Kingdom Hearts 2, a GBA Kingdom Hearts game, and (wait for it) a video DVD sequel to FF7! O_o



Yowza indeed!!! :hyperven: :hyperven: an FF7 sequel DVD…? Cool if the rumours are true, they’re not always- then again, they were about FFX-2 so anything is possible :slight_smile:

a game sequel would be much better, though.:get it?:

Check out the screenshots in the link in that article. I doubt it’s false. After all, it’s probably the smartest thing they could possibly do in the circumstances (there’s no WAY they’re going to lose money on this one).

heart fails out of orgasmic joy and shock

It’s confirmed to be an OVA (Original Video Animation) and is said to take place two years after the end of FFVII. Look at those renders Mmmmmm-Hmmmmm. IMHO, this is what FF:TSW should’ve been in the first place.

Great news for FF VII Fanboys, in my opinion I hope this OVA will be good, not like FF: TSW… And I hope they make other OVAs from differents FFs… Like IV!!!

DAMN!! That sounds/looks cool. I can’t wait to see what this FF7 movies going to be like!!

Eh I just realized between here and the Main forum this has been posted three times!:yipee: Really shows ya what kind of excitement/critisism FF7 can genenerate…

I don’t think you understand the magnitude of the situation; it’s a frickin’ FF7 MOVIE!

Originally posted by Sephiroth Hayes
I don’t think you understand the magnitude of the situation; it’s a frickin’ FF7 MOVIE!

I’m still in shock over this

Great. FF is becoming like frickin DBZ (over-pumped to the point where it is now worthless)

No. You just can’t differenciate between fanboy/girlism and actually liking something. And comparing FF to DBZ proves you know nothing.

That is what i was about to say Eva that this article is all over the forum. But you know what for good reason.

  1. Kingdom Hearts 2- YESSSSS:yipee:
  2. FF7 2 sorta- YESSSSSS:yipee:

Its all good news.:cool:

Three words effectively sum up what I think: I can’t wait.

The GBA title of Kingdom Hearts will be great. So will FFVII 2. (Must get both before any of my friends.)

It’s not a game. It’s a movie. But anyway either way it’s kickass news.

This is indeed great news for me . . . I plan to import a Japanese one, then buy an English one when (if) it’s released in North America.

But, due to UBER popular demand and the risk of millions of rioting fans, wo shouldn’t have to worry about an American version not being released.


A few thousand fanfics were just rendered obsolete…

One thing I do wonder myself; Yuffie/Vincent?

Note to self: Preorder the very second it becomes available. Then freak out until I get it. ___

What is there to possibly consider about Vincent and Yuffie?

Personally, I’m frothing at the mouth. They better not screw this movie up. Here are my predictions: When they killed Sephiroth, his spirit was returned to the Lifestream, but being as diabolical as he is, Sephiroth had perhaps taken preperatory measures, or had found a way to leave the Lifestream as a human once again. Well, I’m thinking, that if this is what they do with Sephiroth (if that is in fact the case), then I’m thinkin that Aeris MAY be revived. Hmmm…