Zombies Ate My Neighbors!

One of the coolest games ever. Go get the ROM now, or suffer the consequences.

Basically, you control a guy in 3-D glasses with a squirt gun. The object is to make your way through a maze filled with monsters and “neighbors”. In order to finish a level, you have to rescue all the neighbors, or let them get slaughtered by the monsters, then proceed through the magical exit-door.

The weapons are just hilarious. Instead of nukes and shotguns, you get squirt guns, soda cans, and silverware. Nothing is cooler than taking down a Jason-wanabee with a rotten tomato. The only REAL gun you get is a bazooka, but that’s mostly used to blow down walls and doors. Also, you get neat items such as decoy clowns (distracts the enemy), magic potions (a variety of different effects), and pandora’s boxes (damages enemies at random).

And the monsters rock. You face every b-grade horror monster imaginable, from zombies and werewolves to evil lumberjacks and giant babies. They all act somewhat differently; zombies pop out of the ground and follow you, mummies exit their crypts and stalk around, and evil dolls throw axes at you. And zombies easily add twenty coolness points, so don’t forget that.

The only problem I can give the game right away is the length. It’s too damn long (nearly 55 levels if you get all the secret ones), and the design of the later ones is simply insane. Not only that, but you’ll often come across a neighbor, only to see a lumberjack kill them before you can even get within twenty feet of them. And of course, the US got the better deal; we got chainsaw-wielding maniacs instead of lumberjacks. (And that’s why I’m proud to be an American).

Anyway, check the game out now, kill zombies, then have sex with the nine million cheerleaders you saved.

Ye gods, ZamN is one of my favorate games EVER!! I never did beat it, though…I remember days of playing with my friends, arguing over who would get the next monsters potion…good times, good times.

What not a lot of people know is that a sequal was made, called Ghoul Patrol. Nowhere NEAR as good as the original, but still worth a look.

BTW, Gallow, do you have a screen that shows one of those “lumberjacks”? I’m curious.

I remember this game. I found it rather fun. I never got to beat the game though…=/

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/subsites/twistedrpg/images/hero/rirseneo.gif”> I remember that game, it was pretty fun from what I remembered. If it wasn’t for the blasted trip at the end of the month, I would go out and pick up a used copy. Oh well, I can just get the rom instead.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/subsites/twistedrpg/images/villians/zombie2.gif”> Get…the…game…then…eat…the…brains…later…

The problem with Ghoul Patrol was that it was both no where near as long as Zombies Ate My Neighbors and no where near the difficulty level. Zombies Ate My Neighbors was just hard enough to make me keep wanting to start from the beginning and try to beat it all in one playthrough but not too hard as to make it infuriating. I actually have the old SNES cart back at my house somewhere- I’ll probably dig it out and play it again on my SNES some time.

Zombies ate my neighbors is a true classic, up there with SNES multiplayer games like Contra 3. The only tough part was scrolling through your 8,000 items to find the right one for the charging monster. We always tried to split up the items and give one guy all the bazookas, one guy all the silverware, etc. That game rocked.

My cousin has it on SEGA, we used to play it all the time.

My God! I’d completely forgotten about this. runs off to play the neglected rom

And yeah, it did rock. M and my friends used to play co-op with it when we were about 10. 0_o

Mmmm… ZamN… drool

meets the giant baby

never killed dolls by throwing coke cans at them over a shelf
“It’s easier to live with an axe in your head then without a coke in your hand…”

Hate spiders, hate spiders, hate spider
“Hello Mr Giant Spider. Say hi to my… LAWNMOVER!!! DIEEEEE!!! RAAAAR!!!”

gets dragged away by horse-sized ant in the mall
“Maybe now I can find out where they took that damn flamethrower…”

Or to summarize my flashback:
“I gotta get that ROM again! XD”

I remember I could only reach level 20 (snakeioids) then I got stuck in a door for which I couldn’t find the key. A friend of mine reached level 60.

Originally posted by Ren
I remember I could only reach level 20 (snakeioids) then I got stuck in a door for which I couldn’t find the key. A friend of mine reached level 60.

And I thought there was like only 10 and that I was good by reaching the 7th o.O

I still have this game, I got it when I borrowed the SuperNES system from my cousin. Games like that always piss me off and easily generates enough anger for me to flip off the screen by the 2nd level cough

They did?

I got the rom, multiplayed it a couple of times. It’s pretty cool, but not my kind game.

Originally posted by Ren
I remember I could only reach level 20 (snakeioids) then I got stuck in a door for which I couldn’t find the key. A friend of mine reached level 60.

Um, there are only about 55 levels, and that’s counting all the secret ones.

And I hated the snakeoids, too. Fortunately, I had a couple monster potions and a metric buttload of bazooka rounds, so I eventually beat them. And if you couldn’t find a key, here’s why:

You have to kill ALL the snakeoids. If you have only one neighbor left, you can get away with only two, since he’ll be behind door number 2, but otherwise, you have to kill all three.

Oh, GAWD, how I loathed the snakoids. ><

Have you ever tried killing one of those things WITHOUT any bazookas, potions or Pandora Boxes? I have. NOT fun.

I have the real game for SNES, and its one of my FAVORITES EVER! Oh god, i love that game, and the music rocks!

I really enjoyed playing this game. My brother and I would play the game together, so he’d be the guy with 3D glasses and funny hair and I’d be the girl with the short shorts and the baseball cap.

I don’t remember how far we got, but I learned about the importance of teamwork!

Originally posted by VickiMints
I don’t remember how far we got, but I learned about the importance of teamwork!

That is SO true…until there’s two of you at 1 HP and one medkit. :slight_smile:

I was never able to play it. :frowning: But now I can. Just need to find where to download it. ^^;;

One hell of a game! I really enjoyed playing it… I remember fighting with a gigant Spider, don’t remember which level… but yeah, one of my faves…

And 2 player was pure hell when I played it the first time (played 2p the first time I played the game) and we got to Weird Kids on the Block :slight_smile:
“Which one is you? And which one is me?”
“Just shoot everything, you can’t kill me… I think.”