The Movie Saga: The Lost General

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Looks hopeful Does that mean you’ll have that many Sagas?

I bet he will. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know, I know, Galloway. I’m poking TD…

After squirming around for a while, Galloway got back up and entered the bridge. He entered the quadrants for the Heaven World, then set right off to see Kai.

The Bunker landed in the Heaven Interdimensional Spaceport. After paying the meter, he left for the Kai Monastery. Strangely, everything around him seemed to be very…quiet. The fact that the doors and windows seemed to be locked and barricaded further added to his suspicions that something was wrong. Even the Pizza Parlor, the most care-free place in the universe, was locked and deadbolted.

Finally, he reached the monastery…only to see it guarded by the Valkyries. Galloway snuck in through a small side entrance and found that all the doors inside were locked, as well. However, the entrance to the Lore-Hall of Solaris was still open, although two Valkyries were guarding it. Galloway, however, distracted them with a nickel, then slipped inside.

Lone Wolf was inside, pacing around madly. When he saw Galloway, his eyes lit up. “It’s nice to see you, Galloway,” he said. “Things are in a state of panic around here, as you can see.”

“Okay,” said Galloway, “what the hell’s going on?”

“Long ago,” began Lone Wolf, "after his defeat, Naar was sealed within the Plane of Darkness. However, he had one chief minion left, who took advantage of the weakened Gods in a bid to rule the heavens. He was Xuzargha, a God of Pestilence.

"He laid waste to many of Heaven’s armies, and was soon in a position to gain complete control. However, Kai faced him directly, and destroyed him. He then sealed his essence in the Void, so that he would never be reborn. Soon, the heavens began to return to normal.

"However, Xuzargha had created a nameless monster to help spread his wrath just before he was sealed. This monstrosity made his way across the many worlds, laying waste to entire civilizations within seconds. His whole body is composed of one disease, which reduces its victims to little more than living corpses.

“He was eventually defeated by the combined armies of Kai, Odin and Zeus, but there was no way to fully destroy him. Therefore, he was sealed within the Void. Tragically, that was the fatal mistake; recently, he has merged with his father’s essence, and thus gained enough power to escape from the Void. He destroyed many worlds in the blink of an eye, including yours.”

“Let me guess,” said Galloway. “That guy was the one that attacked me a few hours ago.”

“Yes,” said Lone Wolf. “The monster had no mind, no conciousness. He was simply breed to destroy. That body is now being controlled by Xuzargha. They have even created a name for their new being: Darkmare. However, Xuzargha hasn’t forgotten how he was defeated by Kai, and seeks revenge against both him and his last few followers…including you.”

“Okay,” said Galloway, “that answers some questions. But where are the other gods, and why is everything closed up?”

“The Gods have left for now,” said Lone Wolf. “We have since found a way to help treat Darkmare’s disease. It cannot cure its victims completely, though; it can only bring them back to a sort of conciousness. In other words, they are living zombies, only minus the ‘eating brains’ part. They went to make sure it is distributed along the worlds, leaving only myself and the Valkyries.”

“Say,” said Galloway, “do you have any of that stuff lying around? I have a few infected people on the bunker.”

(to be continued)

In other words: Here we go again. :wink:
Looking good as always, Galloway.

If its so popular, how come I never heard of it?

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If its so popular, how come I never heard of it?

I will respond with one simple word:


After infecting half the city, Darkmare continued to the next part of town. He had so little time, and so many people to infect. However, he still had to deal with Galloway…before he could find a way to stop him.

Galloway and Lone Wolf reached the bunker, which was now ticketed for about $6000 dollars. Grumbling, Galloway tore the ticket off, only to be ticketed again for another $3000. Finally, the two just boarded the damn bunker.

Darkmare checked the location of the bunker, only to find it missing. He sensed the temporal distortions in the air, and quickly realized that they had left for the heaven world. Cursing, he teleported after them.

Lone Wolf pulled out a strange green herb. After carefully grinding it into a fine powder, he melted it into boiled water and fed it to the four people through IV Tubes. All they had to do now was wait…

(to be continued)

I take it the update gave you a kick, eh? :slight_smile:

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I take it the update gave you a kick, eh? :slight_smile:

Yeah, a kick in the ass! rubs rump

Wasn’t me!

Darkmare landed in the middle of a group of Valkyries. He quickly infected them, then continued on his hunt for Galloway. He had to destroy him. He had to win.

“How long is this gonna take?” asked Galloway. “We have a freakish monster on our tails, and we’re just sitting here?”

