The most important study of our times

…has revealed that teenage girls who take vows of abstinence until marriage are SIX times more likely to perform oral sex and FOUR times more likely to take it up the ass than girls who do not.

So uh, any Christian girls here?

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Take your pick.

Far left, tall chicks are hot.

No they’re WEIRD


am I rite???

ur rite boi lol!!!

I refuse to believe…

Who takes vows of abstinence in Holland anyway? I’m willing to bet a much smaller portion of the population. It was a big “trend” like 5 or 10 years ago to take vows of abstinence prior to marriage. It seemed to be working too…at least in terms of pregnancies, but not in terms of STD transmission or generally sexual activity of any kind.

What are your sources?

Suddenly I’m sorry I left all the people I knew from the Catholic Church.

point taken.

YOUR MOM!!! Sorry, had to be done.

Now to go find me some sexually abstinent girls. :smiley:

ignore, oops

Yeah, because a lot of them are all like “I gotta do whatever he wants me to otherwise we’ll divorce and I’ll be miserable”. They are more likely to become sex slaves, and sex slaves are more likely to perform oral and anal.

I was a year ago…

and I have no comments about my sex life, so you’ll never know if the statistic is true.

Except these abstinence pledges are for those people that feel sex is something sacred meant only for those married. So, no, there’s no divorce involved. Maybe fears of breaking up, but that’s nowhere near the extreme of divorce.

In reality, most of these people are just following the word of the law rather than the spirit. Nice to know we’re gonna have this many contract lawyers growing up. >.>

My husband thinks i am a video game nut, not a sex slave.I can think of 5 things i like right now better than sex- 1. Playing FF5 2. Playing DQ5 3. Playing Lufia 2 4. playing Secret of Mana 5. Watching a video tape of the Yankees getting their asses kicked for 4 straight games by the Red Sox in the playoffs last year.or can Randy Johnson really bring home the bacon for Steinbrenner this year???or will it turn out to be just another stale hot dog!
And i have a great idea of how to subsidize the poorer teams- Have Jason Giambi donate his tip he usually gives his drug supplier of steroid injections.That should keep a lot of teams in the black for years to come!

Ever had sex?

I swear to god, when Sorcerer asked Dragonquester if she was single, she said that she was single, and now she says she has a husband. She was even coming onto sorc that time he asked, kinda.

Too bad they dont understand that having oral and/or anal sex isnt abstinance at all.

Technically, you still are a virgin. Just in a more literal sense.
Basically, you’re still a whore if you fuck and suck everyone without actually having ‘sexual intercourse’ :stuck_out_tongue: