And the Lord was grieved that he had made man on the earth...

Um…there was a period of about 15 minutes where you were yaoiing with everyone in sight. And I do remember conversations about Urk’s penis in #rpgclassics. You fuck around there, too.

Your whole moogle thing is older. And even less entertaining. Manus on the ToB? Show me the link because that’s a faulty analogy if I’ve ever seen one.

And what about this great love you have for Cala? Can you explain that, keeping in mind the same reasons you’re angry with me?

I love you all a great deal.:kissy:

Urkani goes * Urkani yaois X * occasionally, that’s it; if you saw anything else, well, good for you. If you remember convos about Urkani’s penis in #rpgclassics, well, they didn’t involve me, especially since he specifically asked us NOT to bring it up there.

my Moogle thing may be older, but it seems to entertain people a hell of a lot more; even 984 likes it, and he’s worse than you are. And I meant you and TG were woese on the ToB than Manus was; he godmoded, meh, but you two were more annoying with your whole “Don’t make TG cry ;.;” “;.;” thing.

And Cala? Well, for one thing, I can’t care less if she edits fake boobies on her g/fs or whatever you accused her of doing. So she wants to make us envious. As for the arrogance thing, well, maybe that’s what I love about her. She has the will to speak her mind and speak it she does, and she’s actually interesting to listen to, unlike your Chris Chrises and your Moon Beams etc.

X2K and Dai this is the kind of the hostility that is making rpgc less enjoyable.

God people… GIVE IT UP. X, DAi, back up, PLEASE. This isn’t making it any better.

Quite frankly, I don’t find your moogle thing entertaining at all, and who are you to complain about godmoding? You’re just as bad as Manus.

The “don’t make Flint cry” thing actually didn’t happen nearly as often since I tend to stay away from the MBs. It’s still a faulty analogy. Try again.

No, actually, the whole picture was fake, not the boobs. And arrogance? You enjoy that Cala speaks his mind? In that case, it looks like you should enjoy me doing the same, but it certainly doesn’t look like it.

Stop contradicting yourself and come up with real reasons.

it’s inmature arrogance like Dai’s that I made this thread in anger against (not the whole TG+Dai thing, the whole anti-Cala thing). If he can’t find someone better to pick on than Cala then fuck it, what do you want, SS? At least he’s directing his anger at me.

Dai: Then why were there like four or five threads that consisted of you and TG doing stuff like that? If you abhor the MBs so much then why’re you making such a big deal about Cala in the first place? yeah, she speaks her mind, and usually intelligently too. And I really don’t think you should talk about fake pictures with DoA girls in your sig.

Granted that X, but it’s still not helping matters any.

All I would like it jsut everyone, INCLUDING YOU TWO, to back off and calm down a little.

And I’d like people like Dai and Sorc to back off people like Cala, Manus and Orakio, but oh well.

Immature arrogance? Your hands don’t look any cleaner than mine do. Who are you to judge me of that when you have the same trait you accuse me of? And once again, you’ve done a good job of contradicting yourself. You praise Cala for his arrogance and then you insult me for mine.

And what’s this bully image you’re trying to paint? Does it look like I go around finding somebody to pick on and insult daily? If so, you need to read between the lines.

You’ve been making flawed comparisons throughout this thread and have been dodging statements.


Never did I say I abhor the MBs. I’ve seen the behavior in the chat as well as the MBs.

4 or 5? Learn how to count. There may have been one per 3 months that they were there

I don’t see the link between DoA girls and fake girlfriends since I never said that Hitomi was my girlfriend. Come again please?

Back off of Orakio, Manus, and Cala? You base this on one post.

I’m not being inmaturely arrogant, I’m being plain pissed off with you being…well, you. As immodest as it’s going to sound, I’m proud to say I’m nowhere as bad as you’ve been to Cala. Cala wasn’t so much arrogant as she was assertive; you’re just being a bully. That’s not constructive, that’s destructive.

I don’t have to back up my statements. Look at your own posts in Cala’s thread, they speak for themselves. Are you seriously proud of the shit you said there? Cuz if so, that really says something. Something low.

… well, maybe the voice of stupidity (me) can say that maybe a good night’s sleep is what we all need. I suggest that after you see the fireworks, head to bed. Just give it a little time.

See, there you go again.

Now Cala’s not arrogant. He’s assertive. Now you’re not being arrogant. You’re just angry. Do you think I just decided, out of the blue, to make that post? Did you ever stop to think that there may be a reason behind it? That I was tired of seeing people hanging off of him because of the lesbian bullshit?

And you continue to pass judgement not only on me but on yourself as well. That’s far from being unbiased.

No, I realize that I went overboard on my post, and I regret some of the things I said, but I can’t change that now, can I?

Lordo. Alright, here’s the deal. Cala wanted opinions of what people thought, so Dai was honest. Was he supposed to be nice and happy and lie to Cala? No. He said what he thought despite what others may say or think. If Cala didn’t want to hear people’s honest opinions, then he shouldn’t have made the thread. Case closed on that.

Flint and Dai are good friends, and what they do in the chat is very irrelevant when it comes down to it. So they want you to not bug the other- oh well.

They’ve made threads in the ToB before. So? A lot of people did. That’s no reason to jump down either of their throats for that. Gah.

Don’t even start on the arrogance- maybe if you actually got to know Dai then you’d realize he’s not arrogant at all and is one of the nicest people around this forum, same with Flint. I’m getting sick of the bashing that happens towards them so enough is enough.

X has a point that Dai bitching about Cala’s sexuality is like a pot calling a kettle black. There’s no denying it, Kagon 8P.

if I were perfectly unbiased, I’d be god. As much as I would like to claim deitification, simple wisdom gained over the years will have to suffice.

OK, maybe she’s part arrogant. Happy? She’s like a female Stevus; assertive to the point of arrogance and assholery. Sometimes. She doesn’t expect people to accept her simply because she’s a lesbian, despite what you claim.

Yeah, Kagon, seriously, fuck off. I’ve tried to be a friend to you, but lately, you’ve made it difficult. This Cala thing’s not helping, but neither did the Orak thing way back, and defending Dai’s even more immoral.

Not really Sin. Ask Dai what his gender is. He’s not going to lie to you.

I have no idea, neither do I care. To the casual observer, its all quite similar. I’m not here to bash anyone, so don’t take it personal.

But you see Sin, the big difference between us, is that I’ve admitted that I’m male and consequently am not a lesbian. The reason for the bitching is more because of the manipulation than the charade. I wouldn’t care if Cala wasn’t trying to get stuff from it.

Accept her? Cala expects people to worship her. It goes far beyond acceptance when you begin asking for things because “you’re a lesbian”.

Do you seriously believe Cala’s a guy? Oh, for the love of Azunai. Cut Cala’s genitals off and bring them to me and I’ll believe you. Until then, excuse me for believing someone I’ve come to trust over, well, Dai.

Dai could have given her constructive criticism, instead he chose to take the antagonist’s route, something a lot of people have been doing, which is my problem. Hell, I never even mentioned Seph252 versus Charl and others.

Cala expects worship? I don’t worship her, I treat her as a friend and someone I can trust. That seems to be plenty for her.