The Movie Saga: The Lost General

Darkmare is afraid of a leeeaaaf! points and laughs… then flies away from the tentacles in panic

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Darkmare is afraid of a leeeaaaf! points and laughs… then flies away from the tentacles in panic

You will learn soon…very soon…laughs maniacally

Galloway returned to his normal form, then began to fly back to the bunker. He made sure the leaf was tucked into his pocket, as to give it back to Lone Wolf. Maybe he could figure something out.

Besides, he had to kill Darkmare in some kind of humiliating fashion. Why not use a leaf to do it?

He landed in front of the bunker. Inside, he found that the four infected people were still out cold, while Lone Wolf, F. Galloway, and Weiila were playing Go Fish. “Excuse me,” said Galloway, interrupting their game, “but I have to talk to Lone Wolf.”

Lone Wolf followed Galloway outside, where he showed him the leaf. “This affected Darkmare’s tentacles. Why?”

Lone Wolf examined the leaf carefully, then gasped. “Of course! Remember what I told you? About how the monster Xuzargha made was composed of nothing more than a disease? Well, the leaf’s properties must have shorted out the composition in the tentacles. We may have found a way to defeat Darkmare!”

Darkmare cursed his luck, but still, he had other things to do. Snickering, he went back to the Kai Monastery.

(to be continued)

I say we make tea out of the leaf and invite Darkmare to a “surrender offer with bisquits”…

Galloway and Lone Wolf climbed back into the bunker, where Weiil and F. Galloway were waiting for them. “It worked!” said F. Galloway. “They’re blinking!”

The four ran back to the bedroom, tripping over each other all the way. Val and Chris, their skin now very pale, were sitting on one side of the bed, while T.K. and Kari were on the other. All four had their heads bowed.

“What happened?” asked Val, her voice somewhat lifeless.

“Long story,” said Galloway. “We may have a way to beat Darkmare…the guy who did this to you, remember…but we need time. And I can’t keep fighting him until we’re done, so we need help. Do you know any?”

Everyone was silent…until T.K. and Kari slowly raised their hands.

Lone Wolf walked back to the door. “I’m returning to the Kai Monastery,” he said. “I must ensure that the Heaven World is safe.” He then dashed out of the bunker and dissapeared completely.

Galloway set the controls, and the bunker took off.

Lone Wolf returned to the Monastery, only to find Darkmare waiting for him in the courtyard. “He is not with you,” said the monster. “I thought the Kai Lords always stayed together.”

“What do you want?” shouted Lone Wolf, raising his hand to unleash a Kai Ray. Darkmare, however, stood still. “I wish only to destroy the one Kai blessed, the one that destroyed Naar, my source of freedom. Stay out of this, or I shall destroy this entire pathetic world.” Lone Wolf sneered, but said nothing to anger Darkmare. This was no idle threat.

“I leave you now,” he said. “I know where they are going, and what they intend. And I will beat them to it.” He then teleported away.

(to be continued)

Darkmare izza wicked dude… but at least we made some healing progress, wohoo!

“Okay,” said Galloway. “Exactly WHO can help us?”

“You mean, you didn’t ask before?” asked Weiila. “Then where the hell are we?”

“Right now, we’re floating in the gap between dimensions,” said Galloway. “There is nothing here; no time, no life, no existance. But enough of the cool-sounding stuff. Just WHERE are we supposed to go?”

“Our world,” said T.K. “Take us back there. We know someone that can help.” Galloway had a pretty good idea what they were after, but continued the flight anyway.

“Okay,” said Darkmare, as he surveyed the city, “where are those blasted creatures?”

He continued his search, infecting people along the way, but found nothing. Then he saw the bunker land in the water. Realizing that THEY would know where they were, he hid in the shadows and watched.

“Okay,” said Galloway. “Female me, Weiila, and Chris will go with Kari. Val and I will go with T.K.” The two then split up.

(to be continued)


gives Galloway a bottle of asprin

Man, I’ve been out of it lately. Damn you, school! FROM HELL’S HEART, I STAB AT THEE!

F. Galloway, Chris, Weiila and Kari finally reached Kari’s apartment. Kari struggled with the door knob for a bit, but due to her zombie-like state, she couldn’t open the door. Finally, F. Galloway knocked once, causing the entire door to collapse. She shrugged, then led the way inside.

