the overused jokes!