The Naar Saga

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The Naar Saga part 48: Chance Meeting
By d_Galloway

Gemini picked up Sensei’s body and made his way down the wall. He then threw a small firebomb, which blew the entire castle apart. Man, forget about WMD’s; deal with small ninja weaponry!

Gemini found a shovel amongst the ruins and dug a grave for his fallen master. When it was finally done, he reverantly picked up Sensei’s lifeless body and lowered it into the hole. At last, it was over.

He climbed up the tree where Yakuza had been imbedded. He found his corpse still up there, with the spear still sticking through his chest.

Grabbing the weapon, he pulled it out. However, he used so much strength in pulling it out that the momentum caused him to fall straight out of the tree, bashing his head against the branches as he tumbled downward. Finally, he landed onto the ground.

Then he saw the armor-wearing woman that was standing above him. And she wasn’t a happy camper.

“Gungnir!” she shouted. “I lost that damn spear five minutes after getting back here! Why the fuck do YOU have it?!”

Naturally, it was Val. And she was pissed off beyond reason.

After a brief battle, she finally calmed down, grabbed Gungnir, and began to huggle it. “Oh, my precious Gungnir. I’ll never let you leave my side again!”

After trading their stories about what had happened, they decided to return to Colin and Drew to plan the next move.

When they arrived, Colin presented them with a note. “It came from Weiila’s room.”

The note read:

I have kidnapped the girl. I am going to torture her. Um, did I say that right? This is my first time doing this. Man, master Mox doesn’t pay me enough for this. I like beans, don’t you?

After Graham had used the carpet and obtained the Air Gem, Wil, the hero, and the king left for Kolyma’s church. Inside, they found a monk, absorbed in prayer. After picking up a strange riddle from the bible, they knelt down and prayed beside the monk. He stood up when they were done.

“Brother,” said Graham, “I depart for a place of great evil. Although my quest is noble and true, I need your blessing to allow me to triumph over the evil.”

The monk responded by handing him a small crucifix. “Take this, my child.”

Everyone was surprised. “I thought monks couldn’t talk,” said Wil.

“Well,” responded the monk, “this is a very…unique church.”

They left after that, but when they reached the crossroads, a pair of wolves darted out of the forest. Everyone prepared for battle, but the wolves simply ran past them and towards the church. Turning around, they found the wolves approaching the monk. Just as a word of warning was about to be raised, however, the monk knelt and patted their heads!

“No, not yet, my brothers,” said the monk. “We will let him destroy the count first. Then we shall strike him down. And if he fails? Then we’ll finish the task we ourselves began…” His voice began to deepen sharply. “…many…years…ago…”

The monk looked up at the moon. It was out in full. That’s when they saw the pair of fangs in the monk’s mouth. Naturally, the three heroes turned and left.

“One thing’s for sure,” said Graham. “I am NOT getting married in that church!”

Weiila: is kidnapped

can’t comment. Is kidnapped

can comment, but doesn’t, standing staring in bewilderment and wondering if the monk is a werewolf

The Naar Saga part 49: Weiila’s Great Escape
By d_Galloway

Weiila found herself trapped inside a large cage, just like the one Chainsaw had used. The aformentioned madman’s tools of the trade were still lying around, as well. Could it be chainsaw?

However, when the toruturer walked in, it was anything but the muscle-bound psycopath. Instead, it was a 17-year-old with a black trenchcoat, black clothing, and two long metal blades. He was also carrying what appeared to be a notepad and pencil.

“Hello,” he said, “and welcome to Master Mox’s Painful Room of Absolute Terror. I’m Blade, and I’ll be your torturer for today.”

Even as he raised the notepad, a thousand thoughts raced through Weiila’s mind, but most of them related to how dorky the guy looked. And Blade? That name is completely overused! OF course, she WAS at his mercy, so she would have to play along for the moment.

“Okay,” continued Blade, “we have the following specials today. I reccommend the Water Tank, but we also have amputation, the Rack, old Pokemon episodes, and Spicy Chicken Wings.” Weiila, shocked at the horrible methods of torture these were, failed to notice that Chicken Wings was the last thing.

