You've seen Silent Hill, yes?

How is it? How well does it capture the feeling of the source material?

The movie was beautiful, the story however, left everything to be desired.

Freakin’ week-before-finals and its lack of free time ;_;

The movie was excellent, the story was changed to make it more hollywood-friendly (though not by too much), but there were some scenes that dragged a bit. All-in-all, I’m very impressed.

The movie was fuckin’ great! I loved the gore, it was amazing what they put into that movie.

does anyone know where to get the soundtrack? the music was really good!

Haven’t seen it, don’t intend to.

I have a bias against all gaming related films.

Gila: the soundtrack was simply taken from Silent Hill 1-3… if you’re a Silent Hill fan, and you don’t yet have the game soundtracks, well… what’s wrong with you? :smiley:

I don’t think SPE is releasing a soundtrack for the movie, but, again, you can just get the soundtracks for the games.

You’re not a real gamer.

I really think it did well in terms of movies in general. Once or twice the actors did seem kind of… bad, but that was few and far between for me. Maybe I was just too taken by the fact that I just saw pyramid head :3

What sat said.
And you’re fat too. So nyah.

The movie was really good but… some of the dialogue fucking sucked.

A lot of things, but to be serious I haven’t played much of the games. Just a bit of the beginning of the first and second one. I really liked the music though so I think I’ll download the OST’s. It was very atmospheric and reminded me a little bit of industrial at times.

Just watched it today.

They nailed the world of silent hill. Havent played the games all that much, so I dont know how close it follows the mythology, but interms of the world, they were spot on. The plot wasnt complicated, but was needlessly confusing. I think Cybill and Rose were both killed in their respective crashes, because Rose’s husband was never in the same “plane” as Rose and Cybill, even when they were in the same place, but Chris could still sense her, as if he could sense her spirit. Even when they were both in the same house together, Rose and Sharon were still in a world of ash and fog. Just my speculation. Still an interesting flick. Didnt scare me all that much, since I knew exactly what to expect from the kind of scares and stuff,so nothing surprised me, really. Just Cybill getting burned to death.

Yeah, I thought that might have been a little much.

When I read the castings, I thought “whoah! all 4 Silent Hills in one!”. I said this 'cause there’s a person named Eddie, Anna, Henry, etc. I figured they were the people from the games. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know why you people think Rose and Cybil are dead…if they were dead, how could Cybil be toasted like a marshmallow, and the demonic visage of Sharon hide inside Rose in order to get into the church after Christabella stabbed her? The dark side of Alessa was the one that brought them to the ‘otherside’ of Silent Hill using Sharon as a lure so she could finally reek her vengeance against the cult that burned her alive. The cult members, on the other hand, ARE dead (taking into consideration that they all look like monsters themselves and can be disemboweled, yet not die.) and wandered around in limbo all the while Alessa’s desire for justice as seen embodied by Pyramid Head roamed around looking for them.
Now, whether they’re dead at the end of the movie, however, I think that’s left open for interpretation.

Well, okay, that’s my theory, anyways. >.> This movie is one twisted little bugger, and I love it. :slight_smile:

SH3 Spoiler/sidenote[This may or may not be so in the movie, but in the games, the main character isn’t usually dead to begin with…the transition from Normalsville to Industrial Hell is usually seamless, leaving you wondering what the heck happened. Case in point with SH3 where Douglas sees the monsters as well as Heather. This points to an environmental change, rather than a personal one, although personal elements are manifested in the forms of the monsters.]

So, I saw the movie again today, and I have more to add:

Near the beginning, when Rose crashes the car, she notices blood on her head from where she hit the steering wheel. When she meets up with Cybil again, she mentions that she’s bleeding, and Cybil states that she “hit her head pretty hard” when her bike crashed. These are both indicators of the potential they-were-dead-the-whole-time explanation. However, the fact that all of the cultists, with the exceptions of Anna and Cristabella, <I>looked</I> far more dead than Rose, Cybil and Sharon might be used to contradict this, but those exceptions make this harder to believe. As for Pyramid Head, there’s the scene on the church steps that makes it seem that Dahlia summons Pyramid Head to attack Anna. Of course, one could also interpret this as her merely seeing Pyramid Head and pointing to him before he attacks.

