The most important study of our times

It was in the Washington Post, but links to the article don’t seem to be displaying for me, I have a copy of the article but it’s secondhand so I don’t know if it’s the entire thing.

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Sorry i got off topic- to get back to it- Do you guys consider G/S a method or an esoteric fetish? and if you have to ask what G/S is you will never know.

No, we’re talking anal.

Thank you ClothHat.

What the study is saying (and I’m basing my opinion on the article, foolish though that is) makes sense; making a public pledge to refrain from sex until marriage is putting the lid on a hormonal pressure cooker.

Now, they don’t tell you the overall rate of anal sex or the rate of oral amongst virgins, but apparently teens on the whole are less stuffy about what they put in their mouths than what they let in their asses. Considering obesity rates amongst children, I’m unsurprised. However…

Overall, pledgers were six times more likely to have oral sex than teens who have remained <b>abstinent but not as part of a pledge.</b>

So what they’re saying is that people who avow abstinence on their own and of their own free will are more likely to keep that promise, whilst those who pledge are more likely to break it. Seems like evidence of peer pressure to me.

I do remember seeing one study where the abstinence pledges are broken by about 85% of those who take them, which is totally unsurprising. Also, I think the oral/anal part comes from simple repression. Repress certain urges long enough and when it finally breaks, they’re totally crazy. I don’t know for certain about the overall majority, but I have been involved with 2 girls who had a “Good Christian Upbringing” and they were the most sexually crazy girls I’ve ever known.

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Hey Eva, this thread is just like our PMs, only less explicit. Isn’t that awesome?

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Keep yer mate happy. That’s all that really matters. Like Eva said, dont do anything you wouldnt want the other to do. The sad thing about teens having sex, is that on a certin level, they dont know or understand what they are doing.

Open your eyes shlomo, Eva has a new guy, and his name is BlueMageOne

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Here is my input on this topic.

I knew people who took vows of celibacy in school, only to break them weeks, or in some cases days later. And no matter how “virgin” a girl claims to be, there’s only one way to find the truth. I, myself have not engaged in a relationship for a while, but that is because I am no good at them. My demeanor is a bit callous at times, and that kills any chance of a serious relationship for me. I rarely if ever show emotion. I don’t use words to express my gratitude. I just kinda nod my head.

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I was going to mention the Christian-girls-gone-wild thing in my very first response but I thought that it was irrelevant. However, I agree.

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