“Your silence amuses me, girl. For that, you shall get the ‘Special Surprise’.” He then dashed out of the room and straight back in, carrying a plate full of spinach. “Eat every single last leaf of this stuff.”

Weiila then remembered what spinach did during the fight with Falchin. Grabbing the stuff, she closed her eyes and shoved it in. Soon the crazy music began to play.

Finally after a few minutes, Weiila got up and bent the bars of the cage. Blade dashed forward to attack her, but got the living crap beaten out of him with only one body blow from Weiila. She jumped out the nearby window and escaped.

Blade cursed his misfortune. His prey had escaped. Master Mox would be royally pissed off. And not only that, but he got beat up by a girl!

He had to forget that last part.

Weiila: So, are we gonna get paid soon?
Galloway: No.
Weiila: Damn.

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The Naar Saga part 50: The Castle…OF DOOM!
By d_Galloway

Graham and co. continued their quest. After getting back some chicken soup that the dwarf had taken from the little girl Possum, as well as discovering that he had taken several gold coins from Daventry’s Magic Chest, they visited Possum’s grandmother, where they gave her the soup. She then gave Graham a heavy black cloak and a ruby ring, telling them that the story behind them was too sad to tell. And I just saved two chapters! Go me!

As they walked past Hagatha’s cave, Wil said to Graham, “This place is the wierdest place I’ve ever been to. Can anything else happen?”

Just then, a wierd music began to play. A black car, with a jet engine on the back, rocketed past them, then back into the cave, then back and forth before finally stopping.

“Does THAT answer your question?” asked Graham.

Finally, they reached the dark swamp. “I’ll go in alone,” said Graham. “You guys stay here.” The king then set off into the poisonous mire.

Finally, he reached a poisonous lake. A lone boat sat on the edge, and a castle could be seen looming in the distance. However, on the boat was a hulking being in a long black cloak, carrying a scythe. Graham bribed him with a gold coin, and the boatman took him across.

After barely making it through poisonous thorns, Graham reached the castle gates, which were guarded by two ghosts. Thinking fast, he put on the cloak, and the ghosts departed, as if in reverence. He then used the crucifix on the door, and it opened.

The castle interior was faded with age. Dust lined the stone walls and floor, the tapestries and furniture were filled with cobwebs and mildew, and rats frolicked to and fro. Graham explored several rooms, but it wasn’t until he reached the dark basement that he discovered something important.

Inside the small room was a large, black coffin. Removing his cloak, Graham lifted the lid cautiously. Inside he found none other than the Earth Gem! At last, his quest was almost over!

But just as he turned to leave, a new figure entered the room. It was a tall, pale man, dressed in a cloak just like Graham’s. His eyes were as red as blood, their gaze seemingly piercing into Graham’s very soul.

“Ah, good King Graham,” said the man, “I am Count Caldaur, lord of Kolyma. You will not leave this room…alive.” Then, with superhuman strength and agility, the count grabbed Graham by the neck and pinned him against the wall. His fangs soon began to descend in his mouth, ready for the kill.

Instinctively, Graham pulled out the crucifix, but Caldaur grabbed the item and, to his surprise, kissed it! “God bless Kolyma,” he said, just before pocketing the item. Graham stuggled one last time, and the ring fell out of his pocket.

The count’s eyes flashed at the ring, then angrily back at Graham. “Where did you get this?”

“From the old woman…in the house…by the sea…She was sick…I got her some food…She…she is close to death…”

“Do you think I don’t know that?!” shouted the count. “Night is the most dangerous time for my mortal family. I keep watch over them always, waiting for her time so that we can be together again.”

“I think that…this will be…that night…”

Thoughts seemed to race through the count’s mind. Finally, he dropped Graham and teleported out of the room. Graham then realized that he no longer had the crucifix, and couldn’t get out the door, so he climbed out a window.

He was almost down when a flurry of bats flew by him. Instinctively, he tried to brush them away, but he lost his grip and fell off the wall. Soon everything went black.

