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:runaway: and :thinking: . why, becuse frog is god and Chrono Trigger is The Shit, and mario, because ever since 1985 i’ve been a NES addict(yes i was playing video games when i was 3 years old) my question for you is

How old were you when you first played video games?

Since I’m late, I’ll answer two questions.

The most severe injustice was that one brit who was wrongfully convicted of a crime, imprisoned for 10 years, and then forced to pay restitution to the state for his incarcerated room and board.

I actually don’t really like any of the smilies. Mostly because they dont really convey any thought, message or feeling that I would want to convey with a picture that I can’t do with words.

Question 1: What’s that one song that you listen to over and over again when you feel like shit?

If your traveling at the speed of light, what happens when you order a pizza?

Question: What’s your least favorite RPG?


How old were you when you first played video games?

Lordo, I had to have been 3 or so myself. The first one I remember playing myself was Snoopy’s Silly Sports, or something to that effect. I played a rom of it a few months back, and it was just as fun. :smiley:

What’s that one song that you listen to over and over again when you feel like shit?

Lately, it’s been “Secret Garden” by Gackt. I don’t usually just stick to one, because I’ll often find a new song that better fits those kinds of moods for me, but right now, that’s the one.

Bluemageone loses this round for failing to answer my question. His consolation prize is a Chupon doll, who sneezes just as hard and as frequently as the real thing! :chupon:

NEW QUESTION: What was your favorite show as a kid? Give an explanation of what it is for those of us who don’t know or remember.

NEW QUESTION: What was your favorite show as a kid? Give an explanation of what it is for those of us who don’t know or remember.

Pirates of Dark Water and Captain Bucky O’hare. The first was about some prince out finding jewels to seal away the black water that was ruining everything(I think, it’s been a long while since I saw it). The other was with a crew of animals, Blinky and some kid trying to stop the toad force or something…Yeah, I really remember these shows…

How long has the internet been apart of your life?

Answer: Definitely Mazinger Zeta (known as Tranzor Z in the US.) A 70’s Giant Robot show of the “power rangers” type. Not exactly the first anime I saw, but the first one I was a raving fanatic of. Still the coolest anime robot in my opinion. ^^

Question: What do you do to relax? (Read? Watch TV? Spend time with family? etc.)

My Fave Show I was a kid was none other than Voltron. For those of you who lived in a dark closet and don’t know what Voltron is, Voltron was a cartoon in which Giant robots who form together to make a super-robot fight valiantly to save the world from evil(the Megazord from Power Rangers was kinda stolen from the Voltron Super robot)

My Question is what’s the most Difficult Video Game You’ve Ever Played?

My favorite show was MacGuyver. Still is, actually.

Question: Favorite posistion?

Captain N. :smiley:

Question: Apples or oranges?

The Super Mario Bros. show. I loved that show.

Question: Which is better, live performances or CDs?

Eh, since I’m still a kid…Azumanga Diaho, Kino’s Jorney, and almost every other Anime I’ve ever seen. Oh, and my favorite sprite thing is this: :dancer: So swirly…

My next question is: Do you think Nonsensical Verbiage rocks?


Who shot JR?

Captain N, man! CAPTAIN N!

If you were a sheep, would you fuck another sheep?

Such a fleeting memory that clings in my mind like that last bit of chocolate batter in the inside of the egg-beaters, that this must be my favorite TV show of all: Silverhawks.

If I had the money to support us both and pay for college, would you run away with me [you can pick where we run to]?

Captain N Supermario Bros (especially the Legend of Zelda ones, or was that a different show?) Dungeon & Dragons (the one with Dungeon master being a tiny old man in red clothes)
and some Australian show about a boy who goes into coma and ends up in a strange world…( dunno what was the name but it rawkd) (something like ‘The Odyssee’ comes to my mind but I’m not sure

question: Emo or not to Emo?

Hey damage I remember that show. It was called “The Odyssey” or maybe just “Odyssey”. It was pretty good.

Anyway, my favourite childhood show was probably “Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles”. And man, if you don’t know what that was, what rock were you living under. Hell they even have a remake of it on nowadays.

And Nessie, what is your favourite colour?

In the days before So Weird and The X-Files, there was Eerie Indiana. It was about this kid who moves from New Jersey to this town that looks normal but is actually the ‘center of weirdness.’

Question…um…ok, for lack of a better question, what’s Natsu doing? ^^

Gargoyles and Reboot were the best kid’s shows ever, because they were damned awesome, and if you disagree with me you’re wrong.

Dude, I remember that show. It was creepy.

And the shows called “Teenage Mutant NINJA Turtles”…

I don’t feel like copy-pasting all your questions again, and I need to look up bus schedules, so I’ll just answer you by your names, and hopefully you’ll remember what you asked. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kairi: Since middle school; altho I didn’t have a compy at home, I still had to use the net in the school library for research.

Wil: Watch TV, read magazines, play video games… and SHOPPING. :D:D:D:D

Big Dizzy: Most difficult… Hm, I’m not really sure. Probably Axelay, or one of those types of games.

Sorc: That one.

GG: I think I’m gonna go with Oranges. :D~~

Darkness: It really depends on how you look at it. On one hand, you get a one-of-a-kind experience with live performances. On the other hand, for the most part, CDs are cheaper, and you can listen to them over and over again. …maybe a live performance CD?

Kirokokori: You use big words for such a young un. I don’t know what that means!

Bm1: >> << runs

Ken: Probably.

Delita: Depends, where to? And can my cat come? And my bunny? :3 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Damage: I have my own ways of angsting publicly, thanks. :slight_smile:

Heaven’s Solider: Fuschia. :smiley:

Trilly: Hiding under the bed. Antisocial kitty. :frowning:

And now, for my last and final question (which means you don’t have to ask me one, hurray for the thread finally dying!), what do you do when a simple misunderstanding goes so out of hand that it seems like the world turns against you?