The Greatest Jedi Revisted (The 984 eat your heart out ;)

This is still a valid question that needs answering…

EDIT : I changed my mind… I forgot about Ki-Adi-Mundi , he is my favourite for sure.

I must admit I don’t know most of the Jedis listed here. I’m familiar mostly with the movies and cartoons. (Oh, and 984. He ALWAYS inserts himself in all polls with a zillion fake votes. Must be a psychological need. :hahaha;)

Anyway, I have to admit I found most of them a bit arrogant. The only one I really liked was Qui Gon. His only error was training the future Vader, but you have to admit, the Jedi Council sounded like a bunch of old, superstitious fuddies. I’d given them the finger too.

I agree… oh! I also agree about the Jedi heh.

I own alot of comics about Ki-Adi-Mundi so thats mainly why I picked him. Second would be Qui Gon.

Um, you REALLY need to learn to stop being so judgmental and act like a “friendly” teacher. It gets rather aggravating. All I did was humor the request of one Miss VickiMints. It’s merely a running joke to add The 984 to polls. I mean, you’re a good poster and all, but you really need to get that stick out of your ass and stop judging people.

Do you know what I’m talking aboot, eh?

  1. Saba Sebatyne
  2. Old Obi-Wan
  3. Liam Neeson

Spoiler means Mature Content: (for The 984’s eyes only…hehehe)

What if I stick my dick in your ass? lol:hahaha;

Weigraf: let’s not that go that far over this, OK? It just causes trouble.

And 984? I’m neither a teacher nor do I judge people. I was simply explaining facts to Weigraf in a humorous way. If you find me aggravating, well too bad, to be honest YOU are pretty aggravating yourself. But I have nothing personal against you. I guess we just have different senses of humor. Maybe we should just avoid each other.

Kyp Durron. Come on, who else could survive a skiff chase involving spiky energy spiders through the pitch black spice mines of Kessel? AND THEN THE FUCKING MAW! NOT TO MENTION HOW MANY SOLAR SYSTEMS HE DESTROYED!

Meh I guess you’re right… I have a slight case of bi polar I’m sure.:hyperven:

In any case I am justifiably upset over my poll(s) being changed…Again I have to say … meh…

Still I should edit my post for Mature content…

EDIT : I don’t intend to start any fights… it just sounded funny when I said it…

Anakin Skywalker.

In the course of his life, he managed to end the cycle of teacher and student that created the leaders of the Dark Side. He may not have meant it that way the entire time (I do remember a rather evil period) but he did it.


BTW Kasey, yeah, he fucking destroyed the Jedi That’s not what a great Jedi would do. A great Jedi would not Destroy thousands of kids and women and old people. Good call.

You can totally be an Assburger on Hindenburg.

I read somewhere that Anakin DID fulfill the prophecy: he did bring balance to The Force… by destroying the agents of the Light Side! (If there’s just one side, it’s balanced by definition.) The Jedis just interpreted the prophecy wrong. ::doh:: (Not sure if that’s official though.)

984 didn’t edit those votes in. He’s just that popular around these parts. For example, I voted for him. And I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let someone like you tell me that my vote doesn’t count because you’ve got some flimsy case of voter fraud. Sir, you disgust me, and you sum up everything that’s wrong with America today.

How can you be sure? Were you even in America today?:noway:

But how many solar systems did he destroy?

On an unrelated note, I had no idea Kyle Kartarn was a jedi. I went through 4 levels of Dark Forces thinking he was just some random badass.

Its not about the damage he did. Its about the end of the cycle of master and student that allowed the darkest of dark side secrets to be continued throughout the generations.

But according to the SW novels- the Jedi order was restarted by Luke afterward. (And Luke married- the Emperor’s top female assassin? O_o ) I think, I haven’t really read them.

Was she the one that lost her powers, or the other one? Mara Jade was it? If so isn’t Mara just some gang leader, its been so long.

If a thing (eg, the force) has two sides and only one side exists, clearly the force is not in balance.

Also he didn’t kill all the jedi, so either way FAIL.