“Mom, dad,” said Kari, her voice the very definition of deadpan, “I’m home.” However, there was no answer. She was about to call out for Tai, but she remembered that Galloway had left him somewhere, so she just went into her room.

“Gatomon!” she shouted. F. Galloway suddenly remembered the cat-thing from Naar’s castle…and fainted.

“Mom!” shouted T.K. after Galloway had accidently broken the door down. “I’m home!” Like Kari’s apartment, there was no answer; only an eerie silence. He was about to call out to Matt, but then remembered that Galloway had left him somewhere, and they didn’t live together anyway.

Finally, he just went to his room and called out, “Patomon!” Galloway remembered the gerbil-like thing from Naar’s castle…and fainted.

“Hmm,” said Darkmare, having surveyed both groups, “they’re faster than I thought. And Galloway’s feminine alter-ego is just as stupid as he is. Interesting…” He then crouched in the shadows.

(to be continued)

“Okay,” said Galloway, after getting back up, “we have your little friend. Now what?”

“We find that guy,” said T.K. “With his help, I’m sure we can do this.” Patomon nodded his head in agreement.

“Fine, fine,” said Galloway. “Just remember, it’s not my fault if he get slaughtered or infected or whatever Darkmare decides to do with him. Now let’s meet up with the others.” He walked out the door.

“Uh, T.K.?” asked Patomon. “Why are you so cold all of a sudden?” T.K. didn’t answer; he just walked off.

“Okay,” said F. Galloway, after getting back up, “we have your little friend. Now what?”

“We find that guy,” said Kari. “With her help, I’m sure we can do this.” Gatomon nodded her head in agreement.

“Fine, fine,” said F. Galloway. “Just remember, it’s not my fault if she gets slaughtered or infected or whatever that guy decides to do with her. Now let’s meet up with the others.” She walked out the door.

“Uh, Kari?” asked Gatomon. “Why are you so cold all of a sudden?” Kari didn’t answer; she just walked off.

“Okay,” said Galloway, after everyone else had arrived, “we have a monster to kill. He’s probably hiding somewhere in the city, so we have to split up and search for him…”

Just then, Darkmare stepped out of the bushes. Galloway looked at him in disbelief. “…or maybe we don’t have to look anywhere at all.”

“It is time we finished this!” said Darkmare. “Your friends cannot help you now; they’re too…shall we say, ‘sick’?”

“Whatever,” said Galloway. “Let’s get this over with.”

Darkmare looked at Galloway, then moved his attention to Patomon and Gatomon. “What’s this?” he said. “What kind of creatures are those? I’ve never seen anything like them before.”

“Oh, really?” asked Galloway, hatching a plan at last.

Lone Wolf finally finished mixing the leaf into a foul-smelling liquid. He took a tiny amount and used it on a piece of Darkmare’s tentacles. It disintegrated instantly. At last, he had found a way to destroy Darkmare!

(to be continued)

Oh boy, echo plot!

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Oh boy, echo plot!


I meant the way the same thing happened to you and your female self :slight_smile:

“What are you planning?” asked Darkmare. “I can tell you have a plan.”

“Just give us a second to whisper amongst ourselves,” said Galloway. “It’s in the villain’s codebook to give the heroes a chance to come up with a plan to destroy the bastard.”

Darkmare crossed his arms angrily. “Very well. You may spend your last few minutes carrousing with your friends.”

Galloway turned to T.K. and Kari. The three began whispering amongst each other, so quietly that not even the other good guys (save for Patamon and Gatomon) could hear them. Finally, they turned back to Darkmare.

“I won’t be fighting you right now,” said Galloway. “I have somebody else lined up.”

“Oh?” asked Darkmare. “And who would that be?”

Patamon and Gatomon jumped forward and dissapeared in two giant beams of light. When they dissapeared, they were transformed into two angels with wierd-looking, robotic helmets, one male, one female.

Galloway smiled. “They will.”

(to be continued)

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“Let’s see here,” mumbled Lone Wolf, as he poured some of the vaccine into a vial. When it was finally full, he mumbled, “I curse the being that allowed blenders to be invented. They don’t work worth a damn. I just hope Lenneth doesn’t see what I’ve done to her room.” He then teleported away.

