An important announcement for all of RPGC.

Torches? I don’t need no stinking torches!

Puffs a few clouds of smoke in demonstration

Let me at him!


Only cos our friend is AYB. But for a Battle.

Buig Nutterre
What You say!!

They are too busy with the hoes

Run To The Hills, Run For Your Lives. Attempts to scream these words like Bruce Dickinson, but fails miserably


This is funny.

In fact, after reading the log, it’s comedy - fucking - gold.

We have plenty of Spaz’ respawning sharp testicles if you’re interested.

You missed out Tombstone grey on the alert system. Anyway I agree with Sorc, Uriel’s all anarchic and punk now :P. God I’d love to see that.

Tombstone Grey isn’t good enough for the Alert System. Plus, it has connections to Al Urqaeda

How about Soylent Green? I’m a pretty calm guy, so I like to use that.

And Sin, that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in months. 8)

You terrify me.

Yeah. I made a good fortune with those.

…what? Just ask him :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, and if I have my way, you never will again.

Awww come on. I’ll even split the profit with you next time.

…90/10 that is. The 90% being for me.

how generous

Takes out a pointy stick I’ll poke them until they go away!

For the record, it’s threads like this that are the reason I love RPGC. :smiley:

runs past


is hit over by a passing bus

Gets new improved flaming torch with optional pitchfork attachment. Let’s lock and load. Or er…set on fire and sharpen. Yeah, that.

It’d be funny that people who don’t know who Uriel is are getting hyped up if it weren’t so sad.