An important announcement for all of RPGC.

We are offically on Tutti Fruity alert. That is all.

Star, I’m ashamed of you. You aren’t the type to make stupid jokes like this. Wait…Charle is that you?

I can conclusively say that I am not Charlie at this time.


In that case, bring back the Tutti Fruity theme already, since I missed it the first time around.

That’s all I need to know. I’ve never seen Charle actually use the word “conclusively” before :hahaha; .

You had better mean the return of the Tutti Fruity theme. If not DON’T TOY WITH MY EMOTIONS LIKE THAT YOU EVIL, EVIL WHORE!

hides under his bed

Jumps under the bed with GG with a bag of popcorn

This ought to be entrertaining.

BX, I’m seriously warning you. Stop making posts to call threads stupid. That’s even worse than making a stupid thread.

And plus, if you understood the joke, you’d realize that this is actually pretty funny. :stuck_out_tongue: Your fault for being a dick first instead of inquiring. Now shut up. If I see this again, You’ll be in for it.

I apologize SG. I know I’m not a mod, I just sometimes let my emotions get ahead of me.

Would somebody kindly enlighten me what the significance of “tuti fruity” is to this site?

This is no joke. Recent transcriptes of conversations in IRC has alerted RPGC to the immenient danger of attacks by the man known as “Uriel”. We will remain under Tutti Fruity alert until we are assured that this “Uriel” and all entities associated with him have been eliminated.


Uriel…could the rumors be true…has he regained his strength…is he preparing for an invasion?

Why didn’t you just say that in the first place?


We do not believe he has a standing army at this time, but will resort to tactics such as attacking our shrines.

What a sneaky underhanded trick!

SG, I request permission to call him the king of stupid posters.

Atatcking our shrines??? The Forsaken One will stop at nothing to destroy us! I say we mobilize the reserves if it is possible at this time.

Shit man, way to steal my thunder. I came up with the advisory system. I’m the Staffetary of Website Security, not you.

This is no time for petty agendas, grudges, and glory seeking. We must develop our defenses against the immenient Uriel attacks, and seek retaliation against Uriel and any and all entites associated with him, which may include RPGamer and Pierson.

You know what SG? You’re socially inept, and now because you don’t see that this is a joke, LEAVE. Just LEAVE.

Time out. How is Uriel associated with RPGamer?