In my first online match, everyone (including me) except one guy was Ike. I was like “this could get annoying.” Luckily, every other match I played had a variety of characters and the people I faced had a good habit of switching characters every few matches. So right now, I don’t think there are too many Ikes.

Thanks Booken and Sohee now I know what I need to do to unlock Issac. Btw not only does Luigi’s FS wins but so too does his codec moment with Snake. Also btw I hate Slippy’s VA. Peppy’s and Falco’s too though Krystal’s is alright (even though she reminds me of Laura Krystal: Space Raider) and Fox doesn’t get enough chat time to really grate on my nerves.

As for my on-line experience I had some problems getting on-line at first but I managed to get on. While I was on there I saw more Link usage than Ike, but yeah I can see where the problem might be inherent in the system.

Also after viewing the other updates there is one thing I would like to note… Where the Hell is that Fire Emblem 3 Masterpieces demo? I could’ve sworn it was there in the Japanese version.

The U.S. version took out some demos since the U.S. VC doesn’t have Earthbound or Fire Emblem 3.

That’s my favourite victory. In Melee, she sounded so plain when she said it, but in Brawl she has such an attitude when she says it, I love it. I also love spamming her “la la la la la la” taunt. My friends hate me for maining Peach.

I’ve heard a number of theories as to why Earthbound was removed from Masterpieces. Most of em are ridiculous (NoA haets Mother rofl!), but I think I might’ve figured it out, though my theory is mostly conjecture.

It all boils down to Earthbound not being on the VC yet. If the ESRB hasn’t yet rated Earthbound, then it was probably impossible for them to put a demo of it on Brawl without delaying it even more than it was. (The reason FE3 wasn’t on is obvious, no translation)

Why, then, didn’t NoA set it up to be rated and be done before Brawl came out? Maybe the department in NoA that handles game submission for ESRB ratings didn’t know about the Masterpieces set until it was too late. Keep in mind, Masterpieces was revealed on the Dojo around Jan 25th, about the same time the game was delayed until March 9th. I don’t know if they really needed an extra month to remove two demos that weren’t ESRB rated, but the timing is certainly interesting. If the department at NoA only found out about Masterpieces shortly before we did, then it could explain why they didn’t have time to get Earthbound ESRB rated, and thus removing it was the better solution.

The ESRB ratings are, of course, a non-issue in Japan. At least that’s my understanding. One of the other theories about the removal of Earthbound in the NA version was about the game’s script being property of Mr. Itoi, but even if that was the case and there were legal issues with it, the game wouldn’t have been on the JP release either, though it was.

So, that’s what I think, anyway. The removal of Earthbound isn’t a red alarm suggesting NoA will never ever release Earthbound on the VC, or a sign that NoA ‘hates’ Earthbound for some reason. It was just easier to remove the game than get it ESRB rated in time.

Granted, my whole theory falls apart if Earthbound IS already ESRB rated. I didn’t check on that, since I lost the site which lists all games currently rated for VC by them. If that’s the case then I got no clue as to why it was removed, but for now this is my theory.

SSE is a very bad platformer with a b-movie equivalent storyline. I’m not liking it at all. I feel like it was made by and for 13 year old fanfic fans.

-From the Gamefaqs boards

A.) Make sure your Wii is getting at least 3 bars from your router. If not, it is too far away, and your connection will suffer noticably. You can gain more bars by readjusting your router’s antennae, moving the router/console closer together. Alternatively, connect through the wired connection add-on through your router or directly to your modem.

B.) Make sure your Wii has been port-forwarded or set to DMZ. Your Wii is automatically set to NAT3, meaning you are being blocked from connecting to most other people. Make sure you are set to NAT 1 or 2. This will greatly improve who you are able to connect to.

C.) Make sure that if you are on a wireless network, that too many people aren’t using your hotspot. Leechers or even family members connecting on the same spot can greatly decrease connection speed…ESPECIALLY if they are downloading/uploading large amounts.

D.) Change the channel on your router. Sometimes devices on the same frequency can interfere with your signal, which means a degraded quality in speed.

E.) make sure your router has the newest firmware. You can do this by logging into your router.

Below is a walkthrough for creating a static IP address fo your Wii, and forwarding the ports (this sets your Wii to NAT 2, which is ideal).


Open your PC’s web browser and enter (linksys) ~OR~ (belkin) in the address bar. Enter your name/pass for your router. Default is usually blank or admin/admin (this varies by brand). You will now see your router’s config page! Linksys, go to advanced, then forwarding. Belkin, go to firewall, then virtual servers.

In the boxes, open the following ports:

Allow traffic to all destinations on ports: 28910, 29900, 29901, 29920, 80, and 443
Allow all traffic to all destinations. (Necessary for peer-to-peer connections and game play).

Now, you need to create a static IP.

Access your router’s settings and find the available range of IP addresses. (This is typically found within the DHCP information.)

When you find this information, select one of the available IP addresses and enter this, along with the Subnet and Gateway addresses, through the manual settings on the Wii (how to).

If you can’t find the range of IP Addresses in the router settings, you can usually view them through your computer’s IP configuration settings (see “View Your IP Configuration Settings” section below). Add “10” to the number in the last slot and enter the IP address in the manual settings of the Wii.

