The Movie Saga: The Lost General

I checked up on my “Rules of Creating Stuff”, and learned that if something is popular, every effort must be made to squeeze every last drop you can possibly get out of it. And since the sagas seem to be moderately popular…it’s time for a movie.

Okay, first off, this won’t be an actual movie. That would take…you know…work. So, it would probably be like Get Wise: The Movie…only as a fanfic, not as a FARTS-style thing. That, too, would require the evil known as “work”. So basically, it’s a super-duper long chapter.

Here’s the specifics:
*It’s set between the Naar and Origins sagas, and after the King of Fanfiction (which is also set in the same timeframe).
*If you appeared in the beginning on the Origins saga, you’ll be in it. Otherwise, you won’t.
*Mox won’t be there. You can breathe now, Weiila.
*Sorry, any Digimon-haters out there, but this time, THEY’LL show up. Briefly, I promise, but they WILL be there.
*The new villain was originally going to be in Naar saga as a general, but was cut out. Hence the subtitle.
*Pizza is good. Go buy one now.
*The new plot revolves around the said general killing everyone, like always. There’s more, but I don’t want to give too much away.
*Hulk SMASH!
*I must stop typing before I suffer temporary brain damage oh no too late57q3weu9ghu9-yw4h90q3huwe0=w3qw338hd=8h3.

Buys a pizza Whew, No Mox.

sets up flags and pompoms Cheerleader act for Galloway, first lesson… you guys get back here right now and pick up the pink, fluffy things!

I might as well join you, Weiila, in the cheerleader act. appears wearing a green Stereotypical Cheerleader Uniform ™ carrying a set of blue pompoms I hate pink.

W00T! No Mox! buys a pizza and gets ready to torture Galloway if he brings Pooh

Originally posted by Weiila
sets up flags and pompoms Cheerleader act for Galloway, first lesson… you guys get back here right now and pick up the pink, fluffy things!


“Fighting and Sometimes Striving
Wondering what the Fanfic is
Excellence and What is Valor?
And Galloway will Hit Stuff with a Golf Club.”

Cheer song ends

I could be a good cherleader for the fanfic.

The Movie Saga: The Lost General
By d_Galloway

RPGC was quiet and peaceful, especially since Galloway and several others were currently MIA. Now they could go back to their usual craziness and insanity. This was the true joy of living.

Then something happened on the very edge of the land. The grass and plants began to die almost immediately. Then the people saw a brown spot begin to spread into the very heart of RPGC. Screams of pain erupted quickly, but soon, everything was quiet. The land was now dead.

“Weiila,” said Galloway, “hand me the garlic.”

Weiila quickly tossed a bulb of the foul-smelling stuff at Galloway. He quickly chopped it apart, then sprinkled it into the beaker. It exploded immediately, blackening Galloway’s face with ash.

“You know,” said Weiila, “maybe this just isn’t your thing. You should probably just get a professional.”

“No,” said Galloway, “that would require something called ‘money’. If you want to foot the bill, then go ahead.” Weiila, however, had already left the room by that point. Galloway grunted angrily, then followed her back into the main room of the bunker.

In the ruins of RPGC, a single person still stood; the others were dying on the ground. He wore a rotting brown robe, with a rotting green scarf completely covering his head, save for his yellow eyes. His nearly flesh-less hands held a large black mace. He scanned the battlefield, which was now black and brown, with no sun, no sky, nothing but death.

“They were not here,” he said. He slammed the mace into the ground, creating a massive rivine. “My master’s plan must be complete. I must gain the ultimate power for myself! The Kai Lord must die!” With that, he dissapeared.

(to be continued)

Hmmm… a short vacation, d. Glad to see it.

Hmmm… fleashless and a black mace… you know, it sounds like a main Darklord enemy from one of the LW books, but I can’t quite place my finger on it…

Graaagh we’re all gonna die!! panickes
Looks like a great start Galloway :slight_smile:

W00T! Good Start!


Galloway stepped outside and breathed in the air. A few days of non-stop potion making could make anyone sick. He sighed, then checked his watch. They should be here any second now.

Just then, T.K. and Kari arrived on the boat. They were their normal, cheerful selves, except for the slight lack of patience they were experiencing.

“Sorry, kids,” said Galloway, “but I nearly got blown up again. We’re not even close to a cure yet.”

“What?” asked T.K. “You said you’d be done by now! In fact, you vanished without a trace for days, then come back minus Matt and Tai! What’s going on?”

“Yeah!” said Kari. “I’m sorry, but we can’t wait anymore! Mom’s gone nuts over this!”

“Give me a little more time,” said Galloway. “At least three more days.”

“Well…” Kari began. However, Galloway’s eyes had darted behind her. Something was not right.

