Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Help Thread

Yes, but to keep her on your team, you can’t keep Roger or Albel.


Thanks Dalton.

D’oh… someone gave away the main plot point to SO3 on the GameFAQs forum. Now I know what’s going to happen.

I won’t spoil it for you guys, but prepare for a really weird one. 8)

When do I get to recruit Albel? I’m at the part where I have to escort the Aquaria queen to the Mosel Ruins. Am I too late to add him, or am I not there yet?

Once you complete the Mosel Ruins, stay at the Inn in Peterny. A rather funny scene will play, and when the question comes up, answer “Not really”.

Later on in the game after you reach a town called Gemity, head back to Elicoor II (that’s the world with Aquaria and Airyglyph), and talk to Walter inside his mansion in Kirsla. He’ll tell you Albel is waiting for you in Urssa Lava Caves. Right away, head to the Lava Caves and battle him. If you win, he’ll join permantently. Do this as soon as you reach Gemity, or he will be tougher to defeat.

EDIT: If you take him, you won’t be able to recruit Nel or Roger. Not like you’re missing much; Albel is one of the best characters in the game.

Hmm… I don’t have Albel in my party yet… But there’ll be a cutscene with him if I stay at the Peterny Inn after I clear the Mosel Ruins…? Alrights! Thx thx!

I keep dying during the battle with Luther’s 2nd form. Whenever I get him anywhere near death, he uses Insanity Prelude, an area of effect attack that takes up the whole battlefield and brings my HP and MP to 0 (kinda odd since i have over 15k HP and about 1500 MP O_o).

I’m pretty sure you CAN dodge that attack, but you have to move everyone out of the way manually… or something. I haven’t got there yet; just beat Psuedo you-know-who.

Speaking of which, is there an easy way back to the world map? Making someone run through 5 dungeons to reach the last boss… that’s sadistic.

You have to walk back to town. Which kinda sucks cuz not only do I need more Fresh Sage, Basil and Amulets of Freedom(patented) I also need things from 4D space, which I know is not possible, since I can’t reach the Time Gate now.

I just beat him by keeping him busy with Air Raid, Flying Guillotine and Fists of Fury. The key is simply to never let him use his attacks.

Yeah my battles usually go real well…till he swings his spear and uses Insanity Prelude.

EDIT: In fact my last battle with Luther went so well, I broke my PS2 controller and hurt my finger.

ok so i’ve seen a couple guides on the net about item creation but they tell you you need a certain base cost and a rating, i’m trying to create MP bombs for 431 base cost using fayt, cliff and roger or fayt cliff and nel which should be enough skill i think, am i missing something? how am i supposed to beat arbel with items only if i cant make the item at this point in the game?

any help would be apreciated

ps i got all the way up to the 211 sphere and decided to restart the game to get all the small things i missed, now i cant remember where i got the accessory that takes off 50% killer attacks HP lol

Well, if you can’t create the item with team members alone, the best thing to do is to recruit someone who’s better with engineering. Also, did you get the item in Moonbase that boosts Engineering skill?

no, i’m not at that point in the game, i restarted and one of the battle trophies is to kill arbel with only items, this is just after getting the copper, so the only characters you can have at that point are fayt, cliff, nel, roger, and some specialists that are not into engineering. so there HAS to be a way to create the bombs for either HP or MP to kill him at this point in the game

Well, if you can’t create them, why not wait for them to be invented then just buy a whole bunch? I’m not all that great with inventing yet, see.

But the problem is, I’m probably the furthest into SO3 here, so I’m the most qualified to answer questions… even though I’m not all that great at the game.

well unfortunately none of the available inventors are in to engineering at this point, so what i can i say, its a moot point waiting for them to invent it if they arent there, maybe something will come up later in a reply, i’ll just leave a save point there or have to start again to get that one

I’m having problems at the Ruins of Barr where I have to play a certain flute melody unlock doors with a dragon’s expression. There are two doors that I couldn’t unlock because the dragon’s expression keeps changing. One of them keeps on switching from angry to playful, and when I play the angry melody just as the colour of the door turns red, a dragon showed up and attacked me. Is there a way to stop the doors to change expressions or do I have to tie the thing right and play the flute melody according to the expression that was shown.

Can people use the spoiler tags when they post spoilers so others don’t see them when scrolling through? >>

Ok, and I also have another silly question; the Other Items section on the menu. What’s with this section, since the items don’t seem useable, and only a few of them actually do something (like the AAA Textbooks). But items like 1/144 Bunny, Celestial Pixie, stuff like that, how do I get those to activate? (Also, is it worth it to hang onto the 1/144 Bunnies, or should I just sell them?)

Things like the bunnies and the homonculi are used for Synth. Basically, what you do is synthesize them with your weapon or armor, deleting the “other item” in the process. The beneficial factors from the Other Item are added to the weapon or armor.

The bunnies are okay, but I wouldn’t recommend keeping all of them because you probably don’t need them. There’s a certain Bunny that actually slows your team down, so sell that.

You have to do all the expressions without slipping up, or the thing resets. Notice that when you finish playing the flute and you get the song write, the dragon face that you played the song for is eliminated from the roulette.

A good way to get the ones that require you to hold the button is to hold the button until the expression you’re looking for appears on the door.