Floows can kiss my big fat ass. I can’t give much advice, I’m afraid, since I did it on Normal. Though I didn’t use any stickers for the entirety of SSE, so at least I got plenty for when I do attempt it on hard.

But they don’t go away, unfortunately. You’ll see Floows for the rest of it, usually right when you don’t want to see them. Whenever Floows showed up I always went after them first. Unless there was a Greap with them, then I just cursed a lot while killing the Greap first.

Seriously. FUCK Floows.

finished SSE last night

Also, the first time I saw Jigglypuff’s final smash, I damn near crapped my pants. I mean DAMN.

My FC is 4897-5612-0569. Add me if you want to play since [strike]GG is a noob[/strike] I’ve been looking for some more opponents.

Stickers… on characters? Clearly I’ve missed some kind of buff. D:

[SPOILER]Also, floows are the devil yes, but they can’t attack unless they have full life (which they heal) so kick them in the face and keep going until they die, you’ll only have to worry about the attacks of any other enemies on the screen.

Greaps are so eaaasy! Unless it’s the one in the Zero Suit level that just keeps fucking spinning around and around. ._.; Just stand in front of them and shield roll behind them when they are about to attack, it takes a bit of practice but it’s worth it. :3[/SPOILER]

The enemy that pissed me off the most were those damn sword jelly fish… fucking bitches. My first play through was on very hard, so maybe they are different on other difficulties but GAWD they are annoying!

Also those things that roll on the ground and freeze you- those are a pain. Stupid ice climbers level. Stupid ice climbers. grumble grumble

Also I used Yoshie’s FS for the first time last night and ROFL it’s great <3 Snake’s still has to be my favorite though; that thing is the bomb.


I hate them so much in the Subspace level when you have Ness, Luigi, and Dedede. Mostly because they just chain freeze you and it really sucks.

Use Lucas’s Up Smash attack and you should be able to kill Floows pretty easily since they’re pretty slow.

Floows suck ass along with those tank guys and those masked guys on the towers (I’ll edit once I can think of their names), but I love those leech guys (under the right circumstances like, for instance, the end of the second outlands area within the Great Maze) for their willingness for dropping Maxim Tomatoes after getting one or two hits on you. I also have much hate for Tabuu for all his one shot moves (especially those motherfucking red rings of death). I’ve also noticed that strong aerial characters seem to be the most effective at dealing with bosses (especially Samus, Yoshi, and Fox. MetaKnight, Kirby, and Pit are also acceptable).

The more I play Pokemon Trainer the more super effective I find him to be both in subspace and in regular. I’m feeling the love for Lucas too, but I still find it hard to commit to him and his difficult to use saving jump. They slowed Ganondorf down from Melee and they nerfed his saving jump too, and though he can still launch lighter characters at 100%+ damage with a simple jab I’m finding other characters (namely Ike) to be more effective overall. They also seemed to have put Mr. Game and Watch on steroids along with the fact that he is now one of the few characters who can attack after canceling out of their saving jump puts him really high in my books (right above Pikachu).

Btw, does anyone know how to view Snake’s codec calls?

Btwagain, Mullenkamp your friend code seems to have an error in it. You might want to get that fixed.

So far, I’m loving this game. Plenty to do, that’s for sure. Oh, does anyone know how to unlock events 21-30? I completed all the events so far on Easy, and a few on medium and hard, but nothing so far.

You need to have unlocked R.O.B. to get to events 21-28. I think you need to unlock Sonic to get the more but how much is not known to me at this point.

Also does anyone know what you have to do to unlock Assist Trophies?

Thanks Killmore, my FC’s 1375-6863-8506. I was way off somehow.

Ike is still the best, once I got the hang of him, it was easy to win some matches online. Ness’s PK Thunder seemed to be downgraded somewhat, or maybe it’s just me. I just remember playing him on Melee with my friends and getting called out for spamming PK Thunder at opportune times and easily sending people flying.



Press the Down Taunt as Snake on the Metal Gear Solid stage.
You might want to turn down the music first.

Coincidentally, the answer to that is today’s Dojo update.

I’m feeling so-so about the Custom Stage builder. It got alot of potential, for sure, but I really wish there’d be more parts, more themes (There’s 3), and that some pieces wouldn’t take so much space (Large red box for a small pieces). Getting a new stage daily (Via WiiConnect24) is fun. I hope they’d update classic stages too.

Coincidently, IGN has release a website to share and download user-made Custom Stages. On the spotlight : Hyrule Castle and Saffron City.

glad to see you guys are having fun over the pond. when it comes out over here next motnh (I hope) i’ll send my code, and I’ll show you guys how… much I suck :slight_smile:

I’ll probably main link, I guess. he is my best character… anywho, I just need to ask a question

aparently, alot of people are using Pit and Ikemore than the other characters for online matches. Does this affect your opinion on online pplay in anyway? or do you not mind? or, do you not see it as much for it to affect you?

just wondering. kinda bored over here, ya know? :stuck_out_tongue:

Want kittycode?


Do we get to see kitties falling on Ness/Lucas’s final smash?

If you didn’t know, there ARE unlockable parts.

Make 5 and then 15 stages total, and play ten brawls on custom stages.

It means you just need to practice to be good against Ike, and you’re all set. (Although I’ve only done a few With Anyone battles, and only one had Ike, but other people seem to see him come up all the time.)

Peach or snake here; I love their victories :stuck_out_tongue:

“Awwww, Did I win?”

“This is snake, I’m done here. zips up pants