I am a true fan of Silent Hill.

Canadian money and American money isn’t worth the same either.

Oh right.
Lol canadians.

Yeah, but the other theater options around my home town are godawful.

I kept my respect until it was determined that this thread would have no pictures of you jerking off to the silent hill move poster, at which point my interest declined steadily.

And seriously, Setz, your dumbass escapade already cost you more than a fake ID would’ve. It’s like that song by that white, American, Jewish fellow who firmly believes he’s a black, Jamaican, rasta, and who kids seem to like so much: You better make the right moves. And you didn’t.

i once shot a man because he wouldn’t let me see a movie

Can someone explain the ending? I’ve never played the game. How exactly are Rose and Sharon dead? At least I assume they’re dead.


I assume it’s just the like game…

I once shot a Devillion!

I missed my chance going today, so I dunno when I will.

Edit: Sorry for all the cheesey custom titles, I can’t help it!

The ending is nothing like the game. Also, the story isn’t much like the game. Several individual scenes, however, are very much like the game. I’d suggest spoiler tagging what you just said.

As for the story of the game, I’d suggest reading the plot guides by President Evil (Dan Birlew of Brady Games) that are available at GameFAQs. They explain it pretty damn well. Also, in the author’s own words, Silent Hill 3 sums up Silent Hill 1 pretty damn well itself, even better than that plot guide at times.

That’s a pretty useless guide for someone who hasn’t (and doesn’t plan on) playing the game. I tried to play it, but it was just tooooooooooooo boring.

They aren’t dead, they are just stuck in the “hell” dimension or whatever.

So, Setz, if you tried to see the movie at a Famous Players and was banned from it and any affiliate theatre, wouldn’t that make you effectively banned from 90% of all theatres in Toronto? Famous Players and Cineplex Odeon are owned by the same company.

After reading some fan sites I thought Silent Hill was all about personal hells and all this stuff happening inside the person’s head. The site I went to had lists of the enemies and what they represented to the main character.

There are plenty more RATIONAL things you could have done… like… say… ask for your money back?

And just a note: if I was your parent, I wouldn’t come waltzing into the movie theatre to help you like that. Of course, I wouldn’t raise a kid who has done such a string of utterly dumbassed things, but that’s just me.

And though I’d normally disagree, I think its okay to hit children in your case. Lack of discipline did you in.

Yeah, just fuckin’ punch em.

Think of it from the child’s perspective. All her fun is gone now that she’s had her revenge. She’s broken all her toys, all that’s left is rose. At least there’s a chance her husband could come looking for her, and then there’s more fun to be had.

That, or it’s just the Silent Hill theorization stabbed into me from the games ;x


$9.75 for me. But I bring in my own food and drink. Yay for big purses.

I didn’t quite get the movie at first. My sister’s boyfriend said that they died in the car crash… but that didn’t make sense. The whole alternate reality thing makes much more sense.


It was an accident :(. Plus, The bell rang for class.

Well, there’s some reasoning behind that… in Silent Hill 1, there’s an ending where Harry is dead in the jeep, and it’s assumed that he’s been dead the whole time and it all happened in his head. That’s practically contradicted by the fact there’s a Silent Hill 2, though.

Well I liked it, it is not the “movie you’ve lived for” nor is it worth all that trouble you went through.

Not necessarily, because SH 2 is not a direct continuation of the first one.