I am a true fan of Silent Hill.

I got in for free by sneaking in like Snake. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I enjoyed the movie, but I had higher expectations. The ending sucked hard, but I enjoyed the rest.



It rocked.

I still haven’t seen it. ;; I want to, I REALLY REALLY WANT TO. ;;


[<!-- -->Spoiler] would be awesome right about now.
Use it please.

edit: hahah you guys got yelled at.

Not necessarily, because SH 2 is not a direct continuation of the first one.[/QUOTE]

I meant that as there wouldn’t have been a sequel, not 2 specifically. I probably should have clarified. To be very specific, it’d mean that there wouldn’t be a Silent Hill 3.

Ah, I gotcha. You mean um… Silent Hill 1-2 (kinda like FFX-2 :P)

No, he means that Silent Hill 3 is a continuation of Silent Hill 1, whilst Silent Hill 2 is not relevant to the SH1&3 story.

Yeah… you missed it entirely…

If you’re under age. Buy a ticket to a movie rated pg-13 or lower. And just walk into the actual movie you want to see. It’s easy as pi squared. Or do you have downs sydrome or somthing?

Or, if you really like the movie, you could get a parent, guardian, or another person eighteen or older to come with you. You both pay for the movie. The movie company gets twice the amount of money that you would rake in by yourself. What you did was annoying to me, the consumer that actually PAYS to see movies.

For starters, the theater I went too checked IDs at the entrance to the theater (which I think Setz even said), so just walking in wouldn’t work. Next, I’m pretty sure you have to be 21 to buy a ticket for a rated R movie for someone who is under 18, while if both people are over 18 then it doesn’t matter.

But don’t be as much of a jackass as to throw popcorn in the face of an attendee. That’s fucking rude.

No. Setz lives in Canada, where “rated R” is 18A. You have to be 18 or older to buy a ticket for a movie like that, not 21.

No, setz has this thing where he feels the need to draw attention to himself to feel accepted, hence why he makes a million threads about pointless stuff. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to understand that making stupid threads and/or trying to act hardcore only annoys people.

Also, in PA you have to be 18 to see an R movie, but you can buy tickets if you’re 17. I have no idea why it works like that :\ Most theatres have policies where they won’t sell tickets unless you’re 18, but the law technically works that way.

Oh come on Dev don’t you think you’re being a little…


I see that now that I re-read what he said. What a total Dork! Setz is a dork! HAHAHA! But hey, nobody mentioned anything about Xelo trying to act hardcore. I’m the only one that commented on his obvious lies. And that pisse me off, that i was the only one with the gonads to make fun Xelo.

I swear, if you mention the leg shaving thing one more time… oh, I guess I did it then. Oops. Ha.