NOT ANY MORE! Go global warming! GO! At least there still are proper winters to the far north. Meaning our obligatory military service still produces Spec Op Winter Troops. No escaping the cold! HAH!

As for us southerners… Everything is meltiiiiing, they’re meltiiiiiing… what a world, what a world…

Here’s to getting at least some snow before the yuletide sets in… :toast:

I was in Syracuse in February. It was around 40-50. Rainy. No ice or snow. I was disappointed.

The last day of November and we finally get some snow on the ground. Granted it’s only a piffle amount (not enough to cover the still green grass), but there’s still some left on the ground.

We got about 5ish inches or so this past sunday. Which isn’t bad except that this area of Wisconsin is NEVER prepared for snow. The plows are always nowhere to be seen. My road still isn’t really plowed.

It’s also snowing again today.

It seems to me like no one knows how to drive in the snow. I got rear ended on Sunday, no big deal really just another dent to add to the many my car already has. I drive a beat up 94 Honda Accord with near 300,000 miles, and I have no problems driving in snow except on the absolute worst of days. But no one else seems to have any idea what they’re doing when snow falls.

Last year was a pretty good winter, for this area. Not a lot of snow, really. The year before was heinous.

I live about an hour from Syracuse. Its in the 20-30 range right now, and its been snowing pretty regularly, albeit the snow is not deep or heavy. It always surprises me when it gets really cold, since it makes me wonder how I could of tolerated it for months in the past. People must acclimate themselves to it real quickly without realizing it.

Yeah, now we’re getting raped by snow. I’m already sick of it. I’m moving to a warmer climate when I graduate.

My roommate’s from Hawaii. He was so excited for the exceedingly small quantity of snow RI got this morning.

No snow here.
My little sister was really excited when we had snow her first year (she’s also from Hawaii). It was cute!
Granted, my first year I got really excited too and dragged everyone outside to make snow penguins and snow angels since I had never seen so much snow in my life, being from a desert and all.

Right now I’m not worried about the snow we finally got so much as the steady single digit temperatures for the week (not including the wind chill which brings the temp down an additional 20 degrees). And there’s more of this white death scheduled for tomorrow.

At least I can earn some dough shoveling (or snow blowing) the driveway, and I can follow that up with some hot chocolate and marshmallows.:toast:

I’ve got a couple of inches on the ground here in Buffalo, New York now. The weather people are saying there’s lot more coming this weeked…I hate snow, give me dry Vegas heat any day.

I’ll be alright as long as we don’t have another “October Suprise” like last year. Three feet of snow dumped on us in early October and knocked just about everyone’s power out for a week. That was the week from hell…after the third day I was like “OK, I’m done camping now!”

No sooner had I posted yesterday than did it start to snow. The ground was all white today and we’re supposed to get more on Friday. Hopefully my flight leaves before the heavy snow comes in.

Hay guise! I h8 snow LOLZ!!!11

Motherfuckers didnt touch or parking lot, or our street. Fucking took me an hour to get to the end of the street yesterday. Came home, got stuck inches from my parking space, took another hour to get unstuck.

Had like, six inches of snow fall yesterday… on the day of my driving test.

Yeah, it kinda got rescheduled to the middle of January. Sucks. Oh, and real fun is deciding if you’d rather just walk through a three-foot snowbank, or backtrack five minutes to find more level ground to walk on.

You’re lucky. The whole southern half of WI got nailed with 9-12 Inches. One county got 14 inches.

We got at least a foot of the shit, and we’re supposed to get more on Sunday. Lovely.

Gah! Fucking Noreaster knocked out my power last week Thursday night. Had to stay at me aunt’s until just this Thursday. So…One fucking week of sleep and laziness.

Best thing is, now we have about a foot o’ snow on the ground and my brother just came back in from shoveling. And we’re supposed to be getting more and more. …Yay… -_-

So after having been awoken very early Friday morning (before sunrise) to give my driveway a blow job (or as much of one as I could afford what with the half-a-inch or so thick layer of ice beneath about three inches of snow) I turn around to find out that more snow came down since then. Of course I have no intention of blowing the driveway again thanks to the -20 to -30 degree wind chill, but at least I don’t have to go anywhere for today (tomorrow, however, is a different story).

I’ll be fucking amazed if the snow manages to find some way of disappearing between now and Thursday.

I got up early today, brushed my teeth, and got ready for work. I said, “Hot dog! I’ma gonna be early!” Actually, I didn’t say that, and if I ever did I’d probably vomit shortly afterward. But you get the drift.

So I stride outside, and promptly get a mouthful of snow. Needless to say, I was actually fifteen minutes late.