Zelda: The Minish Cap is awesome.

Has there been a dud Zelda game yet? 'CAUSE THIS AIN’T IT!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

In conclusion; Get. It. :hint:

Yeah it does!! I’d call dibs on shrining it, but I don’t know about HTMLing yet. God damn it all.

Dud Zelda game? Yeah, Wind Waker. Anything make this game good in paticular, or are you just going to say it rocks?

It has a talking cap. A talking cap. It bogles the mind that he apparantly takes it for granted. And he can shrink. And no one notices.
But seriously, despite the fact that the dungeons I’ve done so far are simplistic compared to any of the others, I found some of the puzzles leading up to them kinda challenging. Mainly 'cause I forgot where the damn block was, but still. And lets face it, it has a talking cap that talks. And curses. Lot’s of curses. In the non-swearword sense.

Well it DOES rock, but since you want particulars;

It reminds me of the GB Zeldas, especially the Oracle ones, which I loved. The items we know and love are there (Roc’s Feather :D~~) as well as some pretty damned good new ones.

The graphics are a perfect evolution of the old Link To The Past style, and the effects (fog in the forest, the enemy’s dying ‘poof’) are also spot-on.


The shrinking-and-enlarging, rather than being a gimmick, works well. Love the little speech-bubble on mirco-link. =^.^=

I’ll append this as I play through the game. ;D

And Wind Waker wasn’t bad. Just too full of ocean.

Dud Zelda games? Try the three made by Panasonic for its system.

SSHHH! We’re supposed to pretend that those don’t exist. >_>

And I had no idea this was out. I’ll have to look into it.

Yes, it does. Although, the hat is even more annoying than Navi.

It’s out in Europe, America doesn’t get it until 2005. The tables are turned! MwoHoHoHoHoHo.

I… I havent even heard of it! Is it going by a different name in US?

THen again, I stopped paying attention to Zelda after Tetra’s trackers was announced. And wont pay more attention until Wind Waker 2 is released (or whatever the new OOT-ish one is called)

There cannot be a videogame creature sidekick more annoying than Navi, it would cause the universe to collapse.

Anyhow, this looks pretty awesome. I’ll get it as soon as I win the lottery.

Now if only the sequel to the N64 ones would come out…

*Shakes fist

Curse you europe! Curse you!

Somebody is already working on its shrine anyway.

As for the CD-i Zelda games, has anybody here even played them yet? I mean, it’s easy to say something sucks on second-hand advice, but who knows what you like? All I know is that the intro for Faces of Evil is the funniest minute or so of animation I’ve ever seen. DAMN IT’S GOOD. I get more enjoyment out of watching that video than I get out of playing most games. And Zelda’s Adventure at least looks interesting (although I’ve heard that load times are a killer).

I have an ISO for one of them, but sadly there isn’t an existing Phillips CD-I emulator that could play it. That I can locate anyway.

Nope… I’ve been on-and-off following the progress (or lack thereof) of the one in-progress CD-i emulator, and all it can play is Rise of the Robots…-_-

I liked WW up to the point where I had to find the god damn triforce shards. Z:OoT was dudish.


And I’ve never heard of these CD-i ones. I checked some wensites out though and… my God.

Live-Action Zelda? O_o

Oh the irony. :smiley:

Damn! I want this game. :frowning: And Frame, Windwaker didn’t suck! >:O I loved that game.

Since when does Europe get games before the US?!

Since when do you actually post?

and to answer your question, it’s now!!!