Charlemagne is missing

He’s gone, gone man! GONE! Where did he go?

To a galaxy, far, far away…

No he isn’t. He just doesn’t post anymore. He’s around a lot of the time.

If I knew who that person was, I would tell you… try up somebodies butt and around the corner? Maybe he is hiding like that last…
uh… erm… nevermind!

Liadan, Charlemagne was either the coolest or dumbest or possibly bothest person this forum had ever seen besides the mods and The 984.

How was I supposed to know? I am sorry If I had offended :frowning:

Not at all. But everyone should know who Charlemagne is, for he is a symbol of better times that have receded into the mists of something or other.

Hah. I’m a mod, so you mentioned me twice, making you stupid.

Yeah, he’s always online, he just said he quit RPGC, like half a dozen other people.

A search party must be formed!

I will lead the group as my charisma is unmatched by anyone

Amerycinsycho will be in charge of telling me how much I suck

Kamekaze Pilot will be in charge of informing us about any Japanese or German WWII tanks we will run into on our search

Pierson will come to be the English guy that adds color and charm to the team

Evangelion will be in charge of, uhh, being female

Darkness Beckons will be at constant odds with Pierson, since Darkness is irish and Pierson is english, but a new friendship will be formed that goes beyond potato famines

Hades can stay at home though, since he is a jerk

No. You’ve passed beyond mod-ness into some higher state of fuck it it’s too hard to make shit up at 11pm.

Hades can get his elephant taizer.

Apparently Charle works a couple nights a week, and seems more occupied than…before, but he’s still online a few nights a week other than that. Stalk him on MSN like I do.


Don’t forget the female’s job involves copius amounts of screaming when confronted by the plastecine model of a giant spider/ape hybrid. if we’re gonna do this thing we’ve gotta do it right.

Darkness, you live in IRE-FUCKING-LAND. Don’t make me type out why that makes me your cultural superior in every way. :stuck_out_tongue:

Eva also has to twist her ankle durring avalanches or other inconvinent times

Ireland > England

Type it out. Go on, I dare you.

If we run into a Panzerjäger V Jagdpanther Sd. Kfz. 173 we are screwed.

What do I do?

they both suck… Scotland owns