That said, does anyone know where that phrase originated?

Well, as you may know, there’s a large amount of Korean players in Starcraft. They will beat you. It’s that simple. They’re really well known for using Zerg and rushing you obscenely early in the game with gross amounts of units. And yes, keke was used instead of hehe a lot so there you go. People just quoted it to make fun of them and it spread =P

Ahh…sorta like how everyone says “pwnd” nowadays. :hahaha;


We already explaned where pwnd came from.

The average Korean Starcraft player isn’t that great, but the best Starcraft players are from Korea, so I guess it kinda balances out. =P

Edit: BTW, are you <em>ever</em> going to play Starcraft again, Kagon? I miss the old days… ;_;

Yeah, I’ll probably play again one day. Too bad I’m going to suck since I haven’t played in years =P

SC = bicycle

Wouldn’t mind a few training games sometime.

I want to get back to my pwnicating ways.

You guys better not just be blowing wind… again… for like the 10th time. XD

I’d really like to have some competetion at RPGC again. I’m a much better player now than I was 3 years ago when I first played you guys, so I’m probably more than a match for the old RPGC SC gods by now. =P

I don’t play Zerg, and I play NR20 or NR30, just because Zerg rush is such a pain in the ass. Avoid at all costs!

Bah, nothing a few early zealots can’t handle. Last week I played a guy who refused to mine gas. He had 12+ gateways and maxed his supply on zealots, he then proceeded to own everything on the map. We were playing on BGH, just so you have an idea as to the overall mess.

Doesn’t that take an awful long time, though? With all the Pylons and crap you have to build just to support it, before you can even build the Gateways?

Not when Zealots cost only 100 and you need no support buildings outside of Pylons.

He said he was playing on BGH.

And he probobly had a couple of of Forges and a Citadel, too.

How the hell could you loose against an army of zealots? One carrier would take all that out, and how could you just sit back and not scout…

That’s fucking pathetic. If you lost to an army of Zealots, you suck.

Then again, I’d probably loose. But I know how to win, and that’s what counts!

Zealot things only work if you get set back from the first wave. If you succesfully defend the first wave without major losses and slowly build up your tech units, you’ll win with no problem.

err… 100 zealots? stoped by terran supply depot/barrack wall, with bunker/tank behind it, and scvs fixing the buildings… when you go against terran as protoss, you usually go straight for goons, and pass the zealots for a reason…

Sorry for getting off topic bu have any of you played Warcraft 3? Because in SC the things you feared most were either zerg rushes or zealot rushes. In War 3 though the NE rush is most feared. Make 2 a.o.w.'s tech to hunts and rush anyone and you have practically won. Unless they can resist your rush, ahve better micro, or build faster. But seriously my friend almost always wipes me out with one of those.