Star Wars + Philosophy

With a statement presented by our own Mr. Martinez:

What are your takes on prophecy and predestination (in or out of the Star Wars Universe)? If Wilf’s statement is true, did Anakin choose to betray the Jedi or was it unevoidable destiny for him to do so?

Sorry, but this kinda deserves a slow clap.

Here’s another revelation: George Lucas is a terrible director

Lucas used to be pretty good. It was his handling of the prequels that really sucked. Anakin’s descent into the Dark Side just wasn’t convincing. He may have been too confident that they would sell just on the SW mythos’ strength.

Personally, I do not believe in predestination. I’ve neither seen convincing evidence for it nor do I think it would be fair for mankind- if we have set destinies then we have no true free will. I’d rather live in an unpredictable reality than an inescapable one.

The prophecy was that the chosen one would bring balance to the force. With the Jedi in power, the balance was in their favor. By joining the dark side and slaughtering the Jedi, he brought the balance into the power of the two existing Sith. By killing the Emperor and dying himself he brought balance - neither existing. While one can assume the Jedi interpreted the prophecy incorrectly, one could also assume that they were just as aware of their obliviousness as anyone else. The dark side clouds all, and the dark side would defintely be clouding this. All the same, in the years of the prophecys existence (which, I’m unaware of who or when this prophecy was conjured), given Yoda’s attitude throughout, that even if the prophecy was misinterpreted by them, there was certainly more to it than what appeared. And if it was going to happen, then it will happen, most certainly a Jedi approach if I’ve ever heard one. Another Jedi thought is that there is always a choice, and yes, Anakin saw what Palpatine truley was and chose him over Windu anyway.

The philosophical meaning strikes me as somewhere between evil must exist for good to be relevent, and that one can’t exist without the other. Why this is just occuring to anybody is beyond me.

Or maybe he brought balance to the force with that killing the Emperor thing he did.

Rats… sorc beat me to it :frowning:

It also helps if you consider the Jedi to be corrupt before Annie hits ye olde reset button. Too bad that if that really was the case then Lucas really fucked up in getting that across.

Also rewatching the first two new trilogy movies was an exercise in torture. Jar Jar in I with a side helping of creepyness at the fact that Panda Bear’s actress was nearly twice as old as Annie’s actor, and Annie in two with a side helping of bad green screen acting all around. Thank god we accidentally brought the bonus disk of III instead of the movie proper on that damn trip, otherwise the trifecta would’ve been complete.

Yoda is one of the most harmful forces in the Star Wars universe, possibly even harmful enough to be considered evil. Maybe I’ll elucidate later.

Does it have anything to do with spelling?

Here is some food for thought…Why is it that the Jedi get different colored lightsabers, while the Sith are stuck with that ugly red.

According to Star Wars lore it’s because of the type of crystal used in the lightsaber.

When making the films, the original colours were red for Sith and blue for Jedi, but when Luke Skywalker made his own in Return of the Jedi they found the blue blade was difficult to distinguish against the blue sky, so they made it green

And then just to screw with everyone they went and made Windu’s LS purple.

I thought it was cool. In the Jedi Search trilogy somebody gets a really long rainbow one.

I understand Samuel Jackson specifically asked for his lightsaber to be different. Could be a rumor though.

Besides, the movies were color coded already, all the way back to the first: notice how the blasts from the good guys’ weapons and ships were different from the bad guys’ for no apparent reason?

He did so he could stand out in the action scenes. Though I am gathering my info from the internet, so take it as you may.

I think by balance, George Lucas meant peace. The dark side causes chaos so Anakin brought balance by destroying the Sith Lord.

On the predestination topic, I believe people have choice. Everyone chooses what they do. I don’t think “destiny” steps in and makes someone do something they don’t want to do. And even if you argue that you were always going to choose what you chose, that doesn’t mean you didn’t choose your path.
Granted people like slaves have very little choice, but they still have some choice and destiny isn’t forcing them to do anything–people are.

Here’s MY Star Wars philosophy:

People turning on lightsabers is your Star Wars philosophy?

darth vader bad. luke skywalker good. luke kills vader. good beats bad. luke kiss leia. leia luke’s sister. luke kiss sister. luke skywalker bad. good is bad. luke kills vader. bad beats bad. everyone is bad. all must die. allahu ackbar

It was inevitable destiny to do so. From what I remember, the theme of predestination is pretty strong in all the Star Wars movies. All those crazy coincidences and close-calls that dramatically alter the outcome. Plus, in the prequels its implied that Yoda knows what’s coming, but doesn’t try to stop it.

Out of the SW universe, I also believe in predestination. Every effect has a cause.

I actually went and [STRIKE]downloaded[/STRIKE] legally bought the prequels. The theme of predestination is there but Anakin is protrayed as an impetuous child throughout all of them. His lack of trust and acting out of spite makes it easier for Palpatine to sway him.

The movies don’t make it clear, but for the entire time Anakin was training, Palpatine has been building a strong friendship with Anakin that often overcomes his relationship with Obi-wan.

I believe Anakin did have a choice. He could have ignored Palpatine and taken Padme’s advice to raise his kids on Naboo.