Go and get it kids. Its pretty fun. I find the controls a little slower than SSBM, the graphics are reminescent of the GC a bit but that was to be expected. The backgrounds are much more animated which is nice but I feel the levels are smaller?

No it’s not. You liar.

I’m playing it with Walhalla right now.

I just got it myself. Right now, my favorite character is Ike. He’s like Marth, but with some cooler looking moves.

No you’re NOT.


It’s true. :open_mouth:

(also, I really suck at this game ;_:wink:

Got it this morning. Mine code is 2234-6820-0866. I’ll take all y’alls on!

I only bought a Wii today. of course, they didnl;t have any copies of Brawl except for Reserve, but through a bit of fate, a friend of mine has a copy he can;t play (no Wii, long story), so I get it in a week or so. Happy time.

Ignore this post, for the same reason as Lun’s; more or less.

There are brawls everywhere in town here.

I’m finding the experience a little redundant. Its so much like ssbm. I can’t see how they can justify why this game took so long to make.

you kids and your games

video game message board

Damn you Americans ( and Canadians! )

Quick Repost since the other thread got closed.

First. Got mine first thing in the morning. 5-minute walk, no waiting lines.
Preorders FTW.

Second. Doing SSE with a friend (or a sister) makes it so much more enjoyable.

Third. Can anyone check up if there’s an online tournament mode?
Anyone up for a Tournament anyway? Home styled, Item Switch on Low, Stock/Time at 5 (3 for duels). Loser out (2 out of 4).
To spice it up we could even have the demi-final team-based, and the final a duel. Maybe.

The controls are different, i.e. no sliding around all the damn time, no more wavedashing, wavesmashing, no more shield tilts.

Also power has been changed around. Marth relies on knockback, Shiek F-air has been nerfed to hell and back, Zelda is more versatile, Link not as combo-able etc.

I’m still feeling indifferent to it. It may just be the television I’m able to play it on ('cause I don’t own it, a friend does) but the stages are bigger and it’s usually hard to tell where the hell anything is. I’m SO used to the feel of melee, my playstyle has gone to hell. Esp with Ice Climbers. They’re a little bit quicker, but their new traction on the playing field blew it out of the water.

Ganondorf is STILL a motherfucking Tank. His Side-B is so badassed. And if his Up-B whiffs, he still comes out with an uppercut at the end. His F-Air comes out a LOT quicker, but his Down-Air is a little bit more trickier to time. A bit like Zelda’s critical foot attack. Once THAT hits, though, the action with the two characters freezes for, like, half a second. Hot.

Only managed to play an hour or so, I tried the Remote+Nunchuck controls and had a hell of a time with jumping, shielding and throwing items so I switched to the good’ol Wavebird.

I got it yesterday in-extremis. You guys can be spared of carpal, now.

I’m liking it so far, pretty fun! Unlocked a bunch of stuff already, and by the look of it, it’s going to take a whiiiiile to get everything.

Finally, I got it. Weather was no impedment today!

anyways, we should list our numbers, since Brawl uses its own code, and not your Wii’s Address book which it SHOULD, I think, but eh.

Here’s mine:

Forget this post existed.