Lunaris and Spoony have the same number.

I’ve been playing so much my brain is bleeding. At least I have all the characters now.

You’re nuts. This one is way better than Melee.

I just got it myself. Right now, my favorite character is Ike. He’s like Marth, but with some cooler looking moves.

I will tell you now that he’s a noob character and won’t take anyone too far, but overall, the characters seem more balanced across the board.

The controls are different, i.e. no sliding around all the damn time, no more wavedashing, wavesmashing, no more shield tilts.

Good! Melee was made for autistics. One important new dynamic is that people who are hit by any move, rather than just throws, knock back people they collide with. It also seems to be harder to finish, although my background is in the N64 and maybe that’s just a holdover from Melee.

Also, the nunchuck control scheme is surprisingly good, although I’ll stick to the controller.

huh, so I do. Must have typed his’ accidently or something.

Here: 3737-9220-6244

It’s revealed at last! Spoony and Lunaris are one and the same! Spoonaris! Lunny Bard!

Best surprise so far was King K. Rool’s Ship Theme.
The gods of VG are with us.

2191 7330 1742 for me.

Finally got back on-line again. I’ve added all of the posted Friend codes thus far and now without further ado My SSBB FC# 1848-1364-2705.

Now for some more opinionated observations.

Bowser should be renamed Chucky McChucker as his throws are awesome, C Falcon’s Falcon Kick was speed up plus it doesn’t take forever for him to use his up-A attack anymore, Squirtle is by far the best out of PT’s Pokemon, Falco now throws his reflector but still feels like Fox’s clone (I need more time with him), They nerfed Peach’s forward+B and forward+smash attacks, Nana’s AI has greatly improved she now glues herself to you as much as possible unless she can’t in which case she will do her best to preserve herself until she can again which is good since she’s needed for the Ice Climbers’ best moves, King DeDeDe is hilarious with a second Hammer (he comes with the first and uses both), and the rest of the new characters thus far (including ROB kinda) are likable to varying degrees but I need more time with them.

You can no longer spam Home-Run Bat smashes, Bomb-oms got nerfed in favor of [STRIKE]Nova[/STRIKE] Smart Bombs (which are the new stay the fuck away from item), Screw Attack, Franklin Badge, and Motion Sensor Bombs are all the same size and can be really difficult to distinguish between one or the another (also MSB also got nerfed), Bumbers are f***ing lethal, There’s no point to Team Healer, Cracklers are broken, Deku Nuts are surprisingly useful (hard to identify though) Tingle rock as an Assist Trophies, Andross and Saki are also cool, and Nintendogs suck (sadly Lyn sounds way too old).

I was so happy when I was going through the songs in the sound test and that came up.


Is it me or the new Super Missiles are a tad weaker?

Unlike all of you, I’ve been too busy actually playing the game to post :stuck_out_tongue: I just beat SSE on very hard (intense is next!) and it was loads of fun. I realize many seem to dislike SSE, but I found it quite enjoyable. Plus you fight Pokey!

Over all, very pleased. However, I feel as though the stage builder is incomplete. Oh well. there is always the possibility of updates!

Oh, and I am so happy they improved Yoshie. He actually is pretty damn good now. <3


Bad game. :frowning:

Yea. Super Missiles got super-nerfed. A direct hit barely knockbacks anymore.

On the plus side… Lucas is amazing. Seriously amazing. Too bad 4 out of 6 of his colors kinda sucks.

Somebody fight me already. I wanna see if that lag is due to connection or the server.

I finished SSE, enjoyed it very much. I don’t really see a reason to bitch or whine about anything so far.

The IT guy at work brings his Wii, so we get to brawl during lunch too. S’fun. I’m too old to bother about competitiveness, noob characters or all that dumb shit. I test games for a living, so I find this one just fun and that’s enough for me.

Cry moar.

Not really crying, more like… angering

Serious gamers ruin games for everyone else.

I loved the SSE. It was like playing a really long Kirby game with more characters. And I finally got 100% in it, and got the awesome reward: Nothing. Well, aside from that, I really enjoyed SSE.

And Yoshi is like, the only character I can’t … enjoy. Probably cause I haven’t figured out what he’s supposed to do yet. But his Final Smash is one of the most fun ones to use, at least.

I’ve finished SSE too, and I have to echo the Kirby comment. Considering it was Sakurai behind it, this isn’t at all surprising. The final boss especially was reminiscent of one from a Kirby game.

Aside from Tabuu’s one-hit-kill attacks, he really felt a lot like the Nightmare from Kirby’s Adventure, and Marx from Kirby Super Star. Staying airborne, teleporting all around, and using a variety of attacks that don’t really stay constant to any one theme, just throwing anything and everything at you. Nightmare and Marx played in much the same way. It’s a shame SSE lacked anything resembling an ending, but eh, I played it for the awesome cutscenes mainly. And they were quite awesome.

I don’t have any real gripes about the SSE gameplay, though I still think most of the platforming was pretty bland. However, this was made up for with the final stage, was was really kind of sweet.

I’ve been more brawling than playing SSE, we’re kinda stuck in the Lucas/Pkmn Trainer stage. Those Floows kinda hurt, and we can’t put stickers on those chars yet. We’re playing on Hard, and our lives are kinda limited. Any tips?