And the Lord was grieved that he had made man on the earth...

Except there’s a lot of proof that Cala is a guy, that’s just it. No one believes that Cala is a girl because the evidence against him is absurdly overwhelming. Based on watching his behavior and how he acts, there’s no way that he’d be a girl.

There’s no way to give constructive criticism towards someone who’s based their entire identity around lies to manipulate people.

There has been overwhelming proof through Cala’s actions and through the “evidence” Cala tried to use to convince people he’s a lesbian. What do you have in favor of Cala being one?

Yes, this seems very constructive X. Don’t lecture me about antagonizing people, which seems to be a pasttime for you.

>Except there’s a lot of proof that Cala is a guy, that’s just it. No one believes that Cala is a girl because the evidence against him is absurdly overwhelming. Based on watching his behavior and how he acts, there’s no way that he’d be a girl.


LOL! We disturbed Curtis out of a response!

Anyway, how does Cala try to get stuff from acting like a girl?

Well, first off, I’d expect someone in your position to not assume her guilty until proven innocent. What’s she done so far to make you think she’s a guy? She’s forged pics of her girlfriends. OK, so she’s compensating for something. Don’t tell em you haven’t lied to guys about your girlfriend’s bust size in order to impress them.

Dai, I’m not antagonizing you. I’m telling you I’m sick of your behaviour towards Cala, and you’ve taken that as antagonism. I see you’re proud of what you’ve done, which is preety damn low.

And Cala doesn’t try to get stuff from being a girl or a lesbian. Hell, a lot of other girls might do that here (I can name one but I’d rathar not start a second flamewar) but she’s been taken at face value, at least from me. And she hasn’t ripped my nuts off yet, which you seem to suggest she would because I don’t worship the ground she masturbates on for being the holy gamer’s grail.

I’ve seen Cala ask for a lot of favors, mostly ops.

Actually, I couldn’t care less about bust size, which, I think, is a stupid thing to lie about. Did you even read the post, X? You’re still taking only one thing from it, and completely distorting it.

Who are YOU to say how I feel? And explain to me how it is not antagonistic to specifically mention my name and to insult me in other threads?

I specifically mentioned your name because you specifically were an asshole to Cala. Maybe next time I should just refer to you in a Capcomesque fashion. Would D. Ryuujin…no, too obvious…ok, Dai R. There, happy?

The only thing I’ve seen you and Kag talk about are her pics and the way she acts. The pics, well, maybe she’s just compensating for not having a g/f, I dunno, maybe she just wants you to shut the fuck up. As for the flamboyance, has it occured to you that maybe she’s just LIKE that? Can you handle a lesbian who likes to Quake Naked with her g/f?

Well Sin, a lot of RPG kids would go INSANE if they had a girl that was both a lesbian and an RPG fan talking to them. They’d worship her. That’s what someone would get out of it. Being put up on a pedastal.

What’s Cala done so far? His entire behavior. Gee, you don’t see many lesbians saying constantly they are a lesbian when no one’s asking do you? It’s quite obvious that if they are, they’re just crying out for attention. No, I haven’t lied about my girlfriend’s bust size before because I don’t care what people think about her. She’s not a trophy.

Like I said, Cala asked what people though, so Dai responding. That wasn’t antagonizing since that thread wasn’t supposed to be a massive ego trip.

Again. Dodging the question. When you repeatedly use me as an example, I’d consider it antagonism. Can you explain to me how I antagonized Cala? By making that post in a thread where my opinion was asked?

I could call you out for being an asshole numerous times, but I don’t

Well, you do, since you’re making this thread about ME and how I’m antagonizing YOU. But I’m not. I used you as an example cuz you antagonized Cala.

How? You decided to drag her down. She wanted an honest, CONSTRUCTIVE critique. Instead you basically informed her that she was a whore, you thought she was a man and that she was an attention slut. That’s it. Maybe you had valid points, but it was kinda hard to tell because you and Kag filled your post with sarcasm and insulting designed to be assholish. That was behaviour unbecoming a staffer and a hopeful staffer. Seriously, you two should be ashamed of yourselves. If you apologized to her and gave her a much nicer overview of what your problems are with her, I’d have a lot less of a problem with you.

