We got snow last night. Like two inches too (hey, that’s a lot to me). I’m not used to snow this early in the season. It’s still FALL.

I see what you did there

Funny, because I don’t

We’ve been lucky so far We’ve just gotten a light dusting, and nothing that hung around more than a few hours. Doesnt look like we’ll have anything through the end of the month. Last year was a fucking bitch though. Im moving to AZ after I graduate, so help me.

Its now down to 25 degrees. I just realized I’m going to have to scrape off my car every morning from now till March.

AHH! Curtis, you lucky bastard! Just right now it was 26 degrees, and that’s WITH sunlight! It’s always somewhere around 16-17 degrees in the morning. Though for some strange reason, it was like 80-90 degrees in my math class…Even my math teacher says her classroom is Hell…

One good thing, though, it hasn’t snowed since yesterday(I think). :smiley:

Up to 35 degrees (not including windchill) today and I managed to get the lawn mowed before sunset. All in all a pleasant day.

Sweetness, it snowed all night. Yeah, it’s cold, but at least the usual gray and brown fare of November is gone and we don’t have to see the mud anymore. Now to keep from slipping when taking a step outside…

I don’t know, being in places where it regularly snows is fun when you are visiting and the whole area becomes white in a matter of minutes and then you can’t get your bearings to return home, but I dig the Mediterranean climate (so long as it doesn’t turn into Egypt-like climate).

well, it’s very odd that Maine doesn’t have snow yet. We’ve had some snowfall but nothing accumulated. I don’t know why either, the last few days have been below 20 F.

Let it stay for the holidays then disappear after that… but, I expect it half way til may.

It started snowing today.

While I was lugging 4 bags halfway across the country.

I missed my train too.

There was no roof at the trainstation.

Well, yesterday we had as much of a blizzard as it can be in this part of the world - planes, trains, boats tractors clearing the snow, everything - late, cancelled, stuck or just slown down to a crawl.

Part of this “stuck” business is thanks to the lovely “Sunday wage”, for it would be disastrous to send workers of the city to work during Sundays, and pay twice as much for them! How horrible!

Well, at least the ground is full of snow now, got some shoveling done, got my car out of the snowy trenches only to notice the damn tractor drove past again… !@#¤%&–

We’ve gotten a lot of snow over the weekend and last night, it’s about a decimeter now. I am SO glad I don’t have to shovel, heh. As usual, the papers call it “SNOW CHAOS!!!11” and nobody seems to have been prepared for the white flakes to fall from the sky. It’s funny, it happens every year.

Hey, we do this too! Only we have expert articles analyzing how it doesn’t snow that often to warrant a full infrastructure to face the problem like, say, Sweden :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course here it usually snows once every February and we all act awed to get a couple days off.

You’d be surprised. Every year it’s like “OMG WTF the trains aren’t working because they’re frozen/the rails are frozen/trees have fallen over the rails because of the snow and planes can’t fly off because there’s too much snow on the landing and lifting areas WTF HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!!”

And nobody’s ever prepared for the slippery roads.


For the record, the usual way of expressing complaints when it snows is “There is no state!” as in there are no mechanisms to aid people. The funny thing is that the complaints don’t usually come from small villages that are cut off, but by people who decide they have to visit their mountain village despite the weather prediction and without snow tires.

That kinda happens here in Syracuse. Whenever the first snow falls, EVERYBODY forgets how to drive. It’s like they haven’t driven in… oh… well… SYRACUSE (which has higher snowfall than many places in NYS).

I have to admit that Canada is usually fairly well prepared for the snow, though I am surprised that they only recently enacted laws forcing people to have snow tires on their cars by November (if not earlier). I’m surprised countries like Sweden aren’t better prepared o_O. I have this vision of Northern Europe as being some the embodiement of permafrost.

lol@TD. Man that’s spectacular :P.

The past couple years have been pretty weird in Quebec. Snow doesn’t arrive til late December but when it does, holy shit. Last year was the snowiest or 2nd snowiest year in history. We’d have weekly snow storms dumping several feet of snow at a time. The government ran out of money to pay for snow removal. Some towns simply gave up on snow removal. Some people that created large towers of snow DIED. I was impressed.

Just like last year, we have only gotten maybe half an inch since October and its already melted away. Go global warming! GO!

I fully support this statement.

Same here. I am gonna miss those cute white teddy bears up north though. :frowning:

Snow is nice, if you want play (skiing etc). But when you have to dig your “limo” out of a 10 feet snow bank; then you are stuck for 3 hours in traffic on your way to work; then some ass in a winter tire-less bucket slides and hits you in the parking lot … oh, and a 6 hour drive getting home.
Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh…
Fuck snow?