Zelda: The Minish Cap

I like it, it’s pretty fun. It’s not very difficult, and it really reminds me of Link to the Past, which is by far my favorite of the series. (For the record, I hate and loathe the 3D zeldas. All of them.)

The only thing I didn’t like was the story. Sure, it was new, but it deviated a lot. I’d shoot people who’d use this game as “official info” into the zelda universe. The story strayed too far.

The gameplay was okay. The sound was midly annoying, but well done. The music was good. I wish they’d make a hard mode of their games somehow.

I was going to get it, but it was sold out, so I bought FFT Advance instead. I’m still looking forward to buying it though.

What didn’t you like about the 3D zeldas?

Although Ocarina of Time isn’t my favorite, a LOT of people liked it, I really don’t think they could have done better going from 2d to 3d. My favorite is actually either Majoras Mask (WTF???) or Wind Waker. I can’t really tell. I wish they would do a remake of Majoras Mask like they did Master Quest.

I loved Minish Cap as well as OoT (even though I could only play the latter on an emulator with a PS2-style controller with no analog, meaning I had to continually adjust the sensitivity of the D-pad). Majora’s Mask was a bit too crazy for me. Had some nice gimmicks, but it didn’t capture my interest.

Booken, what on earth are you talking about? Story? In a Zelda game? THAT’s what’s important to you? O_o

3D Zelda isn’t Zelda to me. I played Link to the Past over and over and over again for like, 4 years. I can’t do 3D Zeldas, it just isn’t the same. Not at all. And for some reason I just don’t find them as fun. Minish Cap is fun as hell though. I really like the flippy stick thing.

What the heck that mean. Of course I cared about story. A zelda game should have a zelda story, not some wussy picori gone mad and a talking hat… -_-;;

I mean, seriously, even if gameplay the most important thing in adventure games…
Try to change it as much you can, the best story for a Mario game is STILL Bowser kidnapping Peach. Hands down. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well then seriously, what about Ocarina of Time? That Deku tree crap was completly out of the blue. In the three Hyrule games before that there was never any mention of a giant talking tree.

Hell, then why would we introduce any characters besides Zelda, Link, Ganon, and the Annoying Old Man from the very first game?
Nearly every Zelda game has come up with new characters and new situations. If they didn’t, why would they bother making a new game? Just replay the old ones. I don’t think there is an actual “Zelda canon”, since similar stories have been retold five times by now.

Sorc: It’s definitely different from your usual Zelda game, and it has a much more immersive feel, but I still thought they were amazing games. I’ve never played another game that made me feel so much like I was really there, even with the by-now dated graphics.

The flippy cane was cool. I think it was called Cane of Pacci.

I don’t mind if they introduce new stuff. I loved OoT because it expanded the Zelda universe with new races. Kokori, Zoras, Gorons and Dekus. They each had their own abilities and personality. It made Majora Mask a blast, playing with different races and whatsnot. I love when they add new things. OoT included the rolling attack, wich I think is a must to Zelda games 2D or 3D.

But see, Minish Cap didn’t include anything. It ripped appart anything similar to a Zelda story, and put up some random picori crap. Light Force? Tiny people? 4 elements? Sounds like a bad FF plot. No, sorry, but I’ll stick to good ol Triforce any days.

At least Wind Waker stayed on Par with the storyline… somewhat.

There were Zoras on LttP. One of them gives you the Flippers.

I know that LttP and Awakening are on the same timeline and that OoT eliminates itself from the timeline at the end, but I had no idea there was some kind of connection between all the Zelda games. How does Wind Waker fit in anyway?

There isn’t any real connection. The games are there to be entertaining, not to demand a particular style or timeline.

Big Nutter
Excu-use Me!

Jesus Christ. I have like 8 console games I want to play now. But I can’t leave my WoW… :frowning:

I didn’t get that feeling from OoT at all. I haven’t played through the whole thing (just like Wind Waker), but from what I played I actually felt really left out of the entire thing specifically because of all the new elements, which I just didn’t really like. It just didn’t feel like Zelda to me.

I thought it was a good game, and thats saying something because i’m not really into zelda.

Here the problem Sorc. Once you get past the Master Sword, everything is so similar to LttP it’ll look like you’re playing it in 3D.
You get to save 8 ladies imprisoned in crystals, the sages.
You get more toys to play with, like the hookshot, the bow, the mirror shield.
You get to ride Epona… this clearly marked the series from now on.
And more importantly, you get to fight against a couple ol’ school LttP enemies rendered in their 3D glory…

I dunnow, hating 3D for what it is, its like hating the world you live in. 3D is just simply the way games was meant to be, since its more realistic. That doesn’t mean 2D games are bad, but I’ll frown on people looking down on 3D just cause its new.

For another example, Metroid and Mario made a nice transition too. Yes, they’re 3D. No, they did not feel the original Zelda/Metroid/Mario feeling of the game.

Darunia is a guy and so is Rauru.

Booken is right, once you get the Master Sword the game goes back to the old “Get 8 [Insert magical object of no practical use] and rescue Zelda/beat Ganon” formula and it’s great. The graphics only make the action prettier, the rest of the Zelda stuff is still there. And the part where Link stabs Ganon’s in the mouth is AWESOME. Zelda is IMO one of the few series that made a successful jump into 3D and it has proven that it can exist in both this new dimension and the old 2D at the same time.

And I totally got the Mario vibe from Mario 64.