Your room.

What’s your room like? Mine’s here:

Mine looks pretty nice…the most notable feature being that I have stickers plastered all over my walls and door. :slight_smile:

One side of my room is open to a delightful view of the outside, and the other five are enclosed. One of these five sides has a bold, striking “This side up” marked upon it, another has n eloquent “Fragile Handle with care” written in its center, 2 sides are bare and need no furnishment, and the last is slightly humid and corroded, but still in serving condition. My house is located in a small, quaint dumpster beside McDonald’s.

Wow, your room is pretty clean. Most of my house there is at least 5 things on the floor that shouldn’t be.

My room is pretty small compared to yours. All I got is a few drawers for clothes, a bed, a desk, and a few random boxes on the floor. Computers and TV are in the other rooms

I’ll have pics soon.

my room’s a frickin’ mess.

Originally posted by Sinistral
my room’s a frickin’ mess.
Mine would be too, cept my sister came home from un iversity yesterday, so I cleaned so we could get all the boxes back in the storage through my room. (I actually forgot to label it ^^;:wink:

I think everyone remembers my room from the ‘testament to RPGC’ thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think my room has carpet. I’m not sure.

My room is actually pretty bare. It’s got a bed, a window, a comp, and a tv/game system hookup. Oh, and one small corner with a collection of odds and ends of mine, like a bowling pin and a 49-starred flag.

Man, I need a digital camera.

my room is also a frickin’ mess. it has been a frickin’ mess for years now. whenever i clean it, it is trashed again within days.

help me.:slight_smile:

My room is tidy and organised because I cannot stand it to be a mess. Unfortunately, because I live in a dusty house, my room is always a little dusty. I should vacuum it soon again…

There, here are some pics of my room. All I need is a minifridge.

My room’s a bit messy now because of luggage and a stack of clean laundry waiting to be put away. I only go in my bedroom for bedroom things, since everything media-related is outside. My room is my own little shrine.

It’s pretty bare - bed, nightstand, chest of drawers, and a glass shelf set with stuff on it.

My house is cooler than my room, maybe I’ll get pictures of my house overall someday.

Your stereo resembles a mirror :smiley:

Frame I envy your pictures, and god does your room look big :stuck_out_tongue: Like, 3X the size of mine :stuck_out_tongue:

That could be a FAMILY room!

Uhh… I’ll eventually get pictures of my room, which I am now ashamed of :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, here’s a Mind Read of my room.

It’s got 3 BAD & OLD tvs standing on 3 OLD cofee tables & sharing a large plank. Then, about 2 feet from the tvs is my bed, then about 1 foot from the bed is my closet. Picture a box, on one side is the tvs, of course, my PS1 , PS2, N64, SNES, & VCR are hooked up to all 3 tvs. I’m a genius. My computer is in MY PARENTS ROOM.

I have a small carpet that everypne steps on. My room is a HALLWAY to my rentals room. At least I don’t share it with my 3 brothers, they’re pigs.

My room is a mess, it hasn’t been vacummed in like 6 months, and I don’t even have carpet save for the dusty old area rug. I have a twin sized matress that is on the floor with a tv stand blocking it from the door. My room is tiny.