Zell's Name


I’m Mony-Chyan, from Spain. I want to tell you about Zell’s name (FF8) :runaway: .

Search on www.google.com images with Zell’s name (only zell).

We can see images of an lake called Zell am See and images of Zell Dincht. This lake is an Austrian lake. Austrian flag ang Balamb flag are the same but Balamb flag got a Zell’s tatoo on it.

I can’t explain very well but I hope you understand me a little:

Zell’s name is taken from the Zell am See lake (Austria) and the Balamb flag is the same than the Austrian flag, whit the Zell’s tatoo on it.

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Congrats. Cid, will you add it in your Name Origins sections in your site? I tried googling it and it works.


eh? Just remeber that Not All of us have done Spanish or Italian, or Any other langauge other than English.

Some Belive that Nutter hasn’t English as well any other Languages.

(I orrgainlay spelt english as engish!)

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it’s Japanese, BN. Or at least no such word exists in Italian.

[b]I write this:

El nombre de Zell viene del lago Zell am See (Austria) y la bandera de Balamb es como la de Austria con el tatuaje de Zell en ella.

Si se buscan imagenes con el nombre de Zell en google, se encuentran imagenes del lago y del personaje.

But my english is too bad[/b]

Arigato is Japanese, yes.
I’m sorry, but can you point me to images of the flags you’re discussing? I tend not to take things on faith and it’s been a long time since I played FF8.

Cid, I don’t know about the flag thing, but I googled pictures of “Zell” and there actually is a lake called Zell-something.
And Mony-Chyan, don’t worry too much about mistakes, You’ll get better. But make sure your messages are READABLE. So-so English is better than a language people don’t know.

EDIT: This is lake Zell. Nice view.

And this is the flag:

Austria+Tattoo or something to that effect.
Not to say that Zell’s surname sounds very German or somewhere from that area.



I think the flags are same but balamb’s flag not have Zell’s tatoo

(creo que las banderas se parecen pero la de balamb no tiene el tatuaje de zell)

Sorry for my poor english

I feel lost

I hate to break it to you, but Balamb’s flag does not have Zell’s tattoo on it. That’s an entirely different symbol.
And although the remainder of the flag is similar to Austria’s, it’s generic enough that I’d feel comfortable saying that this entire idea is a coincidence rather than something actually intended. Sorry.


In Spanish:

[i]No se hablar muy bien inglés. Dije que la bandera de Balamb tenia el tatuaje de Zell porque me enseñaron una imagen de esa bandera donde aparecia con el tatuaje. Después rectifiqué mi error al comprobar que esa bandera era falsa. Sin embrago, al buscar Zell en Google aparecen imagenes del lago Zell am See de Austria y la bandera de Balamb es como la de Austria solo que con un dibujo.

No quiero hacer perder el tiempo a nadie pero creí que os interesaría saber el origen del nombre de Zell.[/i]

Traslate it to English because I can’t do it.

Automatic translation:

But Cid, what about Lake Zell?

Goddammit. I was actually translating that too >=(

Then by all means do it! The automatic translator sucks.

Yeah, it makes no sense at all. O_o
But anyway, making links between Balamb’s flag, Zell, and a lake in Austria that happens to share the same name is by no means anything resembling a proof. I’m maintaining that it’s just a coincidence.

Ok, only was an option.


Yeah, Cid is probably right. It is all more than likely just a coincidence, there have been done to be some with popular series, like FF.


Why some coincidences are in the web?

I don’t understand this.


Understandable English:

<i>I don’t speak english very well. I said that Balamb’s flag has Zell’s tatoo because they showed me an image of the flag where it appeared with the tatoo. After correcting my mistake I verified that the flag was fake. Nevertheless, I searched for Zell in google and images of Zell Lake appeared. Balamb’s flag is like that of Austria except it has a drawing.

I don’t want to waste anyone’s time but I thought it would interest you to know the origin of Zell’s name.</i>