Charlemagne is missing

Charle completly failed to understand my awesomeness and ergo sucks.

Never come back here Charle! A pox on you! A pox I say!

Okay, BMO seriously needs to stop trying to seduce Eva with this thread. Imagine luring in a hapless internet user with such a thread. This search party is a farce! Oh yes and I do miss the random posts by Charle.

Have fear The Replacement is here!

Big Nutter
I am that random!!! Yes!!

We can’t help it if we’re infatuated.

Sorry I’m just jealous… :bowser:

back off, she’s with me >:O

Curses. throws a trash can and Flattens it on Shinobi’s head.

Big Nutter
That can crushed like paper…

I think charl’s banned here… =(



I would call for a girl to be random Called Claire but she’s not been on the net much since she startes her intense training in Moss Side, one of the most dangerus places in Manchester a one point.

Big Nutter
she wanted to do the training.

Charle is actually still around, he’s just busy working with* the homeless and starving children.

<font size=“1”>* ‘Working with’ meaning, kicking them out of their cardboard boxes and eating their food rations.</font>

And Ireland’s superior because it has Father Alexander Anderson, BITCHES.

Hey, you know, now that you mention it…

…I can’t recall the last time I saw a post from Merlin, either.

He’s still around, near the Tree of Administration which no mere registered member can ever lay eyes upon, lest they accomplish something of greatness.

or, y’know, stuff.

I’d give my eye to learn the information on that tree…

Wasn’t it supposed to be renamed the tree for like…a week or a month or something?

We need Charle here dag nabbit!!! It’s just not the same without him. And Nutter, just no. Stop trying. You are not Charlemagne. You never were Charlemagne. No one will ever come close to his special brand of random. Fall to your knees in his awesome presence, lest you be the target of the random that is Charlemagne.

“It’s not the same without him”!?!!? Dammit you people, he disappeared weeks if not months ago, and now you suddenly notice and go all like “omgwtf char is gun we need him although we didn’t notice but I’ll just say we need him to look cool cause I never actually talked to him or read his posts but others say he’s cool so if i say we should get him back i will be too”? And it’s not much different with Nessa. Althoguh it seems she wasn’t even worth a thread for you. Bunch of selfish idiots.

the randomly insane person in question happens to be on at the moment. I guess he just doesn’t feel like posting.