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The Naar Saga part 51: The Brotherhood
By d_Galloway

Graham awakened inside the castle dining hall. Caldaur was sitting at the head of the table, and across from him was a beautiful female vampire. To make a long story short, this was actually Possum’s grandmother, who was once Caldaur’s wife. At the time, the religious order of Kolyma, known as “The Brotherhood”, sought to overthrow Caldaur’s rule and replace it with their own. They send a cursed bat upon him in his sleep, turning him into a vampire. They then murdered his son and daughter-in-law, forcing Caldaur to send his wife and granddaughter into hiding. The Brotherhood members have the ability to change into wolves at night, therefore making nights especially dangerous.

Then came the inevitable quest. Caldaur presented the Death Gem to Graham and said that if he could find the Crystal Tiara his ancestors had hidden, he would be allowed to leave along with the Death Gem. Graham went to the library, where he met the vampiress Anastasia, formerly Possum! Somehow she had become an adult vampire! Anyway, she helped him solve a puzzle, which said that the tiara was buried along with a former lord. Before leaving, Anastasia gave Graham a ring to put onto her parents’ grave.

He went to the castle cementary and did as Anastasia requested. The ghosts from before revealed themselves to be Anastasia’s parents, and departed for the afterlife, leaving Graham a golden ring for thanks. Taking it, Graham dug a hole at the lord’s grave, only to find a note that revealed that his body was mixed up with a healer’s body at the church!

Leaving the swamp, Graham found Wil and the hero asleep. Leaving them be, he went to the church, where he found a diary explaining the Brotherhood’s meeting with the forest spirits, as well as a blood-drawn pentagram. Heading into the graveyard, he dug up the healer’s grave and took the Tiara. Just then, a wolf howled…

Graham left the church, only to be attacked by wolves. Fighting them off, he returned to the swamp, with Wil and the hero still doozing soundly. Upon reaching the lakeshore, though, he found the boatman gone, and not only that, but the wolves, led by a werewolf Graham vaguelly recognized as the monk, cornered him. However, being the resourceful guy that he is, Graham dipped a Silver Needle he had into the poisonous water, loaded it into a hollow reed, and fired it like a blowpipe into the werewolf. It dissapeared on impact, scattering the other wolves.

The boatman came, and told of an imposter that had tried to board. He then took Graham across to the castle, where he gave the tiara to Caldaur. He then recieved the Death Gem and began to leave, but before he did, Caldaur’s wife said:

“Remember, King Graham. When you find the woman you love, never let her leave your sight.”

Graham left the swamp, and found that it was now dawn. Wil and the hero were now awake and ready to go. Their quest with King Graham was almost over.

Father: He…did what?!
Hagatha: I can’t believe it either, Father.
Father: No one has ever left my service before, Sister Hagatha.
Hagatha: Yes, Father. It is most regretable.
Father: It is unthinkable!
Hagatha: Yes, it is most unthinkable.
Father: It’s up to you now, Sister Hagatha.
Hagatha: Yes, it’s- what?
Father: You must deal with them.
Hagatha: I see…
Father: Do you hear me? They are not to return home alive!

Weiila: is full from soda and crackers
Galloway: is also full
Female Galloway: is full, too

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The Naar Saga part 52: Calm Before the Storm
By d_Galloway

At about two in the morning, Galloway and co. were awakened by the simultanious ringing of a gong, a bell, and an alarm clock the size of New Jersey. After their ears finally stopped bleeding (except for Pooh, since he has no blood), they staggered out of the room and into the lab.

Naturally, Lone Wolf was waiting there. “What is it with you and sleep? We have precious little time to train!”

Drew and Colin’s armies armed themselves for the upcoming battle. Every kind of weapon imaginable was taken along; guns, swords, spears, axes, blowguns, knives, beer, spoons, tanks, planes, etc. Unfortunately, the tanks and planes ran out of gas, so they had to be scrapped.

