Zell's Name

Cro has teh leet translator skillz :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah it’s fine, it’s actually pretty interesting to see it…it’s a refreshing topic among the “OMG I LIEK DIS FF LOLZ” and the “U R TEH WR0NG! DIS FF IZ T3H BE5T!” that one can find around here.

Some coincidences are listed elsewhere because not everyone actually cares if something is likely to be an actual inspiration for something else or not. They just go “Wow, A is sorta maybe similar to B, so it must be a crossover!”. We have slightly higher standards here. :sunglasses:

Great. The automated translation sounded like the colonel going nuts from MGS2. :hahaha;


Zell Dincht.
I don’t care if he is Austrian, Australian, or Australopithecine.
One thing for sure, he is a 5’5" hot dog loving chicken wuss.