“Shut up, Galloway,” said Weiila. “We can wait. He can’t get to the Heaven World, right?” A tentacle that passed by her quickly wiped out that idea. Darkmare stalked towards them, his black mace raised.

“Hold it!” shouted Galloway. “You want me, you got me! Let’s just get away from here, all right?”

Darkmare laughed under his rotting face. “Very well,” he said. “We shall find a quieter place. Follow me.” With that, he teleported away. Galloway sensed where he was and teleported there, as well, but not before Lone Wolf sneaked something into his belt.

They were now in a deserted wasteland. Darkmare looked at Galloway. “Is this place more to your liking?” he asked.

“Yes,” said Galloway. “Now, let’s get it on!” He then began to power down.

“What the hell are you doing?” asked Darkmare. “You’re actually weakening yourself! Do you want to die THAT much?”

“No,” said Galloway. “I just want to show you something interesting.” Darkmare began to laugh…until he sensed an immediate rise in Galloway’s power.

Galloway’s aura was now divine. His armor had changed to Kagonite. A Silver Bow was slung over his shoulder, with several arrows in a quiver on his belt. He was, once again, a Kai Lord.

“H-how?” stuttered Darkmare. “How’d you gain this equipment?”

Galloway smiled. “When I power down enough, I enter my Kai Lord form. I permanantly binded this equipment to my body, so that it appears whenever I change forms. And my aura becomes that of the God, Kai.” He then felt something poking him from behind. He pulled out the Skarn-Skae from his belt.

“And this,” he said, “must be another little gift from Lone Wolf. Now, shall we begin?”

Darkmare regained his composure (or as much as he had to begin with) and raised his mace. “Die, Kai Lord!”

(to be continued)

It’s “bound”, not “binded”.

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It’s “bound”, not “binded”.

So, the only time Val posts here is to correct my spelling errors. I am now very hurt. Excuse me. goes off to sulk

Maria: Ah, poor daddy…

d, don’t consider this a favor…

Consider it me looking for an excuse to kill Val.

sneaks up behind the Valkyrie, garrote wire in hand.

Is it just me who thinks that it sounds like Gallo was hitting on Darkmare in the start there? runs

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Is it just me who thinks that it sounds like Gallo was hitting on Darkmare in the start there? runs

No, it’s not just you.

I’d be creeped out, only I’m completely blind and can’t see it. takes glasses off See? I can’t even see my hand! …well, I can, it’s just really blurry…

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Is it just me who thinks that it sounds like Gallo was hitting on Darkmare in the start there? runs

It’s just your imagination. Oh, and so there isn’t any difficulty here…


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[b]It’s just your imagination. Oh, and so there isn’t any difficulty here…

I’M NOT GAY! [/b]

Sure it’s our imagination…

Galloway ducked under Darkmare’s first swing, then stabbed forward. Darkmare dodged, then shot a tentacle at Galloway, who quickly sliced it apart. Darkmare then leaped into the air and let loose an entire barrage of tentacles, blanketing the area around Galloway with dust.

When it cleared, Galloway wasn’t there. Darkmare looked around frantically, until an arrow shot through his shoulder. He turned, and saw Galloway hastily put away his Silver Bow and draw the Skarn-Skae yet again.

Darkmare flew back and fired a massive blast of dark energy, which Galloway batted away easily. He then fired a Kai Ray, which Darkmare dodged. Darkmare then charged forward, his mace raised to crush Galloway’s skull in. Galloway quickly used an Invisible Fist, which knocked Darkmare back and away. He then followed it with a Lightning Hand, but Darkmare rolled away just in time.

“You’re good,” said Darkmare, “but it takes more than a few tricks to get rid of me!” Suddenly, several tentacles bursted out of the ground and wrapped themselves around Galloway’s legs. He tried frantically to cut them off, but it was no use; there were too many of them.

“Now,” continued Darkmare, as he slowly prepared a tentacle, “let me see how a Kai Lord would react to this!” Galloway squirmed frantically, until something fell out of his belt. It was one of the leaves from the herb Lone Wolf had used.

When it touched one of the tentacles, it withered and died. Galloway quickly grabbed it and used it to kill the other tentacles off. Darkmare watched in horror as Galloway walked towards him.

He withdrew his tentacle. “Luck is with you, today, Kai Lord. But next time, I swear I shall destroy you!” He then teleported away before Galloway could react.

Instead, he looked at the leaf. Could the herb hold the secret to defeating Darkmare?

(to be continued)