Charlemagne is missing

Darkness, I propose a temporary armistice while we invade and crush the bejesus out of Scotland.

Bah, Scotlands still technically part of the UK. We’re free. Free I tell you. Free as a free thing, which has a special reason to be free. Yes Pierson, lets do that. Let’s do that right now.


He thought he was banned or something and that nobody on rpgc really likes him anyways. Maybe his job is keeping him busy.

But what about his group hug? And Jing. What about Jing? People like him. He should know that, the big non-picture shower that he is.l

He’s just sulking because he didn’t get laid at the California Party.

Uh…he dissapeared into the endless abyss of non-postingness.

I miss Nessa also.

Damn right people like Charl! Charl is my boy! I’m glad people are starting to wonder about him. I’ve missed him. Come back Charl!

Nessa ;_;

I just wanted to point out that I noticed the dissappearance of Charlie many moons ago. It was shortly after the Merlimagne chronicals, and when I posted an obnoxious “Where is Charlie thread?” it got locked and I got a slap on the wrist for being spammiferous.

The point is that I foresaw Charlie’s dissappearance after only a week or two. I tried to get a band of people to back me up and beg Charlie to stay, but NO, I am just some idiot who isn’t pyschic or anything like that. BAH!

That sounds about right. :slight_smile:

you’ll be in charge of nocturnal edge weapons

Yeah, Nessa, where did she go?

Boy, after reading this thread, and other recent ones, i have no idea why he and the others left. No idea at all. Nope, none. Not a clue. >>;;

But this is a Charlie-ish thread, only without the crudeness.

I just feel bad that he missed so many new folks… all of them kept the sanctity of their heads… it almost feels unholy, new people not harassed by Charlie.

I told him about that thread cuz he was asking if anyone noticed his absence. He looked. Nothing happened. he only posted once, the last month or so.

But oh well. Like Charlemagne, Nessa, and whomever else, we will all leave someday. It’s not a big deal.

Big Nutter
Dear Diray…

How the heck did he make that list? I wasn’t even here when he left and I really doubt he remembered me for anything.

Or maybe, he’s actually busy with a REAL life?

I hope so. (And no, I’m not kidding.)

Be well, Charl. :wave:

Well, keep in mind that the first reply to that thread was Sin closing it, so there might have been fear of Sin keeping others back.

Funny, I just thought of Charlie last weekend again, and wondered if he was ever coming back. I think I have a supernatural awareness of some things.

If you see Charlie, ask him if I have permission to dentally brutalize new folks in his stead.