You will then need to enter the DNS server information of your computer into the Wii as well. To do this you will need to determine your IP configuration settings (see “View Your IP Configuration Settings” section below). This will give you the basic information for all network devices installed on the PC. Included in this will be the DNS Servers information you will need to enter through the manual settings on the Wii. If only a primary DNS is listed, use that number in both the primary and secondary slots of the Wii’s system settings.
Restart the Wii.

To View Your IP Configuration Settings:
Click the “Start” button in the lower left-hand corner of your computer.
Click “Run.”
Type “cmd” into the box and press Enter.
Type “IPCONFIG/ALL” and press Enter.

Your Wii is now set to NAT 2!

This site mentions ESRB ratings on VC games:

I didn’t see Earthbound in the site’s coming soon area so I don’t think the game has been rated.

I don’t understand… ESRB rating? Earthbound has been out and out of print for years now and all of a sudden people are worried about some game rating?!


As I understand it, the ratings system has changed or whatever since the 90s when Earthbound came out. So even though it’s a game that has been out in the past, it needs to be re-rated before it can be put out again in any form, VC or no.

And that costs money. I’m not sure how much, but I’ve heard numbers up to $15000 to get a game rated. I don’t know for sure though, so that figure may be a bit off. Anyway, for whatever reason, Earthbound hasn’t been rated YET, it seems. So that is the likely reason the demo was removed from Brawl.

Also if a game gets rerated, then, it is probably coming to the VC.

huh, well, that’s cool. I was gonna main link as I have done for the past few games, while having Ike, Lucario and Sonic as my back ups incase I can’t use the ‘pwnage of hyrule’ anymore (sorry, had to say it)

but anyway. I can’t wait to get the game. I’ll fill you in on what Mario Kart is like when it comes out :slight_smile:

To do the Wolf hunt the Fox event on hard and unlock the Star Wolf : Assault song. Just hide under the middle platform and keep smashing left and right.

I still gotta find out how to finish advant of the evil king on hard. Gangbanging is evil.

I officially rate Earthbound E for Everyone. (8+). THERE. VC NOW. =(

Well I like the game,sure It has some issues,but oh well.Anyway so far my main is still Ganon and I love his new attack animation and new SPARTA kick and his air grab(sure you can kill yourself too but is so fun when you bring someone else with you).

Dedede:Now this guy is just fun to play with,has a very good(spammable)projectile, and above all whenever you see his hammer fall you know everybody sees it and they feel the pain(if it hits)

Wario:My secondary character,what can I say he has good recovery,his up B move inflicts a huge amount of damage,if you don’t want them you can eat items to power the fart,and his FS makes him one of the fastest characters plus you "fly"in it.

I found Dedede a tad too slow. Even Bowser is faster.
Ike is probably the best outta the heavies, along with Wario.

Well, I think that King Dedede comes back a little bit too often in the random CPU generator. He’s my least favorite fatass to battle against (or least favorite in general, plus, he’s goddamn ugly). I’m pretty sure Ike’s fun to play with but he would be better if his up B actually helped him to get back on the stage instead of making him go down even faster when falling off ledges. -_- I usually prefer to use light and fast characters. Pikachu’s so cute and annoying. :smiley: I wish Squirtle was his own character too.

I don’t know how you people can enjoy SSE so much, though. o_o I don’t think I’ll ever finish it. I can barely play a chapter a day because it’s so arid and boring. Even when playing with someone else, especially since the way the screen follows the characters is retarded.

I hate Dedede, and his event is so fricking annoying. I was never that good with the fatties, and Dedede is the fattest of them all.


My biggest problem with Dedede is the cognitive dissonance that comes with his hammer being his down special. I keep hitting neutral B, or side B to use it, but wind up inhaling or chucking minions. Personally, I think they should have made minion-chuck neutral B, hammer charge side B, and inhale down B. But eh, it just takes some getting used to.

D3 is an oddball character, I don’t do too well with him. Bowser was, and still is, my favorite. But this is mostly due to personal preference. I might do better with, say, Meta Knight, but I still prefer to use King B. Plus you gotta love the satisfaction that comes with him using a Smashing headbutt to launch a lighter character flying off the screen when they’re not even damaged that much.

Wario’s not bad. I find his jerky animations hilarious, but his motorcycle I find a bit too awkward to use.

I’ve probably done best overall with Meta Knight, as I said above. His vertical recovery may be lacking a bit, but he’s quick and potent, and fairly easy to get the hang of.

I’m absolutely terrible with Ash-- err, Pokemon Trainer. Maybe I just need to spend more time getting used to the three Pokemon, but I’ve just been pretty awful using him so far.

I hate the Pokemon Trainer. I adfmit, soemtimes, when I play Norfair, and I see that wave of lava coming from the background, I keep thinking, “come on… no way he could survive it…”

my best character is Kirby. He’s been who I used almost excusively since the first game. I’m glad they made him so much easier to use comapred to melee. My GOD, I hated his running attack in melee, that stupid fireball would send me flying off the stage so often…

I’m only decent with the Pokemon Trainer, but I find him a fun character to play since he is 3 guys in 1. I’m best with Squirtle since his b up attack is pretty good and his b over attack is a good way to slam into some enemies. Charizard is pretty cool too, but slow.