Suddenly, a tentacle shot out, striking Kari in the back. She fell to the ground, trembling with pain. Another shot out and hit T.K. while he was trying to help her. Galloway quickly sliced through them and pulled what was left out of the kids. The tentacles rotted and fell apart in his hands.

He turned, and saw another tentacle coming straight at him. He sliced through it easily then grabbed onto the remaining part of it and pulled. A voice screamed in pain.

A rotting, monstrous thing jumped onto the street across the way. A few nearby plants immediately rotted into pieces. The tentacle withdrew to the man and entered an opening in his hand, which quickly sealed. Galloway quickly flew over to him.

Chris opened the door to find out what the noise was about, and found T.K. and Kari lying there. He then saw Galloway and the monster. After taking the kids inside, he took everyone else to the boat except Weiila and F. Galloway, who stayed behind to keep tabs on the kids.

Galloway looked at the freakish thing in front of him. It took out a large black mace and held it in front of him. “I am called Darkmare,” said the man. “I served the god Naar, who you mercilessly destroyed. Now, you shall suffer the same fate.” Galloway powered up to SSJ and watched his opponent carefully.

Just then, Val and Chris docked the boat and joined the battlefield. Darkmare regarded this turn of events with surprise; he had obviously expected Galloway to be alone. However, he quickly got over it and slammed down the mace. The three barely had enough time to dodge the attack. When the dust cleared, a massive crater was all that was left of that area.

“Damnit!” said Val. “This guy’s like a God!”

“A God?” said Darkmare, amused at Val’s comment. “I guess I could be considered one, follower of Odin.” He then shot out two tentacle. They connected with Val and Chris’s chests before Galloway could warn them, or they could dodge.

The tentacles went back into Darkmare’s hand. He then turned back to Galloway. “Face it,” he said, “you are no match for me. Unlike your world, this one will be slow to infect, but mark my words, it shall be destroyed. And now, I leave you to suffer.” He then dissapeared.

Galloway grabbed Val and Chris and carried them back to the boat. Strangely, their bodies felt somewhat…cold…

(to be continued)

I have a feeling the battles with that guy are gonna STINK! (practically that is, not artfully).

Heh… how many evil entities want you dead anyway?

Originally posted by PC Glenton
Heh… how many evil entities want you dead anyway?

adds the numbers up About eight hundred million, ninehundred seventy-two thousand, sixhundred twenty-three.


(Too uncreative and tired to say anything else.)

Originally posted by d Galloway
adds the numbers up About eight hundred million, ninehundred seventy-two thousand, sixhundred twenty-three.

Amazing… I think that is the same amount of people that want to kill Val.

Originally posted by d Galloway
adds the numbers up About eight hundred million, ninehundred seventy-two thousand, sixhundred twenty-three.

Looks hopeful Does that mean you’ll have that many Sagas?

twitches What joy…

Darkmare made his way to another section of the city. From the usual villain outpost on a rooftop, he watched the people below come and go along the streets.

“Look at them,” he said. “Mortals never fail to amaze me. Their lives are one pathetic, mechanical task after another. I suppose I should end their misery.” A tentacle shot out of his hand, and imbedded itself in the middle of a street.

People began to scream and run around at the site of this, but the worst had not yet begun. A black aura soon began to glow around the tentacle, as the nearby plants died. Soon people began to collapse in the streets, coughing, wheezing, gasping for air.

After a few minutes, he withdrew his tentacle. His work was done for now. All he had to do now was watch the mortals scream and dance around like idiots.


Galloway, however, was too busy watching TV to pay attention to his female self at the moment. He had to rest up before going after Darkmare again. That, and he needed to eat.

“This is really wierd,” said Weiila, after finishing her examination of the four injured bodies. “It isn’t the actual battle wound that’s causing the problem; there’s some kind of virus in there. And whatever it is, my magic doesn’t work on it.”

“What I want to know,” said Galloway, “is what kind of thing Darkmare was. He had a divine aura, but it was weak. He seemed to be more of a demon that an actual god.”

Just then, the TV flashed an “Important News Bullitan.” It said:

“A bizarre situation occured in the middle of downtown today. Paramedics say that people were quite literally dying in the streets; from what is unknown at this time. Making this even stranger is the fact that every single plant in the area, even the weeds, was found wilted and mouldy. The area has been sealed off until whatever caused this disaster can be located.”

“Oh shit,” said Galloway. “You don’t think…”

“That guy must have caused it,” said Weiila. “There’s no doubt about it.”

The TV then said, “We now return you to ‘Super Seizure Robot Hour’.” A robot appeared, accompanied by a never-ending series of flashing light. Soon Galloway, F. Galloway, and Val were squirming around on the floor, in the middle of seizures.

(to be continued)