“Hm,” said Darkmare, having recovered from his initial shock. “The two creatures grew five feet and grew wings. I’m really SOOO scared.”

“You just don’t get it, do you?” said the male angel.

“Good will always triumph over evil!” said the female angel.

“Oh, spare me your idealogical crap!” said Darkmare. “You cannot defeat me! I am a god!”

“Whatever,” said Galloway. “Tell you what. If you’re so confident, why not take all THREE of us at once?”

Darkmare thought about it for a second, then laughed. “I accept your challenge! But first…” He then shot out several tentacles, hitting Weiila and F. Galloway. They quickly collapsed, pale and cold. “Now that they are out of the way,” he said, “let’s begin!”|

Lone Wolf landed right on top of the apartment building. He then jumped down, only to get tangled up in a bunch of trees.

Galloway turned into his Kai Lord form, while the two angels flew upward. “Angemon, Angewoman,” said Galloway, “just delay him for a while. I have an idea.”

“Fine,” said Angemon.

“We’ll do our best,” said Angewomon.

“What the hell are you talking about?” shouted Darkmare. “What are you going to do, talk or fight?”

His answer came with an energy blast from Angemon and an energy arrow from Angewomon. The blast ripped a hole through his chest, while the arrow went straight through his head. He fell down briefly, only to get back up after thirty seconds. “I understand now,” he said. “You have a lot of power. Too bad it will never be a match for me!” He shot out a bunch of tentacles, which wrapped themsleves around the angel’s arms and legs. Galloway, however, flew around Darkmare and sliced the tentacles apart.

Just then, Lone Wolf fell out of the tree. He picked himself off the ground and dusted his tunic off. “Sorry I’m late,” he said. “I think I have a way to beat him.” Darkmare, who was still busy with the angels, didn’t hear a single word Lone Wolf was saying.

“You do?” asked Galloway. “To be quite honest, I was kinda winging it here.”

“I’ve created a highly concentrated version of the vaccine,” said Lone Wolf, as he handed Galloway the vial. “Use it on Darkmare.”

Galloway didn’t know how this would work, but didn’t argue. Darkmare shot out massive blasts of dark energy, hitting both angels head-on. They fell back to the ground, reverting to Patomon and Gatomon as they fell. He then turned to Galloway, who hid the vial in his cloak.

“And now,” said Darkmare, “you shall die.” Galloway ran forward, only to get grabbed by a tentacle when he was a foot away from Darkmare. The tentacle wrapped itself around his neck and pulled him straight off the ground.

“I don’t need to infect you,” he said, raising his mace. “I’ll be content to just crush your skull in!”

“And…I…will…be…happy,” gasped Galloway, “…to…watching…you…slowly…die!” He then pulled out the vial and slammed it straight into Darkmare’s face, shattering it.

The tentacle quickly withered and melted into nothing. Galloway gasped as he watched Darkmare scream and wither. His ragged clothes, his black mace, and his very rotten flesh began to melt away into a pile of goo. He let out a shrill, deafening scream, until he finally dissapeared into a big pile of slime, which evaporated into nothing.

Galloway let out a sigh of relief. Then he saw the giant ball of spectral energy hovering above him. “You have ruined everything! Now you shall die!” Galloway immediately sensed who it was: Xuzargha, the god that had created Darkmare and possessed its body. The ball of energy began to focus itself into a giant blast.

Galloway immediately reverted to his normal form, then powered up his Kaioken. This was a risky plan, but it had to work…

“You cannot stop me now!” shouted Xuzargha. “NOTHING CAN STOP ME!”

Galloway raised his hands and began to channel energy. All he needed was a little…


Galloway felt the energy from all over focus into his body.


Galloway felt that he had enough energy now. He transferred all that he had gathered into a ball of energy.

“PREPARE TO DIE!” shouted Xuzargha, finally unleashing a huge beam of black energy.

Galloway raised his hands and shouted, “SPIRIT BOMB!” He threw the blast straight at the beam.


The spirit bomb flew straight into the beam. It continued right on through, cleaving a path all the way to the other end. The beam was finally reduced to nothing. Finally, the Spirit Bomb hit its target: Xuzargha.

The spectral energy exploded in a massive display of thunder, lighning, fire, wind, and other cool special effects. Finally, everything quieted down, just as Galloway passed out.

(to be concluded)