Well, how could Alessa brutally slaughter all of the “dead” people? All of the people in the Silent Hill/dead/limbo dimension think they’re alive, including our heroes (or heroines in this case), so it’s fully possible to re-kill them or cause them pain. As for how the cultists could be disemboweled and stay alive… well, I don’t particularly recall that part of the movie, you’ll have to remind me. :smiley:

As a Silent Hill fan, I don’t want to think that the movie implied that they were dead the whole time. Rather, I’d like to think that there are now three overlapping dimensions, instead of the previous two: reality, Silent Hill, and “Alternate” Silent Hill. The only potential for a sequel that I can grasp is Rose’s husband (who I really could have done without the entire movie) going back to try find them, and getting wrapped up in the other two dimensions, trying to pull Rose and Sharon back, assuming that the Sharon that Rose ended up with wasn’t just the demon impersonating Sharon.

Well, there’s some contention there, too, but… well… (SH2/3 spoilers) in Silent Hill 2, Laura (the innocent little girl) doesn’t appear to see any monsters at all, and in fact seems to be confused as to why anyone else is freaking out about the abandoned ghost town. Also, the monster that Angela sees as her father is seen as a door-monster by James. Eddie sees people mocking him, and James sees those same things as demons. Of course, one can argue that SH2 is completely unrelated to the events in SH1/3, or that the demon within Alessa/Cheryl/Heather makes the demons manifest for people who aren’t guilty of something. Or maybe Douglas <I>has</I> done something terrible to see the monsters, or maybe Heather/Cheryl hates him enough for leading the cultists to her at the beginning that she creates the monsters for him.

Regardless, Silent Hill isn’t something to be easily analyzed. :smiley:

The part where Rose is wandering around when the first sirens blare and she bumps into the ‘miner’ that was all mangled and stuck to the fence…they show a close-up of the goggles, and you can see the guy’s still with it. (This is right before the Gray Children swarm in and freak her out.)

Ala James. ^.~

Hmm, true dat. I always wondered why Laura seems oblivious to what’s happening, yet manages to make things more difficult/dangerous for James.

Indeed XD


I just found out that both the theaters in my town arent playing it. Damn middle-of-nowheredness.

There’s only two theatres in your town/city?

Only two in my town as well, albeit they’re both fairly large. How the crappier one seems to get all the better movies I still can’t fathom and its quite aggrivating but I’m happy to say Silent Hill wound up at the good one.

As for some movie theorum…Personally I think that Rose and Cybil were not dead and they simply came close to death thus winding up in said split off dimension that is the Silent Hill world. As for how the crazy cult freaks can die and whatnot, I don’t belive they “die” so much as they are “claimed” by hell, taken down to its final recesses and whatnot. The split-off world was originally a sort of torture on her enemies for Alessa but by now its become kind of a torture for her, so she’s finishing it al off and sending them to hell where they belong. Now the part that really messed with my head is the blasted end, but I think that they, Rose and the girl…Sharon? Cheryl? I’m horrid with names, anyway, I believe they died in the end after setting Alessa free in the church, rather as a martyr type situation. I think that Alessa was unable to send them back to the “real” world so she set them as free as she could and granted death, which in their cases meant going to heaven instead of hell.

But it should be noted that I’ve never acquired an opportunity to play the games, which it seems I never shall since I tend to have a thing about playing games in order and number one is $ludicrous at the moment. So this is all just movie speculation based one what I saw. Although I did read the entirety of what happens in SH1 including all endings (Cause damnitt I was curious!) so I have a bit to run on.

Do the pyramid heads rape things to kill them in this movie?