Weiila and co. were about to leave when ANOTHER note came flying in via spear. It read:

“Thanks a lot, girl. All the other henchmen are laughing their asses off about what you did to me. I’ll get my cold-blooded revenge on you. Head to Mox’s secret base. It’s back in that…whatever-it’s-called world that my master’s master’s castle is currently floating in. Oh, and bring everyone along; master wants everyone to die. Yours truly, Blade.”

The Eternal Champion continued his training with the others, but he knew that time was short. He also knew that he had to fix that damn window; every time he ressurected someone, it got broke.

And considering how tough his training was, a lot of people got killed in there.

Graham and co. began to end their adventure. All they would have to do is survive a lot more puzzles, open the Door of Destiny, solve more puzzles, do more stuff, and finally return to their own world.

Naar prepared his army of Drakkars, Giaks, Vordaks, and Helghasts. They would destroy the foolish allied armies, and soon sweep over all the worlds. They would then make more worlds, so that they could sweep over those. An evil god’s work is never done.

Mox waited for his enemies to arrive. Soon, he would crush them. And he would beat up Blade, too. He hated that kid.

Meliah returned to her brother’s room, only to find him missing. On his bed was a single note:

“Went to kill father. Be back soon with eggs.”

(insert other group here)

Galloway: It’s almost over, folks. Bear with me.

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The Naar Saga part 53: Final Assault
By d_Galloway

Weiila and the others contemplated about how they were going to reach where their friends were being held. Then, as if by some sort of “deus ex machina” circumstance, a magical portal appeared, along with a sign that read, “Plot this way.”

Sighing heavily, they went through.

Once again, they were back in T.K. and Kari’s world. However, they weren’t alone this time; Mox was patiently standing there. Well, actually, he was reading through a fifty-year-old Playboy, but that’s close enough.

When he realized that his guests had finally arrived, he put the dirty magazine away and tried to look as menacingly as possible. “Prepare to meet your doom, heroes!” he said. “I, Mox, the last of Naar’s generals, shall destroy every single bone in your body. I will remove you of your will to live. Your souls shall be forfeit to my domain. For I am Mox!”

For once, though, everyone just looked at him instead of falling asleep at his long speech. Then Blade jumped up from behind Mox. “Master, master!” he said. “Let me finish them off!”

“Fine,” said Mox, “but if you screw up this time…”

“Don’t worry, master. I won’t mess up twice! I will slice her in two, then three, then four, then-”

“Shut up!” shouted Mox, smacking Blade on the back of the head. “What have I told you about villainous speeches? They have to have some kind of interesting element! Yours was dumber than usual!”

Blade looked back at Weiila, now very pissed. “I’ll kill you!”

Falchin landed in the world, but unfortunately miscalculated the spot. Sighing heavily, he began his flight over to where Mox and the others were about to fight.

Weiila and Blade charged at each other. Weiila’s comrades tried to help, but Mox stood in their way. He took out Val and Gemini in one backhand, broke Star’s right arm with one quick snap, and smashed Poke’s left leg. He then turned to watch his worthless pupil fight Weiila.

It was obvious the fight was going badly; that is, for Blade. Unfortunately, he had tripped at the beginning of the match and broken one leg, but was still trying to fight. Finally, Weiila simply threw him into the nearby water. He climbed onto the shore, but then simply laid there. Mox was too busy keeping his eyes on Weiila to see that Blade was still barely alive.

However, it wasn’t Mox that was to fight Weiila. A small ball of energy appeared, then transformed into a tall, intimidating figure made out of pure energy. He was dressed in some more traditional Japanese stuff, with an all-black shirt. In fact, the energy that acted as his body was black, and his aura was sufficantaly evil.

“My dear,” said Mox, “meet the Dark Champion.”

Naturally, Weiila had no choice but to take the thing on, but no sooner than she had jumped than it flicked her about seventy feet with no more than its pinky finger. This thing was a lot tougher than anyone could have imagined.

Then they showed up. Another ball of energy appeared, this one much larger than the previous one. When it transformed, it revealed Chris, Kari, Sub-Zero, Dawson, Xavier, RAX, and the Eternal Champion.

And so the final battle begins…

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