Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Help Thread

For the poeple that are still confused about the Cancel part of the battle system, here’s a brief summary: Cancel is the Percent attribute that can power up one of your special skill for example, Fayt: when you have fayt with blade of fury programed on your x buttom you can do a cancel. fayt does two attacks and if you quickly activate blade of fury you will see a percent cancel on the screen. cancel increases the amount of damage that your character does when you go immedeatly from a regular attack to a combo, so far i’ve been able to power up by attacks from 175% to 300% which really powers up your attacks

how do you do all four songs from the dragon flute and what color matches with each song?

Thanks for the help on Cancel Bonuses.

By the way:

  • A Light button tap plays the Happy tune, and the Happy dragon is yellow with happy energy.

  • A Light button hold plays the Playful tune, and the Playful dragon is green.

  • A Hard button tap plays the Sad tune, and the Sad dragon is blue because he’s got the blues!

  • A Hard button hold plays the Angry tune, and the Angry dragon is red with anger!

That part really made me mad. Anyway

I got Albels sword, (The one in Airyglyph castle where he continues to say he hates himself) where are Fayt’s and Cliffs final weapons? Or are they the final weapons?

[SPOILER]It’s rather hard to classify a weapon as a “final” weapon, mainly because weapons simply do not get very strong on their own. You have to use Synthesis to add properties to your weapons and make them more powerful (each weapon has 8 properties it can take on).

However, the strongest unmodified are dropped by bosses in Sphere 211 or the Maze of Tribulations. The weapons on par with the one you have (the Crimson Scourge, I’m assuming) have to be made through Smithery.

I’ve never seen the scene in question though because I didn’t take Albel. What point of the game are you at?[/SPOILER]

I just placed the Sacred Orb on the alter so I can get to Luther’s relam.

[SPOILER]Then your best bet is to head BACK to Arkives and back to Flad’s (sp?) house to grab the Smithy Hammer. Enlist the services of Gusto the Blacksmith (he’s in the south part of Peterny and costs 60000 Fol), then Lias (Airyglyph Tavern for 28000 Fol), and Grats (in the abandoned workshop in Bequerel Mine for 13500 Fol).

Have them forge the Veinslay (it’s the best sword at this point, and the base cost should be about 1080), and the Mythril Gauntlets (should be about 1200). From there, well I’m assuming you know the Boots of Prowess trick.[/SPOILER]

Thanks. But the Boots of Prowess? Maybe I cant remember right now. But I’ll say no just to be safe.

[SPOILER]There’s an accessory called the Boots of Prowess that you can make using Crafting (the best person for Crafting is Chilico who hangs out in the Surferio Shop and costs 82,000 Fol to recruit.)

Now I’ll warn you now… this is VERY expensive.

The cost for crafting a Boots of Prowess is about 2480.What they do is raise Attack and Defense by 5% when equipped, but through using Specify Plan on them, you can build them up to Attack and Defense by 30%! This ability can be synthesised into your weapon, and you can only imagine how powerful you’ll be with a weapon that’s 30-200% more powerful than it should be.

Like I said though, this is VERY expensive, and I have no good ideas on how to make lots of money aside from fighting “Get Em! Twin Beasts” in the Ranking Battles at the Arena.[/SPOILER]


It’s me again a young but wise gamer

Hi! Everybody!!

Okay back to work. Where do you get does trading ex cards or whatever you call them that unlock characters for the Vs mode of the game. cause i really want to kick my friends ass with abel.

Well, if you’re looking for Albel’s card, it’s in Moonbase. I’d list the rest for you, but it’d take quite a while to type them up, so check out A I e x’s FAQ, type “VS” into the Find box, and you’ll find the list.

does this game have some form of soft reset? if so, how is it done? boss trophies are getting somewhat annoying.

Don’t think so… I think you’ll have to load the game over again.

you can easily access the load section from the menu at all times, its really easy, save before a boss and get the triple XP going and go for the beat him in under 1minute then save in a different slot, then go back and go for the no damage, once you’ve achieved both, just load the other one with or whichever one you faired better in

also i now have all the right base costs for creating things, for some reason both the a l e x and echange versions seem to be wrong (work in a bookstore and we got the guide in so i took a peak)

Ring of Erudition (increase XP earned in battle) Created by Balbados, Maria, Sophia, Peppita through Crafting. Base cost to aim for before modifiers is 640fol.
EM Bomb MP Created by everyone but sophia and peppita through engineering. Base Price before modifiers is 61 fol.

note “EM Bomb” and “EM Bomb MP” have the same base cost so you have the posibility of getting either

if you need any more base costs let me know, i think i’ve finally got that part sorted out allong with the modifiers :smiley:

Ok I’ve just got SO3 (UK) a day before it spose to…

Battle Trophies? how do you activevate the Counter?

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To start the Battle Trophy thing, just select “Initialize Battle Trophy Collection” during the battle simulator part at the beginning.

Poopie 5 hours down the drain. Still I think I’ve now got the hang of the battle engine so it might take under 5 to star rescuing the girls with Cliff and Fayt. Is there any thing in the mine that I need or like? (other that Fol and Exp and 4 bonuses active)

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One tip: Blazing Sword and Ice Blade are two of the most useful Battle Skills in the game.

Also, don’t worry about Item Creation until you reach Barr Mountain.

I hear that! Blazing Sword kills the first several bosses and most of the random enemies I’ve encountered in one or 2 hits (strong version)