The Movie Saga: The Lost General

“Gallo? Gallo! Are you all right, Gallo?”

Galloway woke up to find Weiila violently shaking the hell out of him. He was lying in his bed back at the bunker. Beads of sweat continued to pour down his body as what had just happened crept back up to him.

“We did it,” he said. “We killed Darkmare.”

“Yeah,” said Weiila. “Lone Wolf was even able to cure everyone. Oh, and those monstrosities known as Digimon are all right, too. Everything’s back to normal.”

Galloway smiled. “Or at least, back to how normal things get around here.”

“I can’t believe it,” said Lone Wolf, watching the whole thing from a basin in the Kai Monastery. “He not only killed Darkmare, but Xuzargha as well! He really is more than a mere mortal!”

“Of course,” said Kai. “Remember, he too is a Kai Lord. I remember watching a certain youth do impossible things centuries ago.” Lone Wolf smiled at the thought of that.

“Still, to destroy a god’s essence in one blast is remarkable,” said Lone Wolf. “We might have to keep our eye on this one.”

“I hope it doesn’t come to that,” said Kai, “but some day, we may have to.”

“Oh, and Galloway,” said Weiila, just as she was leaving the room, “T.K. and Kari called. If their brothers aren’t returned soon, there’s going to be bloodshed.”

Galloway eyes blew open, as a massive scream echoed throughout the city.


Finished? Wohooo! brings out the pompoms Excellent time to make Mox perform that cheerleader act I… HEY! GET BACK HERE GUYS!
Great job, Gallo. :mwahaha: