Zeppelin's FF6 Shrine

I have but one complaint with this shrine, and that is that zeppelin has not updated for close to 6 years, and no one has taken it over. I love this shrine, so don’t think I’m complaining, and if I could take over the shrine, I would, but unless Zeppelin is dead/residing in Mexico, and every other shriner is busy somehow, it should not be happening on such a great and well-known for detail website as this, especially with such a well-known and loved game as FF6. Please understand that I don’t mean this as a criticism, but rather a suggestion to reach perfection. Sorry if I phrased anything too harshly.

And what exactly is missing from the shrine?

That’s exactly what’s so sad about it, all that’s missing is a little bit from the world of ruin section. It followed the minimum things needed to do before you could enter kefka’s tower, then it did a few of the character re-recruiting quests. I would be fine if it followed the main story completely, and just left out some of the character side-quests.


By the way, Toast, that was zeppelin.

If that was Zeppelin, Victor Eremita was Kierkegaard! :smug:

Also he’s residing in China. Not Mexico.

Okay, so he’s not indecapitaticated, he’s just hanging around and being a butt?

He is always being a butt.

As far as I know, no shrine on the site has been updated in something like two years…

Wow. But everyone here seems so active…

Only the forums.

We’ve been “trying” to get the site into a Wiki format so that contributions become easier and the upkeep work is lower, but so far progress has been slow. Most of our content is still in shrines.

Well, good luck with that whole thing. I may someday try to fix that shrine up, but I’d rather it be the normal zeppelin, because I have school to do, and he has that sense of humor. Anyway, thanks for all your help, and good luck again with the wikifying

Hey, I finished the SaGa Frontier shrine. It’s just on the wiki!

Hey, just today a walkthrough was released that is entirely about missable things. What a coincidence, considering this was the main reason I wanted zeppelin to continue his work. Not that it wouldn’t rule if he did, but if he doesn’t want to, then this is great for him. Great for me too, cause I’m all obsessive compulsive about missables.

Dear Toast, I don’t know why you would come to this website when www.gamefaqs.com is a superior.

It is better organized and consistent, and has more personality. It makes things simple and is usually complete.

I agree. This is why I’m opposed to Wikification. Taking shrines that are carefully crafted to fit specific games, and crudely restructuring them to a one-size-fits-all template, does not strike me as an improvement. I doubt RPGClassics even has a large enough population to maintain Wikis in the ordinary “upload-a-fact-when-I-feel-like-it” way.

Yeah, because using a bureaucracy to oversee hundreds of people each doing their own shrines, making individual login accounts for them, and then having the would-be content contributers dropping them every other month requires much less maintenance.

I know, right? Gamefaqs is the best!