I am a true fan of Silent Hill.

I am seeing it tomorrow at 4:35 at a Cineplex Odeon. Nothing will stop me. I’ve got my Solid Snake headband and everything.

This time you’re bringing a parent/guardian… right?


Get your dad to go with you. Bribe him somehow. Or grow up. Or wait till it comes out on DVD.

Or BT a copy someone shot with a video camera in the theatre.

Hell no, parents are for wusses. All he needs is his game face, running shoes, and some determination WOOOOOOOOOOO.

I don’t see any mention of you bringing a cardboard box. Thus, you are destined to fail.

does the size of the cardboard box count? I got some small ones that i cant fit in


Well, as someone who can half-sympathize (local theatre isn’t playing at ALL, but I am of age), I can offer advice. My frequency is 141.38

Wait for the movie guards to feel asleep before infiltrating.

Won’t you ever like… you know… STOP doing retarded things?

You know Genericangstyposter, I’ve got the feeling that it’s not so much him doing retarded things, but us giving him attention!

I was rather excited for this movie, and I was sort of disappointed… I mistakenly invited some friends who I shouldn’t have and who I felt the movie didn’t do enough to justify… And some degenerates in the audience ruined at least the first half of the movie for me by making “funny” noises at awkward moments and talking a lot. However, when Pyramid Head ripped off that lady’s skin I think the rabble saw that he meant business and were quiet enough for the duration.

One of the biggest disappointments was the overuse of voice-over in the heavy-handed 8mm section. They had to tell what they couldn’t figure out how to show.

One time I did something really stupid, but I didn’t want to tell everyone about it.

The movie is already out? Damn I’m missing out on what’s going on out here. Yay! Only about 4.5 more months until I get back home and can catch-up on all this stuff. Actually, it’ll probably be on DVD before I leave this place and I’ll be able to see it then. So how is the movie?

Thanks, I hadn’t seen it yet, jackass.

I don’t think she was raped. At least not literally.

I’m just gonna stop adding spoiler tags for you lazy fucks.

Oh, ok, I remember that. They found him on the toilet.