Whether that behavior is unbecoming or not is not for you to decide. If the staff wants to reprimand me, they can, until then, I see no problem in voicing my opinion.

I’m not apologizing for what I said and never will. I mean every last word of it. And filled with sarcasm? Well, sometimes you just plain have to be blunt for people here to get what you’re saying.

So what was I supposed to say? You knew to expect this when you posted it. Did you want me to be all cheery and just agree with you? Be logical.

Those threads weren’t made for constructive criticism after the first. They’re made as ego trips, just like the question threads. People like to talk about them selves, just as they love to hear people say they love them and don’t have anything wrong with them. While I admit that you are right about how everyone’s at each other’s throats, you’ve been just as bad, as a staffer no less, with (or good, depending on your perspective) informing me that I’m apparently a slut, even at the most inopportune moments.

Blunt’s one thing, but you basically made your entire post a hate-filled swarm of sarcasm and assholery. That was actually far from being blunt. if you wanted to be BLUNT, you should have simply gone and said, “Cala, I think you’re a man posing as a lesbian cuz your pics look fake and no lesbians I know are that open or play SC and Magic”. Which is basically all I got out of your post.

Dai: Why’re you assuming that? Because you see Cala as nothing more than an attention whore? Isn’t that circular logic? I informed you that you give the general appearance of a slut to illustrate your hypocricy in criticizing Cala. hell, if anything, you’re a worse attention whore than her. You could have been level-headed and constructive in what you were saying, instead you acted like you did.

Then you got what I was saying.

I’m sure summarizing it into a sentence would go over well, what with nothing to back it up.

Then you should apologize. As for her pics, they look fine to me. Maybe they got JPG-compressed badly or something. Hell, I’ve done a lot worse; look at my school ID. It looks way faker than her. Do you think I’m a girl? As for her flamboyant atttitude, maybe she’s just that: Flamboyant. Again, I’m very open in everything I do, and I think I’ve made it obvious that I’m gay, so do you think I’m just a girl posing as a yaoi star?

Apologize? No chance in hell.

Uh, compression doesn’t put white blocks where words were in the underwear model picture she took out of a magazine and claimed was her.

There’s a difference between being flamboyant and being fake to draw attention. You don’t go around saying that type of stuff constantly to try to get people to see you now do you?

Why should I apologize? If I apologize, it’ll be empty and meaningless. The only thing that I would apologize for is the whore part, which I think was too much.

As for her pics, when people in #hmongtalk recognize your photo, it’s probably from a porno mag. Why would people in #hmongtalk recognize Cala’s photo, having never been to RPGC? If you mean the girlfriend pictures, The whole thing wasn’t pixely. It’s only certain areas, which tends to happen with improper extraction and bad erasing. Bad jpeg compression won’t cause the stark contrast, either.

You may be gay, but I don’t see you constantly announcing it. And what have you got to gain from being a girl posing as a gay male? Brings me back to flawed analogies.

I don’t know, maybe I’m being queer just to draw attention to myself and just don’t know it. Stuff like that happens.

And show us this “White Block” thing and I’ll believe it. I may not have been looking for it but I didn’t see it when I looked at them. Or perhaps she had a reason ala the “Fuck Face” baseball card.

And you still should apologize, I don’t care if you were right or not. If I were to do what you two did, Sin Zero and Merl would be tripping over each other racing to smite my ass. And they’d be right.

Dai: Those people don’t even speak english most of the time; they probably thought you were asking if they wanted an ISO of a CD containing lots of pictures of her.

And I do constantly announce I;m gay, or make it obvious, at least in #edensworld, maybe not #rpgclassics. She didn’t constantly announce she was a lesbian anytime I was around, so I don’t see why you thought she was, unless you were just being paranoid, which I suspect. And I think a yaoi-faking girl would have the same thing to gain as a lesbo-faking guy, only mirrored.

Nah X, there’s a difference. What he did was a conscious act that he continued doing after seeing the initial response.

Sorry, I didn’t save the pictures of Cala’s “girlfriends” to my computer. They were lost with the board deletion, so I can’t exactly show them to you now can I?

I don’t see anyone tripping over themselves trying to smite me so I’ll continue to believe that I was justified in what I did.