Now that the effects of global warming aren’t extending all the way to December, we got a fresh carpet of whiteness on the ground this morning! This coming from the northernmost capital, what’s your situation? Snow much, if ever?

digs out a woolly and heads out with a shovel

Squallin right now.

Doesn’t snow much down South. Maybe 1-3 times a year, depending on conditions. But it when it does snow/freeze, I tend to make a big deal of it.

Last February (or March), it snowed while I was at school, and since I had class, didn’t leave until there was lots of snow and the damn roads froze. Bad move there. Took me an hour and a half to get home. Damn roads were packed with cars. But, I ended up making a cool snow fortress, so I can’t complain. And classes were canceled.

Got about half a foot outside my window right now. On the one hand, I’m so happy, ya know? On the other, it makes biking to school a bitch. Not because the weather’s uncomfortable or the road’s slippery… but because it makes everyone who drives suddenly act like a total moron who goes “HOLY SHIT, WHITE STUFF IS FALLING FROM THE SKY! how do i drive in this?!”

Had to break out the shovel last night and again this morning… there wasn’t a ton of snow but if I’d left it all for this morning I’d have been in too much hurt for 6 AM. >_<

I hate snow.

Is it really that hard to lower your regular driving speed by about -5 to -10mph to compensate the difference bad weather brings? Regular heavy rain does that for me, can’t see shit and hydroplaning in big puddles makes steering hell :confused:

It snowed a bit some while back. It was on the ground a day or so before it rained and it washed away.

We got a dusting just this morning.

We’ve had a coupla snowfalls but nothing that stuck after a few hours.

It snows now. I blame this thread.

Yep, coming from upstate New York, I got plenty of snow.

I blame you coming from Norway and it being the end of November.

We’re about as cold as Helsinki, but no snow yet. I’m stocking up on handwarmers at the moment.

The sun broke out at noon and it was pretty warm :slight_smile: Then the cold resumed.

I think I may have seen some flakes back about a week ago or something (though it could have been rain it was too insignificant to tell). Otherwise we’ve still got green grass, blue skies, and temperatures in the forties (not including the wind chill which would drop the temp to about ten degrees).

Uhh, it’s somewhere around 20 degrees in my area right now, and it was just snowing today, but so far nothing has stuck.

I laugh those old wives’ tale of frozen water from the sky - bwahaha!

I wish I could stay inside all winter, but unfortunately that’s not healthy :confused: Guh. I like living here, but there’s just too MUCH winter each year. And not all of it has snow either. Just frozen mud.

Snow is actually fairly rare in this part of Norway. Our climate is more like that of New York than, say, Quebec.

New York gets plenty of snow, too. Not as much as Quebec, but it’s certainly not “fairly rare”. :sunglasses: