QFT. They ruined Kirby in Melee. Glad to see the puffball is back. Now the smash-B hammer is actually useful, and he’s not as lightweight anymore.

I’m just on the favored side of PT thus far. They’re good especially Squirtle but there’s something lacking in the incentive side of playing them. I completely agree with everything said about DeDeDe in the last few posts and to add to that ‘Wait! HE’S not a penguin?’. At least he saves well.

I’m really liking Mr. Game and Watch though. He seems to hang more air than he used to plus he’s got power to spare now.

Whoever wants to play some Smash Online I’m ready for action tonight, tommorow, probably all weekend nights.

Also, I’ve made a superb stage based on the Golden Sun series. To be able to receive it, you need both my Wii FC and my Brawl FC. I’ll try posting a picture of it later (Getting a SD card soon).

I’m also willing to host a tournament at the end of the month.

I’m down for wrecking some of you chumps. If anyone wants to play swing by the chat it’ll be way easier that way.

As booken sytated earlier in this thread, IGN has a site dedicated to custom stages for Brawl: There are many custom stages attempting to recreate some from the original Smash Bros on the N64.

The GS stage Booken is refering to is probably Venus Lighthouse.

All I get when I enter Friend Codes is “Awaiting Registration” on the ID’s I input. What the heck does that mean?

I did not know you needed both Wii and SSBB FCs to play on-line. That said, I would love to join your brawl as soon as I figure out how to work my Wii’s FCs.

Also on a hilarious note I completed the 41st Event Match with Jigglypuff. I figured there’s no better character to take on the combined might of Super Mario, Sonic, and Solid Snake than with the SSB joke character. Next time I’ll be with R.O.B. XP

Wait, you need both? Or am I just confusing everyone?

I think I got it now. Did folks add my FC already? Seems like both parties have to do so. That’s the only problem I can think of.

You only need the SSBB FC to play against someone. However, to send snapshots,replays or custom stages you will also need that person’s Wii FC as the data is sent to the Wii by Wiiconnect24.

Divide and conquer, man. It helps that even on hard, the CPU is really, really stupid. Just knock one of the two lighter jerks out and the gangrape gets a lot more manageable.

Also why is Olimar so damn fun? I’ve never even played a Pikmin game before, but I’m loving the little guy.

I used the Mars Lighthouse map in there for inspiration, but I changed the upper platform for a cartwheel. Called it Venus Lighthouse too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Writing a guide on Snake.

Hey… okay people, add me, my numbers are here.

Wii Friend Code: 8583 4514 8670 9365
Brawl Code: 5412 9661 7670

I wanna see that stage, Booken!

We should be putting our Smash Brawl code in the Wii sticky.

Originally Posted by StarStorm
[i]Hey… okay people, add me, my numbers are here.

Wii Friend Code: 8583 4514 8670 9365
Brawl Code: 5412 9661 7670

I wanna see that stage, Booken![/i]

Aren’t your Wii and SSBB FC#s already in the Wii FC# Sticky and this thread respectfully?

Besides I’ve already added you.

On that note some of you may have noticed that I’ve added my Wii FC# for stage trading (I’ve got two so far). And for the rest of you go and see for yourself.

Btw, Booken. I registered your SSBB FC# but I got an off-line status and the same thing happened again after I reregistered your FC#. Make sure you Wii’s on the Internet.

I’ll be lurking on the web for the next couple of hours (till bout 8 PM EST) if anyone’s looking.

If you see me as offline, thats because I’m offline. :booster:

Edit: Hold on, maybe I got your Brawl code wrong.
Edit2: Nope! :booster:

Edit3: Brought my Wii home (don’t ask).
Might be awhile till I get it back online. Not sure how good my DSL will be.
Also. Wario is fun.

Edit4: Back online.

Hosting 2v2 tonight (03/22/07) at 10-12 PM EST

My connection is alot better since I brought the Wii back home. I get Greens all around.

Edit: Out for the night. Team Battles later on.

I really like the fact a single map can have different songs for it. I find that so awesome.

I have a question regarding the multiplayer: can 2 people playing on 1 Wii meet other people online or does each person need their own Wii?

You can play online with two people on the same wii. I’ve done it lots of times.

Man I’m going to need to start inputing some numbers then.

I swear to god Pikachu players can be the most annoying shit ever.

Stop. Spamming. Thunder. x_o