The most important study of our times

That’s a complete waste of time, and it’s silly how some people try to make it sound so important. Chastity vows are nothing compared to lack of interest.

Lack of interest shows a pretty bad hormonal imbalance (I’m guessing that’s it, at least). Everyone is interested in it.
Some people just choose to try to ignore it.

Well, some people are asexual, but they tend to focus their energies elsewhere (IE- they’d be a workaholic).

I’m not. Sorry, Zeppo.

Having an interest in sex or wanting to do those things doesn’t make you a bad person, as long as you’re…responsible! Like Steve said, lack of interest in sex, usually coupled with a lack of interest in intimacy, period, is unhealthy…and not very common.

We all have urges, but anal sex should not be one of them. Can I get an EWW. shudder and cringe

And dude, if Lufia 2 makes you more happy than your husband’s swollen member, that’s like, f’ed up, man. Or maybe that’s the teenager in me, talking. I mean, I love Lufia 2, but not that much.

edit: or maybe middle age just does that to you, eeeeek. :eek: I never thought of it like that.

A hormonal imbalance might also affect physical development, right? Therefore, that doesn’t seem necessarily true.

Anal sex has been practiced since humans figured out that it could fit in there. I don’t really see anything wrong with it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well that’s a pretty week arguement I guess. BUT STILL!

Strangely enough, some people like taking it in there.

Which is why I’m not sure if that’s what causes it, but it’s not very good to have no interest in procreation.

When properly cleansed and with the correct precautions, anal sex is quite safe, and not really all that disgusting. Just remember guys: women are more likely to trust you in anal sex if you let them play with yours. Don’t do anything to someone that you wouldn’t allow being done to you, that’s kinda assholish (no pun intended).

To meeeee it is. It’s just a violation of my womanly rights. If it don’t fit, don’t force it!

And man bum is disgusting anyway. On a serious note, i don’t understand older ladies saying stuff like “Check out his tight booty” or something like that. I wouldn’t catch myself looking at a guy’s ass. Nor is “playing” with them very appealing :S

But I suppose, whatever floats my boat, as well as yours, people!

edit: To be politically correct or something to that effect, i am in no way saying that anal sex is horrid, a violation of one’s rights, and un-natural >> I’m just being cheeky.

How so? Such interest can have harmful consequences, and with so many people breeding like rabbits in this day and age… Of course some would argue that this could be a mechanism to prevent the transmission of certain defects, but we’re not discussing eugenics here. Is this lack of interest so wrong, does it sound that bad? When I read about all the people with risky behaviors out there, many of them teenagers, I can’t help wonder.

That’s really what it’s all about, man.

Steve: Asexuality isn’t unhealthy as much as it’s abnormal. I almost wish that there would be more asexual people, actually, so that the population would decrease to a more comfortable level.

such interest can easily be curbed and acted out responsibly with all the means available today, to protect from STI’s and pregnancy. And any other evil things that happen when you pork someone. True, that some people can be a little sex crazed, you have to admit that if they protect themselves and their partners, it’s really not of any harm or consequence to the rest of us, even if we frown upon their lustful behaviour. The fact that sex is perfectly healthy and normal, is what generates Steve’s “it’s a bit weird to not have the urge” statements. I mean, take a look at married couples. Many relationships fail because of lack of intimacy, whether that be sex, kissing, touching, eye contact, communication, etc. Now, we’re just talking about sex here, and sometimes, it is a big deal for couples. It’s a closeness and confidence issue (among many other things) and when you take away that aspect of a married couple’s life, you get problems. Now I’m totally ranting here, and only looking at one piece of the puzzle, but I hope that you get what I mean, which is, sex is normal for human beings to enjoy. It’s odd when one doesn’t show any interest at ALL, if there is no substitue in one’s life to keep their mind occupied with other things. Many of those risky teenagers are young adults experiencing their blossoming sexuality for the first time- and for most, it’s an innate, purely individual feeling, that they may not be able to understand and control.

Tell that to China!

Yeah, the Chinese took too damn long to understand…

As for the rest, I have to admit that it gets tiresome to always hear the same argumens. Natural? So what? The definitions of natural and normal can change. Lack of interest doesn’t seem that weird to me.

Yea, ok. If some hot girl came up to you and asked you to put it in her, would you really go through this song-and-dance you’re giving us about you being so pious that you don’t want sex?

I don’t think so.

sighs I guess I didn’t make myself clear. This isn’t about being pious, it’s about not caring about it at all.

Yeah I…

Wait, what?