Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Help Thread

Let’s just make this the official “I’m stuck” thread for SO3 shall we?

I’m having problems getting through the Kirlsa Training Facility. I’m on the 3rd floor and just got the key from the maiden in the kitchen. And now i look for a way upstairs and can’t find the fucking stairs O_o <Help me out!>

You have to go back to the first floor, then head northeast. There should be a forced battle that you’ll have to partake in, and then an elevator. The key opens it. When you get up there, don’t take the southern door; it’s one way!

I have a problem too: How do I do anything properly in battle? I really don’t understand the battle system at all, and the random encounters in the Kirlsa Mine are killing my guys within seconds.

I’m having problems with signing new employees to my item inventory. What steps should I take and i already expanded my workshop with all 8 special jobs. I’m little confused.

Okay, I just got the game (late birthday gift, whee!), and I’ve been playing for about an hour. Sohee, allow me to try and explain.

First of all, battle is a lot like SO2. Use the Control Stick to move, but you can press the Control Pad to “sidestep”, which is like a dodge move. Press X to attack with a “minor” attack, which is weaker, but faster and can be pulled off in rapid succession (and can be blocked if the enemy has a Fury rating of 100%, but you can block minor attacks in the same fashion). Press Circle for a slower, but more powerful and unblockable attack called a “major” attack. To use a “killer move”, you have to press the button DOWN further (the controller is pressure sensitive) that relates to the move (circle is one of your moves, and X is another).

As you fight, your Fury Meter goes down, and it recharges through dormancy. If it runs out, you become stunned and must relax. Also, Battle Skills (killer moves) require HP and fury, while magic consumes MP. If either MP or HP run out, you become incapacitated.

Defeating enemies quickly or effectively enough can result in “Bonus Battles” opening up, which means the next encounter will have a Bonus attached, such as Double FOL or Double EXP.

And… that’s all I understand now. I don’t quite get the Cancel thing just yet.

On an unrelated note, I’ve recognized about 4 or 5 of the in-game voices from Xenosaga. One of them sounds so much like Commander Cherenkov that I laughed when I heard it, and thought to myself: “There’s no point in having a weapon that can’t even get out of bed!”

Now I’m stuck in the mines where you have to get the copper ore for Aquaria’s runological weapon. The room I’m in has a door that slams shut when you get near. It then says “The gatekeeper cannot block what he cannot see.” WTF is that all about?

EDIT: OK i got past that part, now I’m in a room with 3 doors, the one you entered through and 2 others that close automatically when you get near. THere is a cirlular object in the middle of the room that turns all the lights on when you step on it so i think that it has some significance in this room.(Help me out!)

Ooh, ooh, problem. Well question.
When do I get to do crafting and stuff? Or rather, will I get it from a forced event, or rather will I have to look around for a place to do it?

(Please just answer that, if it’s forced just say so, if not then say how, but try to avoid any plot details)

Once you reach a town called Peterny (that’s one town after Arias, after the Kirlsa Mines and Training Facility), you can visit the Inventors Guild and begin. However, I found I wasn’t able to actually create items until I had a fourth team member.

Item creation is… complicated, really. You really should read up on it. I don’t even get it, myself. 8)

Whee, I must be close then.

Complicated huh? Hmm… the item creation was one of the things I was really looking forward to when I got the game, so I hope I can figure it out. Well, I’ll try it myself before I ask for help.

The item creation thing is a waste of money~ I spent several k zennies trying to create an item, and all I got was a Glued Book and Spicy Cake from the item creation thing. Both items have a rating of 1 for patenting them.

On the contrary, you can create some of the best things in the game through Inventing.

Also, patent the stuff you find along the way! I made quite a bit of money by patenting the Winking Sage Cider because it’s so addictive! 8P

Yea, I patent the Sage Cider too. I got a pretty high rating for patenting a poison amulet. Oh I was wondering, i bought a lot of items that are said to improve the cooking and writing skills for item creation, but I don’t see any improvements at all.

Are they consumables, or equippables? Or perhaps they’re special items? The improvement may be very small, or perhaps the “improvement” is simply the ability to create different item types.

By the way, I just got off the Diplo and I’m back at Kirsla Training Facility where you have to fight Biwig. What level were you on? I’m having a LOT of trouble with this dungeon.

Wow… I’m still at Surfio(sp?). I need t look for some kinda treasure with Roger. I’m gonna keep on leveling up my party first before I proceed on with the storyline.

I was like 31 when i fought Biwig(and struggled). I’m in 4D space now and stuck at Azazer. All the “human” enemies in 4D space use rapid fire rifles that do about 150 damage a hit now. I DO have the ability to go back to places I’ve been in the Eternal Sphere (Vanguard, Elicoor, Moonbase, Styx) to level, but I dont know what’s the best place to level up around 35 so I’ll be working on finding that out. Next I’m gonna try Moonbase.

How do I enter the first door in the Mosel Dunes ruins? Am I supposed to look for key items within the dessert first, or do I have to figure out what the 7 (or 8?) ancient texts are saying and follow its instructions? Right now I’m at the part where I have to find a certain treasure with Roger.

The Roger thing is more of a side quest and has little to do with the Mosel Ruins. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to find the treasure for the Roger quest because I’ve been in a mad rush to get to the end of the first disc. 8P

The first door? I think you have to stand in the center circle and watch the little presentation about how the “chess pieces” beat each other.

When you reach a room that’s locked and you see a “chess” piece, you’ll have to go over and select the proper chess piece to beat it. Remember:

  • Thief beats Symbologist
  • Symbologist beats Warrior
  • Warrior beats Thief

I see. So the treasure thing is only a side quest. Guess I’ll just skip it for now. I tried standing in the middle of the circle in the Mosel Ruins, but I didn’t trigger any cutscenes or whatever. Ah well I’ll just go to Aqious.

I don’t know how far all the people here are but

Of Nel, Roger and such in your party I only kept Albel. Is their anyway to get at least Nel back?